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Food Waste Dryer Machine

Food Waste Dryer Machine for sale

What is food waste dryer machine?

The main characteristics of kitchen waste are high BOD value, fast biodegradation, easy decomposition, and bad odor, coupled with the disorderly management of kitchen waste in some countries, and arbitrary disposal may cause many food safety problems, seriously pollute the environment and endanger the health of residents.

Compared with other garbage, kitchen waste is rich in nutrients and organic matter, which has great recycling value. Therefore, the food waste dryer machine can dehydrate and dry the materials, and inactivate the harmful microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria, and parasitic eggs in the drying process. After drying, the material will not lose its nutritional value, dry and wet evenly, with good color and luster, which can be made into essential feed for the breeding industry, so that it can be turned into treasure and improve its use value and economic value.

Working principle of food waste dryer machine

In the whole drying process in food waste dryer, the size of the hot air volume and the temperature in the first, second and third dryer will be adjusted with the fluctuation of the moisture content of the material. The new design process of "high + high + high", "medium=medium=medium" and "low-low-low" is used to make the high get high, the medium moderate and the low match low, so that the materials are always in the ideal Drying environment; the whole drying process is harmonious and orderly operation. This not only can be quite high heat utilization rate, but also can improve the output of equipment, which can play the effect of both reducing consumption, and at the same time to achieve the goal of material reduction, stabilization, harmless treatment, and further improve the secondary use of resources.

Composition of food waste dryer machine

The complete set of food waste dryer machine consists of manual sorting, solid-liquid separation, crushing, oil-water separation, solid fermentation, drying and sterilization, crushing, packing, adding feed additives and pelletizing, etc. The food waste dryer consists of cylinder, front roller ring, back roller ring, gear, stop roller (not applicable to small dryer), drag roller, pinion, discharge part, lifting plate, reducer, motor, hot air channel, feeding chute, furnace body and other parts, motor, hot air duct, feeding chute, furnace body and other parts.

When using the food waste dryer, the material is firstly crushed and then dewatered, and after dewatering, the material is dried. The food waste dehydrator inactivates the harmful microorganisms in the material in the process of drying at high temperature, so there is no need to set up a separate sterilization process, which simplifies the process of material processing and saves the energy needed for separate sterilization. After drying and sterilizing, the material is made into granular feed, which is convenient for packaging, storage and transportation and use of feed products.

Applicable materials of food waste dryer machine

Food waste dryer machine is suitable for drying materials such as domestic waste, organic water, garbage, food waste, vegetable waste and kitchen waste.

Food waste machine is widely used in agriculture, catering, municipal and other industries.

Feature of food waste dryer machine

a. The overall structure of the dried food machine is reasonably designed and can be assembled according to the actual land area of the user. Indoor and outdoor can be installed

b. High processing capacity. The high utilization rate of heat energy and production efficiency can effectively realize energy saving and consumption reduction.

c. Food drying equipment sealed tightly, coupled with good insulation efficacy, can reduce the heat dissipation inside the cylinder, but also reduce the overflow of smoke and dust inside the cylinder, to ensure a clean and tidy production environment.

d. The operation of the entire system without the traditional dryer may exist in the flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other phenomena.

e. Automatic control, high degree of intelligence, simple and convenient operation; stable performance, 24 hours of continuous operation without failure.

f. The moisture content of the dried material as well as the particle form can be adjusted according to the user's requirements.

g. The machine is manufactured on a custom basis so as to meet the basic as well as individual production needs of the user.

Why should we choose food waste dryer machine?

Waste dryer

The purpose of drying in a food waste dryer machine is to remove moisture or solvent from certain raw materials, and semi-finished products, in order to facilitate the packaging, transportation, storage, processing, and use of materials.

a. For the purpose of packaging and transportation, such as suspension and filter cake food, drugs, chemical raw materials, and products, etc., after drying into a solid, packaging and transportation are more convenient.

b. For the purpose of storage. Certain food, drugs, chemical raw materials and products, when there is more moisture, will be conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms, easy to mold, insects or deterioration, such materials in storage before the general need to go through the drying process. In particular, such as biochemical products, antibiotics and food, the water content of more than the prescribed standard is easy to deteriorate and affect the use of the deadline, after drying storage time is longer.

c. For the purpose of convenience of use. Food materials such as salt, urea, ammonium sulfide, etc., when dried to a moisture content of 0.2%-0.5%, the material is not easy to caking, more convenient to use; milk dried into milk powder, can be stored for a long time and can be brewed at any time; clothing only after drying, comfortable to wear.

d. For the purpose of easy processing. Some agricultural and sideline products, herbs, chemical raw materials need to be crushed (or granulated) to a certain particle size range and moisture content for reprocessing and utilization due to processing needs. Such as wheat, corn, etc. need to be dried before processing; phosphate ore crushed and dried to improve the speed of chemical reaction; catalyst semi-finished products of material drying, to maintain a certain moisture content and particle size range, which is conducive to compression molding, etc.

e. For the purpose of improving product quality. The quality of some products is related to the water content, and after the drying process, the active ingredients of the materials will be increased accordingly, so that the product quality can be improved. For example, coal needs to control its water content before combustion to improve the efficiency of the combustion process; polyester slices before spinning, dry to a moisture content of 0.2 or less, can prevent the production of bubbles in the extraction of silk, improve the quality of silk.

Use of food waste dryer machine

During the daily use of the food waste dryer machine, various failure problems will inevitably occur, which will affect the operation and production of the catering waste dryer equipment and reduce the production efficiency of the catering waste dryer equipment. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure rate of the catering waste dryer equipment and ensure the stable operation and production of the catering waste dryer equipment, it is necessary to conduct regular inspection and maintenance of the catering waste dryer equipment.

a. Food waste machine must be operated in accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions during operation, and must not exceed the catering garbage dryer equipment load and overload operation, in order to better ensure the normal operation of the catering garbage dryer equipment, improve the production efficiency of the catering garbage dryer equipment, avoid energy waste, and ensure that the dried materials are evenly dried and wet, and the finished products are of good quality.

b. Employees need to regularly check the operation of the food waste dryer equipment parts, such as whether the screws and bolts are loose, whether the line connection is in poor contact, whether the lubricant is normal, etc. If the screws and bolts are loose or badly worn, they should be tightened or replaced in time. If the line connection is bad, it needs to be solved in time. If there is a lack of lubricating oil, it needs to be added in time. This can reduce the frequency of restaurant garbage dryer equipment failure and ensure the stable operation and production of restaurant garbage dryer equipment.

c. In the process of using the waste dryer, attention should be paid to the temperature of the heating equipment and the barrel of the catering garbage dryer to avoid the heating temperature being too high or too low, resulting in the poor quality of the finished products after drying. Only by ensuring that the materials are dried within the appropriate temperature range can the quality of the dried finished products be better ensured.

d. Employees need to check the quality of finished products of dried materials from time to time. If it is found that the moisture content of the dried material cannot meet the production needs of the user, the cause should be found in time to identify the problem and solve it. If it cannot be solved in a short time, it needs to be shut down for maintenance. After the solution, it can be started to run to better ensure the production efficiency and production effect of the catering waste dryer equipment.

How to order food waste dryer machine?

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