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What is air receiver?

Air receiver is a special equipment used to store gas, while playing a role in stabilizing the system pressure, according to the different pressure tanks can be divided into high-pressure gas storage tanks, low-pressure gas storage tanks, atmospheric pressure storage tanks. According to the different materials of gas storage tanks can be divided into: carbon steel storage tanks, low-alloy steel storage tanks, stainless steel storage tanks. Gas storage tank (pressure vessel) is generally composed of parts and components such as cylinder, head, flange, receiver, sealing elements and standoffs. In addition, it is also equipped with safety devices, meters and the completion of different production process role of the internal parts.

Air compressor is one of the important large fixed power equipment in coal mines. It is widely used in underground and surface applications, mainly for supplying air picks, air drills and rock drills in mining workings. Compressed air storage tank is the supporting equipment of air compressor, which is installed outdoors. The air enters the compressor and is sent to the air receiver tank through pressurization, and then the receiver tank is piped to each air-using place. The main role of the air reservoir in the air compression system is to ensure a stable air supply. Compressed air in the tank to precipitate water, adjust the air pressure fluctuations caused by the imbalance of pneumatic equipment, increase the pressure stability of air equipment, or reserve part of the compressed air, in the event of a compressor failure, so that the user with this part of the compressed air for pneumatic equipment or pneumatic control system for emergency treatment.

Working principle of air receiver

When the compressor compresses the air to a certain pressure, it is delivered to a storage tank. When the stored compressed air is needed, the air flows out of the compressor receiver tank and is delivered to the desired equipment or system through a discharge valve and piping. At the same time, when the compressed air in the storage tank exceeds the set safety pressure, a safety valve automatically opens to release the excess compressed air and avoid the risk of overloading or explosion of the tank.
The advantages of air storage tanks include: the ability to store a large amount of compressed air to provide sufficient pressure and power for the equipment; to balance the system pressure to improve the energy efficiency and stability of equipment operation; to reduce equipment maintenance costs and extend service life. At the same time, air storage tanks in use also need to strictly follow the relevant safety regulations and standards to ensure the safety of use.

Structure of air receiver

The air reservoir tank of the air compressor consists of a head, a cylinder and a number of tubes attached to the tank, the head and the cylinder are bent from plates, including the cylinder, the tank is connected to the upper head and the lower head by flanges, the outer side of the upper oval head is provided with a pressure gauge interface, an air outlet and a safety valve interface respectively connected to the tank, the cylinder has an air storage chamber, the bottom of the lower head is provided with a drain valve, the outer wall of the lower head is The cylinder has a gas storage chamber, the bottom of the lower head is equipped with a drain valve, the outer wall of the lower head is equipped with a support; the gas storage chamber is equipped with a water stripper, the water stripper includes a cylindrical cylinder with a conical bottom surface, the inner wall of the lower head is equipped with a fixed bracket fixedly connected to the cylindrical cylinder, the cylinder is equipped with a gas inlet pipe extending into the gas storage chamber and connected to the cylindrical cylinder along the tangential direction of the cylindrical cylinder, the top surface of the cylindrical cylinder is equipped with a gas guide pipe, the bottom of the conical bottom surface of the cylindrical cylinder is connected to a water outlet pipe, the outlet pipe is connected to the drain valve.

Type of air receiver

Air compressor receiver tank is a piece of equipment specifically designed to store gas. Gas storage tanks are commonly used to store and store and transport gas. According to the different pressure storage tanks can be divided into, ultra-high pressure storage tanks, high-pressure storage tanks, low-pressure storage tanks, medium-pressure storage tanks; according to the different metal materials used in gas storage tanks can be divided into stainless steel air receivers, carbon steel stainless steel storage tanks, alloy materials stainless steel storage tanks; according to the different ways of placing, it can be divided into vertical air receiver tank and horizontal air receiver tank.

Wet air receiver

The lower part of the wet storage tank is a water tank, the upper part has a number of steel plates welded into the liftable sleeve-shaped tower section. Tower section with the change of gas storage volume and lift. There is a water seal between the tower sections to ensure the connection and sealing between the tower sections. There are two types of tower section lifting method: column type and spiral guide type. Guide column type gas storage tank in the water tank around the set by the guide column, cross web and ring beam and other components of the guide column frame with considerable rigidity. Installed in the upper end of the tower section guide wheel along the guide column up and down the slide. Spiral rail storage tank in the tower section of the outer wall welded with a slope angle of 45 ° spiral rail, the upper end of the tower section guide wheel can be rotational movement along the rail and lift.

Tank can be made of steel plate, can also be prefabricated or pre-stressed concrete construction of the existing filling. Due to the weight of water in the tank, when built on poor foundations, in order to prevent excessive settlement of the tank can be used pile foundation, or the tank is designed as a ring to reduce the amount of water. In addition, the tank can also be built underground, which can reduce the amount of settlement and can reduce the total height of the tank.

Dry air receiver

The tank of dry air receiver is an upright cylinder made of welded steel plates, with a piston inside and gas stored below the piston. The piston rises and falls according to the amount of gas stored. A sealing mechanism is installed around the piston to prevent the escape of the stored gas. A weight is placed on the top surface of the piston to obtain the required gas storage pressure. The sealing methods of dry gas storage tank are oil seal type, grease seal type and flexible film seal type.

High-pressure air receiver

The tank body is made of high-quality and high strength steel plate welded into a cylinder or sphere. The steel consumption of spherical tank is small and the force is uniform. However, spherical tanks are more difficult to process, install and weld than cylindrical tanks, therefore, they are generally used only for storage of gas at higher pressure. The ends of cylindrical tanks are made of ellipsoidal or hemispherical heads. When using ellipsoidal head, in order to make the strength of the head equal to that of the tank body, the ratio of ellipsoidal length to short axis can be 2:1.

Inspection requirements of air receiver

Usually, as a simple pressure vessel, compressed air reservoir has been considered a relatively safe kind of special equipment, but there is also a certain degree of danger. In the design, manufacturing quality, installation standards, operation, management problems, if they do not meet the requirements of the regulations, will lay hidden dangers, in use may occur serious accidents, resulting in casualties, equipment damage.

Air receivers need to be installed before installation, after installation in accordance with the requirements of special equipment for the use of pressure vessels, for periodic inspection, inspection to obtain inspection reports, before they are put into use. In accordance with the pressure level of gas storage tanks, the use of years to carry out regular inspections, without the qualified gas storage tanks shall not be used. The volume of the storage tank, the pressure level should be in line with the design standards, cannot be randomly configured, an air compressor equipped with an air storage tank. Ground air compressor station storage tanks should avoid direct sunlight, storage tanks must have inspection holes, to regularly remove the oil and dirt in the tank.

How to order air receiver?

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