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What is wrapping machine?

Wrapping machine, also known as strapping machine, banding machine or baler, is the use of strapping tape to bundle products or packaging pieces, and then tighten and will be combined at both ends by means of hot melt bonding with a heat generating hot head. The function of the strapping machine is to reinforce the packaged goods, so that the goods in the handling process, storage, not due to the strapping is not secure and fall apart, but also should be bundled neatly and beautifully.

Structure of wrapping machine

Automatic wrapping machine is mainly composed of feeding belt, retreating belt, joint connection cutting device, transmission system, track frame and control device.

On the basis of the original baler technology, now the wrapping machine is usually designed as a whole machine double circuit control. This design is more stable and reliable than the previous single circuit control. Dual-circuit control makes the internal load of the machine's electrical board reduced, making the baler structure between each circuit runs more smoothly and stably.

Working principle of wrapping machine

The wrapping object is basically placed in the middle of the stretch wrapping machine.

Firstly, the right top rises and compresses the front end of the band, tightening the band around the object.

Subsequently, the left top body rises and presses the lower band in place, the heating pads are inserted between the two bands, and the center top knife rises and cuts the band.

Finally, the next bundle of strapping is delivered into position to complete a work cycle.

Shrink wrap machine is a machine that uses strapping tape to wrap a product or package, then tightens it and connects the two ends by melting them with heat effect or using materials such as buckles. The function of the baler is to enable the plastic tape to be tightened against the surface of the package being tied.

Technical parameter of wrapping machine

Machine size375(L)×130(W)×140(H)mm
Maximum tightening force200kg
Bundling BeltPP tape: 12-16mm wide 0.5-1.0mm thick
PET tape: 12-16mm wide 0.5-1.0mm thick
Tape sealing formFriction welding
Power supply12V 2.4Ah battery
Machine weight3.9kg

Type of wrapping machine

General overview

Classification basisSpecific types
According to the useWaste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, cotton baler, plastic baler, and so on.
According to the performance pointsAutomatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual baler, full-automatic baler, and so on.
According to the mechanismUnmanned baler, automatic horizontal baler, automatic sword-piercing baler, automatic pressurized sword-piercing baler, automatic pressurized baler, hand-held baler, and so on.

Manual balers

a. Manual operation.

b. Split tool, manual tensioner (STTMR).

c. Used in conjunction with a manual snap biter (STTR).

d. Suitable for industries such as steel pipe, steel coil, wire, cutting and slitting, and other round or irregular flat packing.

e. Operated as a manual tensioner, used in conjunction with a manual snap-tightener.

f. Characterized by the use of manual operation, robustness and easy maintenance.

Auto wrapping machine

Auto wrapping machine is widely used in food, medicine, hardware, chemical industry, clothing, postal service and other industries, suitable for automatic baling and strapping of all kinds of goods of various sizes, such as carton baling, paper baling, parcel letter baling, medicine box baling, light industry baling, hardware tools baling, ceramic products baling, automobile parts baling, daily necessities baling, sports and physical supplies baling, equipment baling, and so on.

Feature of automatic wrapper

a. Modular aluminum alloy bow frame design, easy to disassemble and assemble.

b. Fully automated design, more convenient to operate and use.

c. The maximum size of wrapping machines is determined by the bow frame, which can be customized according to user's needs.

d. Motor, reducer, cam, tightening arm operation.

e. Excellent bale tightening force, fewer faults, easy maintenance.

f. Soft baling action, excellent durability, perfect baling function.

g. The motor stops immediately after baling, power-saving and practical.

Packing and sealing machine

Packing and sealing machine is widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries, suitable for carton packing, paper packing, medicine box packing, light industry packing products package, daily chemical products packing, and other various sizes of goods packing and strapping.

Feature of packing and sealing machine

a. Packing and sealing machine is equipped with multiple protection devices, such as overload, phase failure, power leakage, etc., to ensure the safe and normal use of the equipment.

b. Pallet wrapping machine adopts oil-free structure, simple maintenance, clean and hygienic.

c. Pallet wrapper adopts non-contact switch, working accurately and reliably, with long service life.

Semi-automatic wrapping machine

Semi-automatic wrapping machine is suitable for various sizes of goods, such as books and magazines, cardboard boxes, postal parcels and other items of the bundling and packing.

The main working principle of semi-automatic stretch wrap machine is that it can automatically complete the bundling process of poly-banding, thermo-bonding, cutting off and discharging the band after inserting the packing band, and it can stop the machine automatically.

Semi-automatic shrink wrapping machine is designed and manufactured on the basis of foreign prototype machine. Semi-automatic pallet wrapper has wide range of use, no matter the size of the package, no need to adjust the machine can be packaged the machine is a mechanical structure. Part of the machine adopts imported parts, the rear blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, and so on.

Feature of wrapping machine

a. Integrated circuit design. New circuit design, the wrapping machine adopts plug-in circuit board to control the whole baling action and hot head temperature, the circuit board is quite easy to replace, and the baler is convenient for service.

b. Instant heating, immediate baling. Innovative high-speed heat fusion system design, within 5 seconds can make the heating piece work, so that the PET baler into the best baling state.

c. Automatic stopping device, power-saving and practical. When the baling action is completed and no more operation is done within 60 seconds, the compact structure design of the baler will automatically stop the motor and enter the standby state.

d. New brake design. The brake of the belt disc of the baler adopts a special spring design to ensure the smooth feeding of the belt without noise, and the price of the baler is reasonable.

Application of wrapping machine

Stretch wrappers are widely used in various industries, including but not limited to the following.

Logistics - courier, transport companies and other industries.

Food - confectionery, vegetables, biscuits, dairy products, etc.

Pharmaceuticals - drugs, medical devices, etc.

Chemical - chemical raw materials, plastic products, fertilizer, etc.

Others - paper products, wood products, household appliances, etc.

Use of wrapping machine

a. Tape is fed into position. Taping signal received. The brake is released and the main motor starts.

b. The right top knife rises and holds the right belt at the slide plate.

c. "T" type guide plate backward.

d. The proximity switch senses the debanding probe.

e. The proximity switch senses the debanding probe.

f. The main motor stops and the brake is absorbed.

g. The baler retracts the belt motor rotates and retracts the belt for 0.35 seconds.

h. The belt is tightened and bundled on the object.

i. The main motor starts twice and the brake is absorbed.

j. The large pendulum lever pulls the belt twice and tightens the belt.

k. The left top body rises and presses the lower tape.

l. Heating blade reaches into the middle of two belts.

m. Middle top knife rises and cuts off the belts.

n. Middle top knife descends.

o. Middle top knife rises again to firmly bond the two belts.

p. Middle top knife descends, and the left and right top knives descend at the same time.

q. Heating blade resets.

r. Sliding plate backs up.

s. "T" guide plate reset.

t. Proximity switch senses the tape feeding probe.

u. Tape feeding motor starts, driving the tape feeding.

v. Large pendulum reset.

w. Tape in place, the head of the tape tops the "T" guide plate.

x. Proximity switch senses the double probes.

y. Main motor The main motor stops rotating and the brake is absorbed.

z. Flow wrap machine completes a working cycle.

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