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Cap Assembly Machine

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What is cap assembly machine?

Cap assembly machine can automatically load materials, automatically assemble and screen, have high stability and fast assembly speed. Moreover, this assembly machine uses a liquid crystal display screen and a brand frequency converter to adjust the speed, which can automatically sense, automatically alarm, have low noise and low energy consumption. At the same time, cap assembly machine uses food-grade 304 stainless steel to process the product, the whole process is clean and tidy, and there is no pollution to the product.

Components of cap assembly machine

a. The automatic cap sorting mechanism will array and output the messy bottle caps, and then make all the caps face up. In addition, the cap sorting mechanism is equipped with a bottle cap removal function to ensure that the caps of all the discharge bottle caps are upward, and the inner and outer caps are sorted by their respective vibrating plates to the main machine for assembly and padding.

b. The bottle cap conveying mechanism installed in the cap assembly machine transports the sorted bottle caps to the gasket cap feeding mechanism in an orderly and accurate manner.

c. The gasket inserting mechanism inserts the gasket into the cap to complete the action of inserting the gasket into the bottle cap.

d. The inner cover taking mechanism automatically removes the inner cover and stuffs it into the outer cover.

Working process of cap assembly machine

Cap assembly machine includes a frame, an outer cap feeding mechanism, an inner cap feeding mechanism, an auxiliary turret, a transfer dial and a pressing turret.

a) The auxiliary turret, the transfer dial and the pressing turret are rotatably arranged on the frame, the auxiliary turret is provided with a suction device, the pressing turret is provided with a suction device and a jacking device, and the jacking device is located directly below the suction device.

b) The outer cover feeding mechanism is arranged on the frame.

c) The rotation of the auxiliary turret transports the cover picked up by the suction device to the transfer dial.

d) The transfer dial is arranged between the auxiliary turret and the pressing turret.

e) The inner cover feeding mechanism is arranged on the frame.

Technical parameters of cap assembly machine

Cap specificationsProduction capacityVoltageBoundary dimensionTotal powerNet weight
20-40mm60-80 pieces/minute220v3000*1000*22002.5kw800kg

Features of cap assembly machine

a. Instead of manual work, the machine can automatically assemble two parts (or multiple parts) together, so as to reduce pollution, ensure quality and increase production capacity.

b. The mechanical structure of the cover assembly machine adopts mechanical transmission and continuous operation mechanism, so as to ensure the stable operation performance of the cap assembly machine.

c. The electrical structure of the cap stopper machine adopts advanced control technologies such as PLC control and frequency converter, which makes the cap assembly machine easy to operate and stable in performance.

d. The cap stopper machine has an automatic counting function, which can automatically stop the set yield, so the cap assembly machine can save time, and improve efficiency for follow-up work.

Advantages of cap assembly machine

a. After the cap assembly machine is equipped, it is beneficial to replace the manual work. First, the two caps are combined together, and then the gasket is inserted into the bottle cap, and all the work of the bottle cap assembly and the plug gasket is completed, which greatly improves the efficiency.

b. Cap assembly machine has an automatic counting function, which can set the number of bottle caps to automatically stop, which greatly improves the efficiency of follow-up work.

c. The conveying and positioning mechanism of mechanical transmission makes the cap assembly machine stable and reliable in operation, and is suitable for caps and aluminum foils of various specifications. In addition, when the size of the cap is different, it is simple and convenient to replace the turntable, gasket cylinder and suction cup.

d. Cap assembly machine adopts the electric control system and frequency conversion control technology, which can be set arbitrarily, has a wide range of applications, is easy to operate, runs smoothly, is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable.

How to buy cap assembly machine?

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