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What is door assembly machine?

Door assembly machines are mainly used to assemble wooden doors, cabinet doors, door frames, etc. The working principle of the door assembly machine is that the main user can adjust the size, air pressure, and hydraulic assembly by themselves according to the product size and specification requirements.

Door handle assembly machine

Door handle automatic assembly machine adopts the automatic feeding of the vibrating plate to realize the automatic assembly and detection of spring sheets, panels, bottom shells, gears, square shafts and other parts. At the same time, door handle assembly machine can also perform one-stop fully automated operations such as automatic glue dispensing, automatic lubricating oil filling, and automatic screw locking.

Door handle automatic assembly machine has a high degree of automation. Through the cooperation of the grabbing device, automatic gluing device, automatic oiling device, automatic screwing device and manual labor, it can quickly realize the automatic assembly of the door handle. In addition, door handle assembly machine can replace multiple processes of the assembly production line, reducing the company's assembly personnel and improving the company's production efficiency and market competitiveness.

Working principle of door handle assembly machine

a) Door handle automatic assembly machine adopts manual plate loading and vibration automatic loading, wrong material mechanism, manipulator clamping, automatic assembly in sequence, oiling and other processes.

b) In the discharging method, the discharging mechanism pushes the material tray into the conveyor belt and flows out. And the door handle assembly machine is equipped with a protective cover that is beautiful and safe.

c) Door handle assembly machine adopts a disc + straight line structure, and has the functions of automatic detection, starting when there is material, and stopping when there is no material.

d) Door handle assembly machine uses a human-machine interface, which is intuitive, simple and safe to operate. In addition, when a fault occurs when assembling the door handle, the door handle automatic assembly machine will automatically stop, alarm and display an error message to facilitate inspection and troubleshooting.

Parameters of door handle assembly machine

Parameter nameParameter
Applicable industryDoor and window
Power supplyAV220V 50-60Hz
Machine air pressure>0.5MPa
Production capacity1000PCS/H
Machine size and weightAccording to customization

Features of door handle assembly machine

a) Door handle automatic assembly machine accessories are all made of original pneumatic components, the precision module is made of S136 precision grinding, the precision slide rail, PLC/touch screen, and other electronic accessories are all brand products.

b) The main products of the automatic door handle assembly machine (handles, bases) are put into the chain fixture through the assembly line, and other products (gears, racks, washers, wave washers, springs, baffles, cross-recessed countersunk head screws) are fed by the vibration plate, and can realize functions such as automatic direction selection, assembly, glue dispensing, oil dispensing, and automatic finished products blanking.

c) Door handle automatic assembly equipment has abnormal alarm and information prompt guidance functions, incoming material detection direction and material shortage prompt functions, preset number production, counting functions, etc.

Features of door assembly machine

a. Door handle assembly machine is equipped with functions such as emergency stop, automatic counting, fault alarm, fault display, and fault analysis.

b. Door assembly machine can adapt to the assembly of products of the same type and sizes by taking the place of the modules on the indexing plate.

c. Door assembly machine uses a component structure. When there is no product in each part of the equipment or the product is not in place, each part of the device will automatically alarm and prompt, and the mechanism of this part will automatically stop, without influencing the mechanical operation of other parts.

d. The work positioning of the divider of the door automatic assembly machine is accurate.

Advantages of door assembly machine

a. Door assembly machine is cost-effective and can pay back its investment within one year. Therefore, it is relatively cost-
effective for long-term orders.

b. Door handle automatic assembly machine can be equipped with other modules (such as automatic detection, automatic packaging, etc.) to form an automated assembly line, thereby achieving one-stop assembly production. Besides, door handle assembly machine has the advantages of stability, safety and reliability.

c. Door automatic assembly machine can integrate the traditional product assembly flow into an automated assembly equipment, which not only reduces the space but also reduces labor. Meanwhile, door handle assembly machine can save a lot of labor costs while improving product production efficiency.

How to buy door assembly machine?

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