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Nuts Packing Machine

Nuts packing machine for sale

What is nuts packing machine?

Nuts packing machine is used for quantitative weighing and packing of peanuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts and other nuts, pesticides, feed, additives, washing powder, salt, MSG, sugar, seeds, rice, pepper and other granular and powdery materials.

Working principle of nuts packing machine

The principle of nut packaging machine is very simple. It is part of a plc programmable to achieve a series of packaging actions. Packing machine in the factory will have a set of self-contained system, the machinery will work in strict accordance with this program.

First, the control of raw materials, then weighing, until the required weight, the system will automatically stop and then proceed to the next procedure. After the material enters the bag, the computer then controls the bag sealing equipment to seal, followed by cutting off the bag, a set of down the purpose of packaging is achieved. And the packaging system is not fixed, customers can adjust according to their needs to achieve the purpose.

Feature of nuts packing machine

Nuts packing machine is a widely used machine and equipment, which can complete a large amount of nut packing work in a short time, improving the production efficiency and output. In addition, the nut packing machine also has the advantages of cost saving and environmental protection, becoming one of the mainstream machines and equipment in the modern food industry.

The functional characteristics of the nut packaging machine are as follows.

a. High degree of automation. Nut packing machine is a fully automatic equipment, can automatically complete the process of packaging, improve packaging efficiency and save labor costs.

b. High safety. Nut packaging machine is made of food-grade stainless steel, which eliminates secondary contamination of the product and can guarantee product hygiene and safety.

c. Strong applicability. Nut filling machine can adapt to different kinds and forms of nut products, the packaging effect is stable, avoiding problems such as broken and fallen.

d. High precision. Adopt advanced quantitative control system and advanced precision meter to ensure the weight of each bag is stable and high precision.

e. Convenience. The nut packing machine is equipped with automatic cleaning system and automatic fault detection system, which is convenient to use and easy to operate.

f. Nice appearance. Nut packaging machine appearance is beautiful and generous, humanized design, in line with modern aesthetic requirements.

g. Energy saving and environmental protection. Nut packaging machine using advanced energy-saving technology, low power consumption, to meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

h. Good economic efficiency. Nut packing machine is stable in operation and long life, reducing unnecessary maintenance costs, improving production efficiency and ultimately enhancing the economic benefits of enterprises.

Advantage of nuts packing machine

According to the different packaging styles, nut packaging machine can be divided into bagged nut packaging machine and canned nut packaging machine. And bagged nuts packaging machine can be divided into vertical bag-making machine and bagging nut packaging machine.

The unit of vertical bag-making nut packaging machine is composed of a vertical filling and packaging machine, combined scale and bucket elevator, which integrates weighing, bag-making, folding, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting. It adopts double servo motors synchronous belt pulling film and single servo motor horizontal sealing, with smooth and reliable action. The control components are all international brand-name products with reliable performance. The advanced design ensures that the machine is easy to adjust, operate and maintain. Automatic nut packing machine can reduce the investment of manpower for enterprises, speed up the rapid development of enterprises and reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises. The good quality of nuts, not only the need for strict control of raw materials, but also the need to focus on various aspects of production and packaging, so as to ensure that the fierce nuts in the consumer market stand out.

Use of nuts packing machine

a. Install the machine. Install the nuts packing machine and the packaging roll film. Install the wrapping paper on the support frame. Try to make the edge of the wrapping paper and the middle gap of the support frame into a vertical parallel state.

b. Turn on the power. After installing the machine and placing it flat, plug in the power supply and turn on the power switch and wait for the machine to work. Power plug must be connected to the plug with grounding wire.

c. Set parameters. Set the bag length, temperature parameters and the number of grams of material to be poured.

d. Pour in the material. Pour the material into the hopper of nuts packing machine and press to start working.

e. Automatic packaging. The machine automatically weighs quantitatively, feeds, seals, cuts into bags, and packages in one go.

Application of nuts packing machine

For nuts, nut packaging machine has also become one of its essential equipment to complete the production of bagged packaging, we have developed equipment is fully automated intelligent models, widely used in the packaging market, is the ideal equipment for quantitative packaging of granular materials. For example: melon seeds, pistachios, peanuts, corn, tea, nuts, mothballs, raisins, almonds, nuts, small hardware parts, plastic parts and other kinds of granular, flakes, strips, irregular shapes of materials quantitative weighing, counting packaging.

Nut packing machine is a full-automatic packaging equipment, it has stable performance and stronger function, it is a new electronic mechanical product integrating automatic quantitative feeding, bag making and bagging, the body is designed with stainless steel, it will not pollute the material when it touches the material, it can automatically complete quantitative feeding, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, slitting, outputting finished products, labeling, printing and other work. It adopts modular design with strong versatility, and can be used for multiple purposes by following different measuring devices.

How to order nuts packing machine?

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