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Blood Lancet Manufacturing Machine

blood lancet manufacturing machine for sale

What is blood lancet manufacturing machine?

Blood lancet manufacturing machine adopts automatic minute-needle mode and full servo drive to ensure the stability of the equipment. It can produce up to 160 cavities or more at one time. In the meantime, blood lancet manufacturing machine also comes with a steel needle punching and bending function, and straight needles and curved needles can be used as desired. Besides, the compact and reasonable structural design of this manufacturing machine makes operation and maintenance more user-friendly.

Working principle of blood lancet manufacturing machine

Blood lancet manufacturing machine automatically orients, arranges and accurately transports the disordered bulk parts to the jig outside the turntable by setting up a vibrating feeding module and a loading module, and then uses the PLC controller to control the rotation of the turntable to make the jig pass through each assembly station in sequence. At the same time, the sensors and PLC controllers installed in each feeding module, feeding module, assembly module, and discharging module control the work of each module and collect the detection results, and then control the discharging module to send the assembled nozzle pump core based on the detection results to the corresponding discharging area. In addition, the PLC programmable control system used in the medical lancet automatic assembly equipment facilitates function adjustment and technology upgrades, and can accurately and automatically obtain the working status of each station in a timely manner. It has a self-diagnostic function in the event of a failure, bringing accurate judgment to equipment maintenance, which can reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Working process of blood lancet manufacturing machine

Blood lancet manufacturing machine can realize automatic shell installation - shell detection - slider assembly - slider positive and negative detection - pin body assembly - pin body detection - spring assembly - spring detection - pin body component displacement and assembly displacement detection - tail plug installation - tail plug detection - outer cap head compression - shell head detection - capping installation - capping detection - capping secondary clamping - defective product removal - finished product reception

Parameters of blood lancet manufacturing machine

Parameter nameParameter
Power supply380V 50/60HZ
Machine power1.5KW
Production capacity80-100
Machine weight2500KG
Machine dimension2800mm*1400mm*1800mm
Machine air supply5-6Kgf/cm

Features of blood lancet manufacturing machine

a. The intelligent part of the blood lancet manufacturing machine adopts advanced high-performance PLC, touch screen control, more convenient operation, frequency conversion control and energy saving. In addition, the mechanical connection part of the blood lancet manufacturing machine uses high-efficiency electronic cams and precision mechanical cams, using a unified main force and no chain transmission, so it can effectively improve working stability and durability.

b. Automatic blood lancet assembly machine not only adopts European high-rigidity structure, but also adopts vibration feeding method, which can effectively improve the feeding effect.

c. The assembly of the blood lancet manufacturing machine is inspected and any missing items are immediately removed to ensure the quality of the finished product.

d. All electrical equipment accessories and pneumatic devices of the lancet automatic assembly machine are from well-known domestic and foreign brands. Therefore, the manufacturing and assembly failure rate of this equipment is low and the quality is excellent.

Advantages of blood lancet manufacturing machine

a. Blood lancet manufacturing machine is made of stainless steel, which is lightweight, pressure-resistant, not fragile and convenient to deliver.

b. All vacuum tubes of the blood lancet automatic assembly machine are equipped with safety protective caps to avert the emergence of unclean spray.

c. The entire manufacturing and assembly process of the blood lancet manufacturing machine is a closed system, which is hygienic and safe to guarantee that the blood lancet will not expose to the sources of pollution.

d. The vacuum degree inside the blood lancet manufacturing machine is accurate and reliable. All additives are added automatically, and the sample addition is precise, avoiding the shortcomings of poor repeatability of manual addition, thereby ensuring the precision and good repeatability of blood lancet products.

e. The incineration products of the vacuum tube of the blood lancet assembly machine are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, which will not produce toxic gases and the incineration residue is 0.2%, making it an environmentally friendly product.

How to buy blood lancet manufacturing machine?

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