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What is flow wrap machine?

Flow wrap machine is a special equipment for making cast film. The use of a high-precision electronic ceramic casting machine using alumina as the main raw material for ceramic casting first crushed powder and binder, plasticizer, dispersant, and solvent mixed into a slurry with a certain viscosity. The slurry from the hopper flows down the scraper to a certain thickness of scraping pressure coated with a special base strip, after drying, curing from the top to become a blank strip of film, and then according to the finished product size and shape of the blank tape needs to make punching, laminating, and other processing treatments, to be sintered into a blank finished product. Then, according to the size and shape of the finished product, the blank is punched and cut, laminated, and processed to make the blank to be sintered. Flow pack machine has the advantages of low cost, high quality, non-toxicity, and simple production process.

What is flow packing?

Flow packing refers to a plastic molding technology. The technology will polymer solution or polymer melt through the scraper or die head directly in the steel belt and steel roll spread forming becomes a certain thickness of unoriented film, divided into solvent salivation and melt salivation. The melt salivation method can be used to produce polyolefin salivation film, winding film, and PA salivation film. The melt salivation method can be used to produce cellulose triacetate sheet bases for the production of film and cinema films.

Working principle of flow wrap machine

The working principle of flow wrapper is to put the plastic particles into the hopper, through the material pump to transport the plastic particles to the melting system to heat and melt to form the plastic solution. The plastic solution flows out through the die head to form the film. The film is rapidly cooled and shaped in the cooling rack, and finally, the film is wound into rolls in the winding system.

Structure of flow wrap machine

Flow wrap packing machine mainly consists of a material supply system, melting system, mold head system, cooling system, winding system, and other parts. The feeding system includes a hopper and pump, which convey the plastic particles to the melting system for heating and melting. The melting system includes a melting tank and a heating system to melt the plastic particles into a plastic solution. The die head system includes runners and mouth molds to flow out the plastic solution to form a film. The cooling system consists of cooling racks and air-blowing systems to rapidly cool and shape the film. The winding system consists of a winding frame and a winding power system to wind the film into rolls.

Feature of flow wrap machine

Automatic flow wrapping machine is first applied in the fields of paper making, coating, and plastics. It is a long-established molding technology, which mainly includes slurry preparation, ball milling and mixing, molding, drying, gluing out, and sintering. Compared with other molding processes, cast film machine has the advantages of a simple equipment process, continuous production, small product defects, uniform performance, and high production efficiency. The biggest feature of the cast film machine is very suitable for the preparation of large thin plates of ceramic parts, which is difficult to achieve in the pressing or extrusion molding process.

Especially with the development of microelectronics, optoelectronics, and power electronics, electronic ceramic films or substrates are widely used in stacked chip capacitors and inductors, chip resistors, piezoelectric devices, infrared detectors, fuel cells and solar cells, and integrated circuits, such as multilayer packaging. Ceramic films or substrates are available in thicknesses ranging from 500μm to 5μm. These films or substrates are cast from ceramic slurries on a casting machine and the process is often suitable. The most important factor affecting the cast film machine is the quality of the slurry. It requires a slurry with good flowability, suitable shear-thinning properties, good dispersibility, and moderate viscosity. The ingredients must not be chemically reactive but must have good compatibility. Meanwhile, the technical requirements are high, mainly including the control of the temperature profile of each section and the atmosphere of the corresponding section. Sharpening the knife is not a good idea. If you want to do a good job of casting, you must first have a reliable casting machine. Let's see what capabilities a reliable casting machine needs to have.

Advantage of flow wrap machine

a. High production efficiency. The flow wrap packaging machine is fast and can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted production.

b. Film quality is good. The film produced by a horizontal flow wrap machine has a uniform thickness, high transparency, and good toughness.

c. Energy saving and environmental protection. Flow pack wrapper can reduce material exhaustion, less waste material, and have less impact on the environment.

d. Easy to operate. Flow wrapping equipment is simple in structure, and easy to operate and maintain.

Application of flow wrap machine

Flow wrap machine is widely used in packaging, printing, plastic, and other industries to produce various types of films, such as PE film, PP film, PVDC film, and so on. The cast film machine is suitable for manufacturers with mass production and high-volume demand.

Performance requirements of flow wrap machine

The performance requirements of flow wrap machines are mainly reflected in the control of precision. It mainly includes liquid level control technology, scraper film-forming technology, speed stabilization technology, atmosphere control technology, temperature heating technology, film belt smooth transmission technology, celadon belt cutting technology, static electricity elimination technology, and so on.

Liquid level control technology

This is the key factor affecting the thickness of flow wrap packaging. Requirements for the liquid level height change can not be large, otherwise, the thickness of the casting of the porcelain belt in the casting direction changes greatly, and even super poor. Usually, the liquid level height change is 0.5mm or less, and the thickness of the green porcelain belt will not change. Previously the liquid level height was manually controlled, and the liquid level often fluctuated, resulting in the casting direction of the thickness of the celadon belt appearing as substandard products, often uneven thickness, which is obviously related to the workers' operating level and responsibility. The liquid level control is changed to automatic control, the liquid level height is measured by ultrasonic wave, and the flow is controlled by a solenoid valve, and the consistency of casting thickness is obviously improved.

Stable feeding system

In fact, the production process should be controlled as automatically as possible. Firstly, a stable feeding system is needed.

Scraper film forming technology

In the early cast film machine, the scraper is flat, which affects the appearance and thickness consistency of the horizontal flow wrapper. Changing the scraper to cylindrical can make the force of the paste under the scraper more uniform, which can significantly improve the appearance and thickness of the casting.

Speed stability technology

The speed stability of the casting machine has an obvious effect on the thickness of the castings. In the past, DC motors were used, so the speed was slow during the peak period of power consumption. After work, most of the units do not use power electricity, so the walking speed is accelerated, resulting in changes in the thickness of the cast film machine on the way to and from work, resulting in substandard products. When the motor is replaced with a frequency conversion motor, the running speed is obviously stable and the thickness consistency is improved.

Atmosphere control technology

As the three stages before and after the calendering have different requirements for the atmosphere, it is necessary to control the atmosphere to ensure that the billet ceramic tape in the drying process will not appear cracking, burning, close bubbles, or other phenomena.

Temperature heating technology

Requirements for the casting of the heating section of the temperature control are accurate, and not easy to get out of control. In the long-term casting, practice can be found, thick ceramic belt single-sided heating makes it easy to crack the ceramic belt cracking, which is due to uneven heating on the surface of the ceramic on the lower surface. Therefore, you can increase the hot air heating system, which greatly reduces cracking.

Film belt smooth transport technology

Because of the high price of the film belt containing the celadon belt, the film belt is used several times. Previously, the film belt was pulled directly out of the cavity of the cast film machine using a motor, which resulted in severe deformation of the film belt at high temperatures, thus causing fluctuations in the thickness of the celadon belt. Below the film belt can be installed a conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will take the film away, the force of the film belt is greatly reduced, and the film belt can be used many times without deformation.

Static electricity removal technology

After the dried celadon belt leaves the casting machine, it needs to be cut and rolled for easy storage. Due to the high hardness of the porcelain powder, the general blade can not be cut. Need to use a thick stainless steel knife to butt the two pieces, and then tear the cutting tape can be separated from the raw porcelain tape. The edges of the cutting tape are often contaminated with particles from the raw porcelain tape. If the particles are not removed in time, they will roll into the roll of raw ceramic tape and create pits, resulting in a substandard appearance of the raw ceramic tape. The particles are not present on the celadon tape alone, but static electricity is attracted to the tape, which cannot be easily cleaned. Static electricity is caused by friction of the film tape. A static blowing device can be installed on the top and bottom of the celadon belt, which can effectively remove the particles from the surface. At the same time, because the whole casting machine in the process of friction and rolling raw celadon belt will produce static electricity, the edge of the Shaw has been in contact with the work of casting, often by static electricity! So to the casting machine set anti-static is very necessary!

Improve the treatment of waste gas

Automatic flow wrapping machine in the drying process, there are a large number of exhaust gas volatilization, some solvents are extremely pungent, the need to seal the entire production process, and effective collection of exhaust gas to meet environmental requirements.

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