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Water Filter Making Machine

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What is water filter making machine?

Water purifier, also known as water filter, is applied to filter floating matter in tap water. Water filter making machines are used to assemble and manufacture water purifiers for home use, which are assembled multi-stage filter elements through automation to remove floating matter from tap water.

The water purifier assembled by this water filter manufacturing machine consists of five stages of filtration technology. The first stage is a filter element also known as PP cotton filter element (PPF), the second stage is a granular activated carbon (UDF) filter element, the third stage is precision compressed activated carbon (CTO) filter element, the fourth stage is reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane, and the fifth stage is post-activated carbon (small T33).

Details of water filter making machine

Processing and manufacturing

a) Filter element manufacturing: The filter element is one of the most important components in a water filter. According to the product requirements, the appropriate filter material is selected, processed into the shape of the filter element through cutting, grinding and drilling with grinding wheels, and then the internal and external surfaces are treated. Finally, the automatic packaging equipment on the water filter making machine is used for sealing and packaging.

b) Filter housing manufacturing: Filter housings are usually made of plastic materials. First, the raw materials are added to the injection molding machine for melting, then injected into the mold and solidified by cooling, and finally the molded filter housing is taken out.

c) Shell manufacturing: The shell is the outer packaging of the water filter and can be made of plastic, stainless steel and other materials. According to the product design drawings, the raw materials are processed into the shape of the shell through cutting, stamping, welding and other processes on the water filter manufacturing machine, and then surface treatment, spraying and other processes are performed.

d) Electronic controller manufacturing: The electronic controller is the core part of the water filter and is responsible for controlling and monitoring the working status of the water filter. According to product requirements, select appropriate electronic components, conduct circuit design and manufacture electronic controllers.

Assembling and testing

a) Filter element assembly: Place the filter element into the filter housing and connect the seal to ensure there is no leakage between the filter element and the housing, thereby completing the filter element assembly on the water filter manufacturing machine.

b) System assembly: Assemble the filter housing, water filter housing, electronic controller and other components, connect the pipelines and circuit cables, and seal and fix them to ensure that the connections between the components are firm and there is no leakage.

c) Debugging test: After completing the assembly of the water filter, perform functional testing and performance debugging through the detection system in the water filter manufacturing machine to ensure that the water purifier operates normally and reaches product performance indicators.

Components of water filter making machine


Water purifier filter assembly machine

a. Activated carbon treatment
First, the activated carbon is screened and washed to remove excess dust and impurities, and then dried.

b. Particulate filter manufacturing
Manufacturing particulate filters mainly includes material selection, grinding, shaping, roasting and other steps. When selecting materials, it is necessary to select the appropriate material according to the specifications and requirements of the filter element and grind it into the specified particle size. The particles are then stuffed into the filter element and roasted at high temperatures.

c. Fiber filter manufacturing
When manufacturing fiber filter elements, the fibers are first gravity sedimented, and an appropriate amount of activated carbon and particulate matter are added to the lower layer, and then the filter element is encapsulated and shaped.

d. Filter element assembly
The above-made filter element is assembled in a water purifier filter assembly machine as required, usually with the fiber filter element in the front, the particulate filter in the middle, and the activated carbon in the back to form a complete filter element.

e. Detection
After the filter element is manufactured, it needs to pass a series of tests to ensure that its quality meets production standards. Therefore, the testing items carried out by the testing system on the water filter manufacturing machine include the length, outer diameter, chlorine content, TDS, turbidity and other data testing of the filter element. It can be offline only after passing the quality inspection.

Water purifier water purification effect testing system

Water purifier water purification effect testing system is mainly used for testing the water efficiency level of household water purifiers.

Software system for water purifier water purification effect testing system

a) Water purifier water purification effect testing system has a human-machine test operation interface, the test can be automatically controlled, and the test data and the working status of each system can be displayed in real time.

b) Water purifier water purification effect testing system on the water filter manufacturing machine has a data storage function, can automatically complete the calculation of test results according to standard requirements, can automatically generate test reports, and has the ability to curve the entire test process.

c) Water purifier water purification effect testing system has the function of resuming and continuing the test after a power outage, so it can resume and complete the test after an unexpected power outage or termination.

d) Water purifier water purification effect testing system has the function of alarming when the water temperature, water quality, and water pressure exceed the limit value, and can record alarm information.

Testing functions of water filter making machine

a. Appearance inspection: Check whether the appearance of the water filter is clean, free of scratches, deformation and other problems.

b. Water quality testing: The water produced by the water filter is tested through the water quality testing instrument on the water filter manufacturing machine to confirm that it meets relevant national standards and product quality requirements.

c. Functional testing: Functional testing of the filter element, electronic controller, etc. of the water filter is carried out to ensure that they are working properly.

d. Life test: By simulating actual usage conditions on the testing instruments of the water filter assembly line, the water filter is tested for life to verify whether its service life meets the product promise.

Features of water filter making machine

Quality assurance

a) Reduce human error rates
Water filter making machines ensure the accuracy and consistency of product assembly and production through high-precision sensors and control systems, and reduce errors and mistakes caused by human operations, further improving product quality.

b) Detection and correction functions
Water filter manufacturing machines are equipped with various precise testing equipment, which can detect product defects or problems in time and automatically correct them to ensure that product quality meets standards.

Flexibility and scalability

a) Adapt to diverse needs
Water filter manufacturing machines can be customized and adjusted according to product characteristics and requirements, and can be flexibly adapted to different products and production lines. Whether small-scale or large-scale production, efficient assembly work is achieved.

b) Easy to expand and integrate
Water filter making machines are easy to upgrade and expand, and can be seamlessly connected with other automated equipment and systems to build a more automated production line.

Advantages of water filter making machine

a. Speed up production
Water filter automated assembly line equipment can quickly and efficiently complete the assembly work of the water filter. Compared with manual work, it greatly shortens the production cycle. In large-scale production, an automated assembly line equipment can process multiple products at the same time and achieve high-speed continuous operation, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

b. Reduce labor costs
Water filter making machines can replace most human operations, reducing dependence on personnel and significantly reducing human resource costs. And because the water filter manufacturing machine can work continuously without rest, it can fully utilize the potential of 24-hour operation.

Water filter making machine price

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