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Carton Forming Machine

Carton forming machine for sale

What is carton forming machine?

Carton forming machine is a special equipment that automatically completes the opening, forming, lower bottom leaf folding and bending, and now completes the lower part of the tape pasting, opens the box board stacked into cardboard, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure and sealed with tape and then conveyed to the carton loading machine. It is also known as carton box opener.

Composition of carton forming machine

Carton molding machine mainly consists of box-loading mechanism, main frame, vacuum suction box, main drive, box board lifting mechanism, rocker arm box-conveyor mechanism, box-opening mechanism, height-adjusting mechanism, carton short-side folding mechanism, carton long-side closure and rectification mechanism, box-pushing toggle, carton guideway, compaction ram and hot-melt adhesive system, pneumatic control system, electric control system, and so on.

Working principle of carton forming machine

Carton box forming machine mainly consists of vertical storage cardboard, an automatic forming device, a folding bottom device, and a sealing bottom device. The operator only needs to place the cardboard in the vertical storage and then start the machine. The machine will automatically pick up the cardboard and carry out the forming, bottom folding, and sealing, the whole process realizes one-time synchronous forming. In addition, the machine can manually adjust the carton specifications to suit different packaging needs.

a. The gluing part includes two parts: one is the pressure roller (composed of upper and lower parts), and the other is the scraper (also called guide plate).

b. The bonding section is the key equipment to complete the whole process.

c. The pressing section is the actuator to complete the whole process, which is mainly composed of pressure rollers and rollers.

d. The outfeed section is mainly the part that handles the products that have been shaped.

Working process of carton forming machine

a. The suction box device is driven by the servo motor through the synchronous belt wheel to drive the ball screw vice for horizontal reciprocating motion when the suction cup contacts the front plane of the box blank, the suction cup produces a vacuum under the action of the vacuum generator, and instantly sucks a piece of the box blank, and then the servo motor reverses, and the suction box device returns, and in the process of returning, the box blank is initially unfolded into shape.

b. The front and rear folding covers are closed into a horizontal shape at an angle of 90° under the action of the folding mechanism.

c. The left and right folding cover is folded by the left and right folding cover lever mechanism and the carton pushing mechanism at the same time.
d. The left and right folding cover is closed by the left and right folding lever mechanism and pushing box mechanism at the same time, the left and right blades of the carton are closed and sent to the sealing mechanism to seal the bottom of the tape, and so the cycle is repeated.

Technical parameter of carton forming machine

Power380V±10%/ 50HZ, 2.5KW (three-phase four-wire system)
Air pressure4.8kg/cm2
Tape width4.8-7.2cm Maximum tape length 2km
Forming speed20-60 cartons/minute
Carton specificationCustomized
Sealing specificationCustomized
Sealing typeHot melt adhesive
Overall DimensionL 4250mm x W 2000mm x H 1700mm
Height of working table1000mm
Machine weight1000kg

Type of carton forming machine

Carton forming machine, high-speed box opener is the assembly line equipment for automatic opening of large quantity cartons, automatic folding of the lower cover, automatic sealing of the lower bottom tape, carton molding machine all adopts PLC + display control, which greatly facilitates the operation, and it is the indispensable equipment for automated scale production.

According to the product series can be divided into carton forming machine, carton forming machine, carton loading machine, carton loading machine, paper sheet carton loading machine, unloading machine, and so on.

According to the degree of automation of the machine can be divided into automatic forming machine, automatic carton forming machine, etc.

Carton box forming machine is the assembly line equipment that automatically opens large quantity of cartons, automatically folds the lower cover and automatically seals the lower bottom tape.

Feature of carton forming machine

a. Carton former adopts the vertical storage method of cardboard and can be replenished at any time without stopping the machine.

b. Cardboard box forming machine is suitable for the same carton size packaging at the same time, such as the need to change the carton specifications, manual adjustment of the use of (the time required is only 1 ~ 2 minutes).

c. Carton forming equipment adopts rationalized design, suction box, forming and sealing are automatically processed in one go.

d. The machine parts are precise and durable, no vibration during the operation, stable operation and long service life.

e. The machine is controlled by PLC + Human-machine interface display, high performance, high speed and high efficiency.

f. The folding length of the sealing tape at both ends of the carton is 50~70mm, 80 and 100mm can be customized.

g. The carton forming machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or with the automated packaging line.

Application of carton forming machine

Automatic carton former is widely used in the packaging field of food, medicine, electronics, the chemical industry, and so on. It is suitable for the same carton size packaging use at the same time, if you need to change the carton specifications, manual adjustment can be done, the time required is 1-2 minutes. The machine has the advantages of light volume, stable operation, long life, and high efficiency. In addition, the machine can also be used as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with an automated packaging line to achieve higher production efficiency.

Use of carton forming machine

Preparation before operation

a. Check the status of the equipment. Before operating the carton molding machine, firstly check whether all the functions of the equipment are normal, including transmission system, pressure system, electric control system, etc.

b. Prepare cartons and tapes. Ensure that the quality of cartons and tapes meets the requirements, and prepare enough quantity to avoid unnecessary downtime in the middle.

Operation steps

a. Switch on the power. According to the requirements on the equipment manual, connect the power supply correctly to ensure that the equipment starts normally.

b. Setting carton size. According to the actual demand, through the equipment control panel or computer software, set the carton length, width and height and other size parameters.

c. Putting into carton. Put the flat paper board into the feeding port of the carton molding machine, make sure the position of the paper board is accurate and flat.

d. Tape sealing. Start the equipment, the carton forming machine will automatically fold and press the cardboard, and use the tape for sealing.

e. Check the finished product. Check whether the size and sealing quality of the finished carton meet the requirements, if there is any problem, adjust the equipment or replace the tape in time.

Precaution of carton forming machine

a. Safe Operation. When operating the carton molding machine, the operator should wear suitable working clothes and protective gears such as safety helmet and gloves to ensure his own safety.

b. Maintenance. Regularly clean, lubricate and overhaul the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

c. Troubleshooting. In case of equipment failure or abnormality, the operator should stop using it immediately and contact the maintenance personnel to deal with it, do not disassemble or repair the equipment privately.

d. Storage of cardboard. Carton forming machine needs to use carton raw materials, the operator should store and keep the cardboard properly to avoid moisture, direct sunlight and other conditions.

e. Equipment upgrade. Depending on changes in production requirements, it may be necessary to upgrade the carton forming machine or replace parts, and the operator should follow the equipment instructions.

Maintenance of carton forming machine

a. Carton packaging machinery maintenance needs to be carried out by technical personnel to ensure that the carton machinery and equipment in the use of quality and performance in the production of cartons to play an important role in the production and value.

b. Regularly check and replace the lubricating oil in the reduction box of the paper feeding part of the carton machinery, and the lubricating oil is selected as No.10 oil.

c. Regular replacement of oil in the gear cover of carton machinery.

d. All the dirt on the friction surface, especially the dust or bonding material on the surface of each roller.

e. Disassemble and clean all rolling bearings and refill with new grease, calcium-sodium based grease can be used.

f. The chain and sprocket should be cleaned and refilled with lubricant. If the chain is too loose, it can be adjusted by removing a few sections first, if it has been seriously stretched, it should be replaced. In the use of carton machinery should be used in accordance with a certain amount of ways and principles, in accordance with a certain way to carry out maintenance and maintenance, timely solution of different problems, adjustment and replacement of the chain should pay attention to: chain joints at the spring card should be installed in the same direction as the chain running direction, so as to avoid the operation of the impact, jumping, and even collision fall off.

g. After assembling the parts, spray paint on the machine exterior if necessary.

h. Check whether all the parts have been installed, and then switch on the machine and observe whether the machine is running normally.

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