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Hinge Assembly Machine

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What is hinge assembly machine?

The automobile door hinge assembly machine realizes functions such as hinge assembly, sleeve pressing, pin pre-assembly, pin riveting, torque detection and shape detection. The machine uses a robotic arm to automatically load and unload materials. Meanwhile, both raw materials and finished products are inspected by mechanical vision, and the sleeve press-fitting and pin riveting are driven by servo. Hinge assembly machine also adopts a modular design and is compatible with a variety of door hinge models, whose production rhythm is up to 5 seconds, realizing flexible and unmanned door hinge production.

Working process of hinge assembly machine

Hinge measurement
The measurement of hinges should be based on product drawings or samples, thoroughly understand the product specifications and requirements, and then calculate the required materials and tools based on actual needs.

Parts selection
When selecting hinge components, it is necessary to carefully sort out the characteristics and functions of different types of hinges and select components suitable for hinge products.

Cutting and machining
In the cutting and processing process of hinge assembly machine, it is necessary to ensure that the dimensions of each component are accurate and the shape is reasonable. And the cutting of hinges can use advanced processing technologies such as laser cutting or CNC machining to ensure the accuracy and quality of the parts.

In the assembly process, the components of the hinge need to be carefully assembled according to product requirements. Pay attention to cleaning and lubrication during assembly to ensure the quality and life of each component. During the assembly process, it is also necessary to consider the handling of emergencies, such as the error-free assembly of parts. If errors occur, attention must be paid to timely adjustment or replacement of parts.

In the inspection process of assembly line for hinges, a comprehensive inspection needs to be carried out on the function, appearance, quality, etc. of the hinge. Check the quantity, size, material, hardness, etc. of the parts to ensure that the hinge meets the product requirements and is competent for its relative work requirements.

Quality control
The hinge is an important component of car door assembly, so its quality control should be strictly controlled from the planning and production of the hinge, material procurement, production and processing, quality control, and after-sales service to ensure that the quality meets the standards.

Working principle of hinge assembly machine

Hinge assembly equipment usually consists of a feeding system, conveyor belt, positioning device, assembly device, control system, etc. The feeding system sends the required hinge parts to the assembly line, and the conveyor belt sends the parts to the positioning device in the correct order. Then the positioning device accurately positions the parts, and then the assembly device assembles and connects the parts in the preset order. After completion, quality inspection is carried out through the detection system, and qualified products are taken out through the discharging system.

Parameters of hinge assembly machine

Parameter nameParameter
Supply voltage220V
Production capacity95 PCS/H
Power supplyAV220V 50-60Hz
Air pressure>0.5MPa
Applicable industryAuto industry
Machine dimensionAccording to customization
Machine weightAccording to customization

Features of hinge assembly machine

a. Firm and stable
Hinge assembly machine is practical and convenient, uses even force, and increases its service life.

b. Smooth and flexible
After the hinge is assembled by this hinge assembly machine, it is made with precision through multiple processes, so it has a strong texture and a long service life.

c. Delicate and textured
The hinges assembled by the hinge assembly machine have fine surface treatment and fine workmanship, making them smooth and balanced during use.

Advantages of hinge assembly machine

a. High degree of automation
Full automatic hinge assembly machines can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce labor costs by transforming traditional manual operations into automated operations.

b. Strong flexibility
Hinge automatic assembly machine adopts a flexible and changeable assembly method, which can adapt to the assembly requirements of hinge products of different specifications and models, and can be adjusted and modified as needed.

c. User-friendly control
The operating interface of the hinge automatic assembly equipment is intuitive and clear, and the working parameters can be adjusted through settings. Operators can operate the equipment with only simple training.

d. Intelligent control
Hinge automatic assembly equipment is equipped with an advanced control system, which can monitor and control the equipment's operating status, work efficiency and quality indicators in real time, and provide fault diagnosis and maintenance tips, improving the stability and reliability of the equipment.

How to buy hinge assembly machine?

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