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What is cake packing machine?

Cake packing machine is a kind of packaging equipment with a high degree of automation, mainly used for packing various kinds of pastry food, such as cake, bread, biscuits, etc. It has the advantages of simple operation, high precision, high production efficiency, and so on. It has the advantages of simple operation, high packing precision, high production efficiency, etc. It is a packaging equipment widely used by pastry processing enterprises and supermarkets.

Cake packaging machine adopts imported temperature PID control, which can be better suited to various packaging materials. Cake wrapping machine has the function of positioning and stopping, no sticking knife, and no waste of packaging film materials. The transmission system is simple, works more reliably, maintenance is more convenient, and can greatly improve the output, reduce labor, and cost savings.

Composition of cake packing machine

Conveyor beltConveyor belt is used to convey the pastry products to the packing position.
Box feederBox feeder is used to supply the boxes automatically.
CutterCutter is used to cut the packaging material into the required length.
Packaging material conveying mechanismPackaging material conveying mechanism is used to convey the packaging material to the packaging position.
Sealing mechanismSealing mechanism is used to seal the packaging material.
Printing mechanismThe printing mechanism is used to print the production date, shelf life, and other information on the packaging material.

Working principle of cake packing machine

a. Conveyor belt transports pastry products to the packing position.

b. The box feeder supplies the boxes automatically.

c. The cutter cuts the packaging material to the required length.

d. The packaging material conveying mechanism conveys the packaging material to the packing position.

e. The sealing mechanism seals the packaging material.

f. Printing organizations print information, such as production date and shelf life on packaging materials.

Technical parameter of cake packing machine

Width of packing filmMax.250mm / Max.180mm
Length of bag65~190mm / 120~280mm / 90~220mm
Width of bag30~110mm / 30-80mm
Height of packaged productMax.40mm / Max.55mm
Diameter of packing filmMax.320mm
Speed of cake packing machine40~230 packages/min
Power supply specification220V50/60HZ, 2.4KVA
Dimension of pastry packing machine(L)3770x(W)670x(H)1450
Quality of pastry packing machine800Kg
RemarkWith inflatable device

Feature of cake packing machine

a. Cake packing machine adopts double inverter control, the bag length is set that cut, not set the bag length, tracking both cuts, no need to adjust the empty go, one step, save time and film.

b. Cake wrapping machine adopts a man-machine interface, the parameter setting is convenient and quick.

c. Cupcake packaging machine with fault self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.

d. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking, digital input sealing, and cutting position make sealing and cutting position more accurate.

e. Temperature-independent PID control, better suited to a variety of packaging materials.

f. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of wrapping film.

g. The transmission system is simple, more reliable work, and maintenance is more convenient.

h. All control is realized by software, convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading.

Advantage of cake packing machine

a. Improve packaging efficiency. Cake packing machines are capable of automating the packaging process and greatly improving packaging efficiency. They can complete packaging quickly and accurately, saving time and labor costs.

b. Protect product quality. Cake wrapping machine effectively isolates the cake from the external environment, preventing it from becoming brittle, stale, or contaminated. This helps to maintain the freshness, flavor, and appearance quality of the cake.

c. Uniform packaging form. Cake packaging machines can achieve uniform packaging forms, including forming bags, food filling, sealing, and cutting. This can enhance the overall image of the product and market competitiveness.

d. Aesthetic appearance. The packaging machine can also achieve a detailed appearance of the cake packaging, ensuring that the cake packaging is neat and beautiful, enhancing the attractiveness and potential of the product.

e. Improve the hygienic safety of products. Bakery cake packaging machine by meeting food hygiene standards.

Function of cake packing machine

a. Multi-servo motors, programmable controllers, and large color touch LCD screen form the core of control and drive, which greatly improves the control accuracy, speed range, reliability, and intelligence of the whole machine. The locking of bag forming and cutting length, sealing temperature, and other parameters are more stable.

b. Multi-servo motor drive realizes the feeding, film feeding, longitudinal sealing, transverse sealing, and output of the packaging machine, which simplifies the mechanical transmission system, makes the operation of the packaging machine smooth and reliable, and significantly reduces the mechanical noise and mechanical failure rate.

c. Bakery packaging machine adopts double-drive longitudinal sealing and advanced longitudinal sealing heating technology, the longitudinal sealing temperature is low to ensure that the chances of scalding the film in the process of running and stopping are reduced to a low level; the sealing is good, the grain is smooth and beautiful.

d. Users can set the packing parameters of many kinds of products in the control panel, when using it, it only needs to call out the corresponding data from the memory and execute it, and then it can carry out the packing operation, which reduces the requirement of professional skills for the operators.

e. Cake packing machine is equipped with an automatic monitoring function, which can diagnose the reasons for the faults during the operation of the packing machine and give solutions. According to the user's needs, a network monitoring interface can be added, users only need to network with our company through the program-controlled telephone line, and you can achieve remote operation monitoring, fault diagnosis and data transmission, and other functions.

f. The transmission of the whole machine adopts a cantilever type with a compact structure, which makes the operation, maintenance, and routine maintenance of the packing machine more convenient and simpler; high packing speed, stable packing quality, and flat and beautiful packing appearance. Overload protection, leakage protection, fault alarm, and other advanced technology and safety devices, are fully functional.

Application of cake packing machine

Cake packing machine is suitable for packing instant noodles, bread, biscuits small food, moon cake, pastry, wafer, fresh shellfish, bottled lactic acid drinks, frozen food, and other foodstuffs, as well as medicine, infusion bag, medicine board, cosmetics, soap, daily necessities and industrial parts.

Use of cake packing machine


a. Make sure the working environment of the cake packing machine is clean and tidy, free of debris and dust.

b. Check whether the power cord of the machine is firmly connected and whether the plug is tightly inserted.

c. According to the size and shape of the cake, adjust the parameters and settings of the packaging machine.

Operation steps

a. Turn on the power switch of the cake packing machine and make sure the equipment is in normal working condition.

b. Place the cakes to be packed in the feeding port of the machine, paying attention to the position and orientation of the cakes.

c. Adjust the packing speed of the machine and the length of the packing material to suit the packing needs of different cakes.

d. Click the start button on the machine, and the cake wrapping machine will start to wrap the cake automatically.

e. During the packing process, observe the working status of the cake packing machine to make sure it is running smoothly and without any abnormalities.

f. After finishing packing, take out the packed cake and place it in the designated position.

Precaution of cake packing machine

a. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to bring your hands or other objects close to the moving parts of the machine to avoid accidents.

b. When encountering machine failure or abnormal situation, stop using it in time and contact maintenance personnel for overhaul.

c. Clean all parts of the cake packaging machine regularly to keep the equipment hygienic and normal operation.

d. When replacing packing materials, use materials that meet hygiene standards to ensure the quality of cake packaging and food safety.

Maintenance of cake packing machine

a. The operator should regularly check whether the wires at the joints are loose before switching on the machine.

b. Dust and other small particles may also affect the function of the packaging machine, photoelectric switches, and proximity switches of the probe fall dust easily makes it appear to error action, so it should be frequently checked and do a good job of cleaning.

c. Detailed parts of the machinery are also the focus of cleaning, such as regular use of soft gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the cross-seal electric slip ring.

d. Some parts cannot be changed at will, and non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical parts. Frequency converter, microcomputer, and other control components of the parameters or procedures have been set, arbitrary changes will cause system disorders machinery cannot work properly.

How to order cake packing machine?

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