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Hair Dryer Assembly

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What is hair dryer assembly?

Hair dryer assembly line is mainly used for the production and assembly of hair dryers, which has a high degree of automation and saves labor costs.

Components of hair dryer assembly

a. Assembly line series: hair dryer production line, conveyor line/conveyor/conveyor equipment, coating production line equipment, industrial belt line.

b. Production line series: hair dryer production line, belt line, double-speed chain assembly line, differential speed line, plug-in assembly line, assembly line, aging assembly line, inspection line, suspension line, packaging line, etc.

c. Conveyor line series: drum assembly line, roller line, plate chain line, chain plate line, turning line, conveyor, conveyor line.

d. Coating equipment series: liquid powder coating equipment, spraying equipment, coating production line, water tank, etc.

e. Clean room series: various styles of stainless steel workbenches, dust removal benches, test benches, etc.

f. Special machine equipment series: lifts of various styles, manipulators, non-standard equipment, etc.

Working principle of hair dryer assembly

a. Vibration plate automatic feeding and automatic production.

b. The touch screen operation installed in the hair dryer assembly line is simple and convenient.

c. Control system has stable performance and strong anti-interference ability.

d. The pneumatic components imported from SNC have long service life and high precision.

e. The equipment on the hair dryer assembly line is highly efficient and can replace 4-6 people.

f. Automatic detection of defective products ensures that each finished product is qualified.

Technical parameters of hair dryer assembly

Parameter nameParameter
Workbencha) Hair dryer assembly line adopts aluminum profile structure and A plastic-coated steel pipe, and the steel structure is welded.
b) The panel is made of wooden boards, PE boards, density boards, and anti-static desktops.
Conveyor belt lineOrdinary belt assembly line, anti-static belt line and aluminum profile structure.
Production assembly linea) Use double-speed chains, chain plate lines, flat-top chains, and some special transport chains.
b) It is equipped with some circulation lines for product assembly, vacuuming, and testing, return lines for small parts, and some auxiliary lines around punches and processing machinery.
c) In addition, powered and unpowered drum lines are available in the hair dryer assembly line.
Liftera) It is used to deliver the semi-finished or finished products of the hair dryer assembly line from the first floor to the second floor, or from the second floor to the first floor, or directly to the warehouse.
b) At the same time, cargo transport lifts are also used, and non-standard lifts with ordinary motors or servo motors can be used.
c) Some high-low transition elevators in the assembly line, as well as the input or return elevators for tooling panels, all use cylinders or ordinary motors.
Template input and recycling machineAutomatically complete the input of tooling boards from the mobile vehicle to the assembly line or the recovery from the assembly line to the mobile vehicle.

Features of hair dryer assembly

a. Hair dryer automatic assembly machine uses cylinder as power, PLC programmable controller, and intuitive sub-station assembly working principle.

b. The equipment on the hair dryer assembly line is assembled from large boards, racks, parts and other accessories, and all key stations of its equipment can adjust the speed and quantity.

c. After equipping with the hair dryer assembly line, the manual only needs to replenish the materials, and the equipment automatically completes the assembly of each process in sequence and automatically unloads the materials. In addition, equipment materials are fed by vibrating plates.

d. When the equipment encounters an abnormality, it will automatically alarm, shut down and display abnormal information.

Advantages of hair dryer assembly

a. Hair dryer automated assembly line only requires 1 to 2 people to operate it and works 24 hours a day, which is the biggest advantage of the hair dryer automated assembly line.

b. The previous assembly of hair dryers required a lot of manpower for processing and installation, inspection, assembly, screwing, and labeling. But our hair dryer automated assembly line solves the company's manufacturing difficulties, reduces labor costs, and improves productivity.

c. According to the characteristics of the hair dryer, hair dryer assembly line adopts stage control and module control secondary computer distribution center control measures, coupled with the module control panel and inspection fault warning system software, making the entire automatic control system more complete.

d. Hair dryer automated production and assembly line consists of technical system equipment such as delivery, installation, inspection, aging, and packaging.

e. Each system equipment can be composed of differential lines, chain conveyor lines, accumulation roller lines, speed-increasing belt lines, overhead conveyors, various intelligent charter machines and other soft working equipment and configuration a distributed system development board (PLC).

How to buy hair dryer assembly?

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