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Distillers Grains Dryer

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What is distillers grains dryer?

Distillers grains dryer is a professional waste liquor lees dewatering treatment equipment. It is mainly composed of heat source, feeder, drying drum, transmission device, downcomer, induced draft fan and power distribution cabinet, wet beer lees are fed into the drying drum, and the cylinder is equipped with several copying plates arranged in a spiral shape, through the rotation of the cylinder body, the copying plates are driven to lift up the lees continuously, and the beating device on the cylinder wall prevents the materials from bonding the cylinder wall and copying plates, and the lifted materials are in full contact with the hot air flow from the induced draft system, which accelerates The material is fully contacted with the hot airflow from the induced air system, which speeds up the drying heat transfer and mass transfer, evaporates the moisture, completes the drying, and is discharged from the discharge port.

The dried distillers grain machine is indirect heating contact dryer, using the counter-current drying principle to achieve drying purposes. Liquor lees drying equipment has a wide range of application and can be used in the drying of small particles of loose materials in chemical industry, light industry, agriculture, food industry and feed industry. For example, wine lees, bean dregs, grains, sawdust, fruit dregs, quartz sand, medicine dregs, etc. in light industry; small particles, powder materials and inorganic minerals and other materials in chemical industry; corn germ, corn husk, corn fiber (corn dregs), protein powder, etc. in starch industry; carriers (bran, corn crumbs, soybean dregs, etc.) in feed industry, fishery fish, shrimp and other scraps, etc.; rapeseed in oil industry (not for seeds, etc.).

Significance of drying distiller grain

Alcohol, starch sugar, monosodium glutamate, citric acid and other industries in the food industry mainly use grain as raw materials, but the utilization rate of raw materials is low, and at least 30-40% of raw materials become waste water residue. The content of dry matter in the waste liquor of alcohol residue reaches 5-8%, and the total amount of residual organic matter in 1 ton of alcohol distillation waste liquor is more than 500kg, and the global waste is really considerable every year, and the waste liquor discharged from the production of alcohol is very polluting to the environment. Many breweries began to deep processing of beer by-products, wine lees are rich in nutrients, containing a variety of organic compounds, B vitamins and cellulose, etc., is a good raw material for edible mushroom cultivation, as long as the right amount of auxiliary materials added to the lees, it can be suitable for the growth of a variety of edible mushrooms, not only to reduce the production costs of edible mushrooms, but also to solve the problem of environmental pollution. It is common in rural areas to use wine lees directly as feed for livestock, in which a large amount of protein fails to be transformed and is difficult to be absorbed and utilized, resulting in great waste. The most thorough and successful way to deal with waste wine lees is to dehydrate wine lees into feed, which is an economical and effective way to increase the efficiency and make it better digested and absorbed. Not only can the plant turn waste into treasure and increase economic benefits, but also has important significance for the control of environmental pollution, alleviating the shortage of feed, energy saving and emission reduction, and developing the breeding industry.

Structure of distillers grains dryer

Distiller’s grains dryer is mainly composed of cylinder, gear, feeding chute, stop roller, roller, front roller ring, back roller ring, discharge, pinion, motor, hot air duct, lifting plate, reducer, furnace body and other structures.

Working principle of distillers grains dryer

When the grain drying systems are working, the wine lees are sent to the hopper through the conveying equipment and fed into the feeding end of the wine lees dryer by the feeding machine, and enter the barrel smoothly through the inclined feeding pipe. The barrel is in slow rotating motion during the working process, and it has a certain inclination angle with the horizontal line. The lees enter the barrel from the high end and travel slowly to the low end under the action of gravity, meanwhile, the heat carrier is introduced from the low end and keeps impacting to the high end, making reverse contact with the lees material and completing the drying of the lees in the process of contact between them. In addition, the cylinder is equipped with a copying board, which can constantly copy the lees material and spill it, greatly increasing the contact area between the lees and the heat carrier and improving the drying rate.

Feature of distillers grains dryer

a. The structure is novel and easy to operate. The equipment not only has a very smooth appearance, but also has a simple internal structure, which makes installation, operation and maintenance very simple and convenient.

b. Stable operation and long service life. The equipment adopts the unique "zero horizontal thrust" method, which makes the cylinder running process more stable and reliable, and the main parts of the equipment are made of high-end materials, the quality is very reliable, and the service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary dryers.

c. High efficiency and good drying effect. The equipment is installed with combined type of lifting device, high thermal efficiency and very high drying efficiency.

d. High output, green and environmental protection. The volume of the barrel of the equipment is designed to be large, which can accommodate the high content of lees and thus the output is very high. In addition, the equipment is installed with high-efficiency dust removal device, which can completely avoid dust pollution during operation and is more green and environmental protection.

e. Energy saving and low cost. The equipment for drying wine lees in the process of heat loss is very low, more energy saving and consumption reduction, can save nearly a lot of costs for the processing plant each year, the production costs are quite low.

Advantage of distillers grains dryer

a. High degree of drying mechanization, large production capacity, continuous operation.

b. Excellent structure, simple, material through the cylinder resistance running smoothly, easy to operate.

c. Fault less, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.

d. Good uniformity of product drying.

Use of distillers grains dryer


Distillers grains

Dried distiller grain equipment is mainly for wine lees materials drying equipment, its materials have a higher economic value after drying treatment, fully demonstrating the comprehensive utilization value of wine lees materials. In the process of use, the following points need to be noted.

Pay attention to the uniform and appropriate amount of feeding to avoid overloading the equipment

Uneven feeding and incorrect quantity directly affect the drying speed and quality of the lees dryer. The operator should avoid overfeeding at one time, which is not only easy to cause material blockage, but also may appear uneven drying, thus affecting the drying effect of materials.

Pay attention to any abnormal phenomenon during the operation of the equipment

In the drying process, if there is a common phenomenon, you need to find out the reason in time. For example, the crackling sound coming from the cylinder may be too high temperature in the cylinder, resulting in the phenomenon of over-drying of materials. In addition, the drying process also needs to pay attention to the temperature abnormalities of the equipment, the temperature is too high or too low will affect the drying quality of the finished product. If it is found that the screws and bolts are off loose, the line contact is bad, and the parts are badly worn, it is necessary to solve the problem in time and then run the equipment.

Pay attention to the moisture content of the feed material and the moisture content of the finished product

In the use of transport equipment, inevitably need to add fuel or adjust the parameters, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the finished product moisture content can meet the required standards, such as problems should be adjusted in a timely manner. In addition, it should be noted that one of the reasons why the moisture content of the finished product does not meet the standard may be the high moisture content of the feed, then it is necessary to use the lees with a dewatering machine to remove part of the water before drying.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance and upkeep

Distillers grains dryer cannot do without the daily maintenance and maintenance work. First of all, we should do a good job of equipment lubrication, like bearings, gears and other parts need to be lubricated in place, followed by checking whether the easy-to-wear parts, easy to loosen parts need to be replaced and tightened to prevent the loss of parts, or lead to increased wear and tear between parts. In the process of use should also check whether there is oil leakage, and pay attention to the inspection of the entire machine sealing.

How to order distillers grains dryer?

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