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What is packing clip machine?

Packing clip machine is a device for testing the clamping force of packaging materials. Packaging material clamping force refers to the force that the packaging material endures when it is clamped or subjected to pressure. Packaging Clamping Force Tester can simulate the pressure and squeezing force that the packaging materials are subjected to during transportation, storage, and stacking to check the strength and durability of the packaging materials. Strapping clip-making machine mainly consists of a clamping force testing part, control system, data processing system, and safety protection system. During the test, the packaging material is put into the clamping force test section, and the size and speed of the clamping force are controlled by the control system to carry out the clamping force test. After the test, the data processing system can automatically calculate the clamping force strength and deformation of the packaging material, as well as the curve of the clamping force and data report.

Working principle of packing clip machine

Packing clip-making machine is a common mechanical equipment, commonly used in logistics, packaging, transport, and other industries. Its structure mainly includes a power system, clamping device, transmission system, control system, and other parts.

The working principle of the product is mainly based on the principle of mechanics, through the power system drives the clamping device, so that it produces clamping force, and the object will be clamped fixed. The transmission system transmits the power to the clamping device to make it move according to the specified way. The control system is responsible for controlling the movement trajectory and clamping force of the clamping machine so that it can meet different operational requirements.

Technical parameter of packing clip machine

The clamping plate can realize the action and cycle of clamping, tensioning, ascending, and descending.

The clip-packing machine is equipped with a force sensor and a digital display to calibrate the clamping force.
Clamping force10-3000kg can be selected
Clamping plate size1200×1200mm
Clamping spaceMaximum W1200 × D1200 × H1200mm
Clamping spaceMinimum W400 × D1200 × H1200mm
Clamping speed5 ~ 50mm/min adjustable
Lifting space100 ~ 600mm adjustable, also according to user requirements
WeightAbout 800KG
Power supply380V/50Hz
ControlThe use of PCC programming control, easy to operate, stable performance

Advantage of packing clip machine

a. Improve production efficiency. Automatic packing clip-making machine can quickly grab, carry, and flip the workpiece, thus greatly improving production efficiency.

b. Reduce the labor intensity of workers. Packing clip manufacturing machine can replace workers to carry out repetitive and tedious actions, reducing workers' labor intensity. A small electric bale clamping machine under 0.5 tonnes is suitable for paper rolls, cotton rolls, cloth rolls, package materials, and other industries. Of course, the electric bale clamping machine also has 1 tonne 2 tonnes 3 tonnes to choose from. Small cotton roll bale clamping machine catalog is also sold very hot, wide range of applications, electric clamping and holding forklift trucks can meet the needs of more users.

c. Reduce production cost. Box packing clip machine can replace part of manual operation. Rotary clamping forklift trucks are available in 90 degrees and 360 degrees. Clamping forklift trucks reduces production costs mainly due to the reduction of manpower.

d. Improved product quality. Strapping clip machine can control the position and angle of the workpiece, thus improving the quality of the product consistently.

Application of packing clip machine

In terms of usage scenarios, the packing clip machine can be used in various logistics and transport situations, such as harbors, wharves, airports, warehouses, and so on. In the packaging industry, the clamping machine can be used to fix and pack large objects. At the same time, the clamping machine can also be used in a variety of transport occasions, such as railways, highways, waterways, etc., to improve transport efficiency and reduce transport costs.

As a common mechanical equipment, the metal packing clip machine has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high stability, good reliability, etc. It is widely used in logistics, packaging, transport, and other industries.

Use of packing clip machine

Packing clip machine is an instrument used to measure the clamping force of materials.

a. Preparation. Place the test specimen in the clamping device to ensure that the specimen is clamped and will not slide or move.

b. Switch on the power supply. Plug the power cord into the power outlet, and then turn on the power switch of the clamping force tester.

c. Setting test parameters. According to the test needs, set the test parameters, such as test speed, test time, etc.

d. Start the test. Press the start button, and the clamping force tester starts to carry out the test.

e. End the test. When the test is complete, the packing patti clip machine stops automatically. Record the test result and remove the sample.

f. Clean the strapping clip-making machine and store it in a dry and airy place.

It is important to note that when using the clip-packing machine, the correct procedure should be followed.

Precaution of packing clip machine

a. Power supply. Please note the following regarding the power supply for this equipment. In principle, a three-phase 380V power supply is used for power distribution. Please consult with an electrical engineer or someone with equivalent knowledge regarding the power supply and power supply engineering.

b. Power cord. Be sure to use the power cord supplied with the automatic packing clip making machine. If you find any abnormality in the power cord or power plug, please contact us. Replace or instruct replacement with our service personnel.

c. Carton compression tester fuses. Do not use fuses other than those specified to prevent fire or damage to the internal circuit. When replacing a fuse, use one of the same type and shape as the original equipment.

d. Special warning. Warnings should note that the application, or conditions being performed are highly hazardous and could result in injury or even death. To prevent accidental injury or death, always observe the equipment before moving or using it.

Maintenance of packing clip machine

To ensure that the packaging clamping machine equipment is often in a good state of technology, can be put into operation at any time, reduces downtime, improves mechanical integrity, and utilization, reduces mechanical wear and tear, prolongs the service life of machinery, reduces the cost of machinery operation and maintenance, to ensure safe production, we must strengthen the maintenance of the inclined impact table maintenance work.

a. Packing clip machine maintenance follows the "maintenance and repair, prevention first" principle, to achieve regular maintenance, mandatory, to correctly deal with the use, maintenance, and repair of the relationship between the use.

b. Maintenance personnel and maintenance departments should do "three inspections and one handover (self-inspection, mutual inspection, full-time inspection, and a qualified handover)", and constantly sum up the maintenance experience to improve the quality of maintenance.

c. Maintenance adheres to the promotion of "cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, anti-corrosion" as the main content of the "cross" method of operation, the implementation of routine maintenance and regular maintenance system, in strict accordance with the instructions for the cycle and inspection and maintenance of the project.

d. Routine maintenance is the cleaning and inspection before, during, and after the operation of the machinery, mainly checking the condition of vital and vulnerable parts (such as mechanical safety devices), coolant, lubricant, fuel level, instrumentation instructions, etc. Routine maintenance by the operator to complete their own, and carefully fill out the "mechanical routine maintenance records.

Different maintenance contents

First-level maintenanceCarry out cleaning, fastening, and lubrication operations, and part of the adjustment operation, and maintenance of machinery in good technical condition.
Second-level maintenanceIncluding all the contents of the first-level maintenance, centered on inspection and adjustment, to keep the mechanical assemblies, institutions, and parts with good working performance. Asset management personnel from the use of units issued by the "maintenance of machinery and equipment, lubrication notice" down to the operating team, mainly by the operator himself to complete, the operator himself to complete the difficulties, can be entrusted to the repair department, the use of unit asset managers, the operation of the shift manager to check and supervise.
Seasonal maintenanceThe main content is to change the lubricating oil and fuel for the applicable seasons, take anti-freezing measures, and increase anti-freezing facilities. It is organized and arranged by the using department, and inspected and supervised by the operation team leader.
Maintenance during the closing periodNew packaging clamping machine and overhaul of the completion of the machinery must be carried out after the end of the walk-in period maintenance, the main content is cleaning, fastening, adjustment, and replacement of lubricants, completed by the use of the department, the asset manager to check the supervision of the Asset Management Department.
Transfer maintenanceBefore the machinery is transferred to the site, transfer maintenance should be carried out, the content of the operation can be maintained according to the technical condition of the machinery, and anticorrosion can be carried out if necessary. Transfer maintenance by the mechanical transfer unit organization arrangements for the implementation of the project, the project department, the asset manager check, and the asset management department supervision.
Parking and maintenanceOut-of-service and closed machinery should be maintained, mainly for cleaning, corrosion, and moisture protection. Inventory of machinery by the Asset Management Department commissioned maintenance, and the rest of the machinery by the use of departmental maintenance.

How to order packing clip machine?

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