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What is camphor packing machine?

Camphor packing machine is a mechanical equipment used in chemical plants. The complete set of automatic packing machine equipment can efficiently produce camphor pills through orderly packaging and improve the packaging quality of the product. Camphor pill packing machine has the features of high packing standard and low mechanical failure rate, which is a high-end equipment combining advanced mechanical and electronic technology. Full-automatic packaging machine complete sets of equipment from the conveyor system, measuring system, packaging system and control system, sealing, printing and other configurations.

What is camphor pill?

Camphor pill, also known as mothball is a common insect repellent that effectively prevents insects from infesting clothing, books, furniture and other items. Camphor pills are usually packaged in two ways, one in a plastic bag and one in a cardboard box.

Composition of camphor packing machine

Camphor pouch packing machine consists of a number of different components. Here are some typical components.
Dispensing roomStorage of granules to be packaged
GranulatorConverts powder into solid granules
Automatic dozerFilling of granules into bags
Packaging machinePrinting and sealing of packaging materials to form single or double bag packaging pieces
Camphor tablet packing machine requires co-operation between several departments. Structural designers are responsible for designing and modelling the machines, machine builders carry out the machining and assembly of the machines, and electrical engineers are responsible for the design and testing of the electrical wiring and circuit controls. The machine also requires quality control to ensure that the finished machine is free of defects.

Working process of camphor packing machine

Mothballs are a traditional Chinese medicine used to treat headaches, vertigo and motion sickness. In modern production, camphor pills have been made into powder form for making single or double pack tablets. Due to the huge quantity of production, automated camphor packaging machines have become mainstream.

The production process of camphor packaging machine is usually divided into the following five steps.

Step 1 - Dispensing and mixing

The raw materials include camphor, peppermint oil, gypsum, sugar and other ingredients. After filtering through a sieve, they are mixed together and mixed well with paraffin or ethanol as solvent.

Step 2 – Granulation

The mixture is sieved again and starch and icing sugar are added to make granules.

Step 3 – Impregnation

The granules need to be impregnated, either by forced impregnation using insulating machinery or by immersion. After impregnation, the granules are allowed to evaporate the alcohol and then dried at low temperatures, ready for the next step.

Step 4 – Packaging

Mothballs are packaged using an automated packaging machine, where the made particles are put into a dozer and measured according to specifications, then made into bags, printed with the prescribed copy and finally encapsulated.

Step 5 – Filling and packaging of finished products

Packaged bags are boxed or filled, labelled and encapsulated, and the finished product goes into the storage area.

Working principle of camphor packing machine

Camphor packing machine process is based on the principle of packing manufactured particles or liquids into single or double bags of packing tablets.

a. The dispensing room removes the powder mixture containing the different particles from the storage bin and mixes them in an agitator.

b. The granulator receives the main mixture input and forms a series of camphorated pill matrix particles. The size and shape of the granules depend on the parameters set by the granulator.

c. The dozer places a specific number of granules into a package according to a preset quantity and concentrates, disperses, and carries the medicine as needed.

d. The packaging machine transfers the granules from the dosing cup to the plastic bag, seals the bag, prints the label and shelf life marking and the product is ready for packaging.

Overall, camphor packaging machine process principle is many interrelated processes. Good equipment setup is the key to producing high quality mothballs. Efficiency can be improved and costs reduced by automating the production process. It also improves production safety and reduces negative impact on the environment.

Technical parameter of camphor packing machine

Bag sizeWidth:30-140(mm) Length:30-180 (mm)
Packing speed30-60 bags/min
Dosing range3-150 ML
Power source220V/50HZ/1.9KW
Weight of the whole machine400KG

Feature of camphor packing machine

a. Camphor packing machine adopts imported PLC, human-machine interface control system, touch screen operation is easy and intuitive.

b. Camphor pouch packing machine adopts servo film feeding system, with accurate positioning, sealing and cutting position are using automatic deviation correction device, high degree of automation.

c. Packaging machine adopts intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control, to ensure the sealing of beautiful, flat.

d. The machine has an automatic alarm protection function to reduce the loss to a low point.

e. Packaging machine and measuring device can automatically complete the feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, date printing of the whole packaging process, and automatically complete the counting.

f. The bag making form can be made into pillow bag and perforated hanging bag according to customers' needs.

Working condition of camphor packing machine

Working conditionDescription
Applicable materialsCamphor packing machine is suitable for better fluidity camphor pills, bamboo charcoal bags, plastics, feed and other granular materials.
Working environmentAllowable temperature is not greater than 40 ℃, relative humidity is not greater than 85%; complete sets of automatic packaging machine equipment should be avoided around the strong magnetic field in the interference, no strong vibration.
Power supplyAC220V (Shi 10%), 50Hz (Shi 2%)
Installation requirementsThe grounding of camphor pouch packing machine should be reliable, the installation should be firm and stable, and it is forbidden to shake the machine.

Use of camphor packing machine

Mothballs are a kind of flammable and explosive chemicals, and its production process requires the use of large-scale machinery for packaging, so strict adherence to safe operation and maintenance procedures is an important task for manufacturing enterprises.

Safety regulations

Equipment installation

Before installing the camphor packing machine, the packaging machinery must first be a comprehensive inspection, to confirm that there are no obvious mechanical defects and damage. After confirming the normal, the equipment will be installed in a solid and stable place to ensure that the equipment is stable, stable and avoid collision with other objects. Equipment must be grounded, and the installation of obvious warning signs, such as "flammable and explosive", and so on.

Personnel safety

a. The operator must receive professional training, understand the working principle of the equipment and operating procedures.

b. When operating, appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn, such as overalls, safety shoes, gloves and protective glasses.

c. Prohibit the wearing of loose clothing, accessories and long hair, so as not to be involved in the equipment.

d. The operator shall not leave the equipment at will, and shall maintain a high degree of vigilance when the machine is in operation.

e. When working independently, the sign "independent bath work, do not approach the danger zone" should be affixed to the machine.

Equipment operation

a. Before using the equipment, you must carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, including equipment status drive system, electrical system, mechanical system, etc. Confirm that the equipment operating environment is safe before operation.

b. The operator must stand in the safety zone and keep away from moving objects such as running mechanical parts and conveyor belts.

c. The operator must pay attention to whether the electrical system of the equipment is in a normal state, such as whether the door of the distribution cabinet is closed or not, and whether the electric circuit is connected normally or not.

d. The operation of the equipment such as switching on and off, maintenance, etc. can only be carried out under the guidance and approval of professional personnel.

e. Before running the equipment for a long time, the equipment must be warmed up.

f. In the process of operation, must be careful to operate the controller button, to avoid accidental triggering improper operation caused by accidents.

g. When the equipment appears to be accompanied, you should stop the operation at the first time and seek maintenance help.

How to order camphor packing machine?

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