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What is woodchip dryer?

Woodchip dryer is designed and manufactured for drying various wood materials such as wood chips, sawdust, small wood chips and wood veneer. So it is also called sawdust dryer, wood veneer dryer, and wood dryer.

The wood dryer machine has a wide range of application and can also be used for drying various powder materials such as wood chip, wood bran, wood powder, bamboo powder, bagasse, rice husk, sawdust, shavings and other kinds of materials, which can also be widely applied to: fuel plant, fertilizer plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical plant and other various industries. The wide range of drying makes the charm of wood bran dryer greatly enhanced, choose one kind of equipment to benefit many kinds of materials. Sawdust flash dryer has the characteristics of large drying output, low maintenance, remarkable energy-saving effect, and so on.

History of woodchip dryer

Wood chaff is the wood small particles and powder produced when people saw the wood, the general wood processing plant has one to a dozen tons of wood chaff produced every day, usually are piled up like a mountain, placed to weathering and moldy, wasting resources, causing pollution and damage to the environment. In recent years, some people research and develop the utilization of wood bran, used to replace the original coal and oil fuel of the boiler, that is, wood bran sprayed to the combustion chamber of the boiler, the heat produced is comparable with the boiler of burning general coal, and the cost is only 1/2 of burning coal, the smoke and dust discharged is greatly reduced than that of burning coal, the economic effect is remarkable, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment, energy saving and the production of the enterprise. Therefore, wood drying kiln is popularly used in small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the wood is sawed when the contact surface between the saw and the wood is put water for cooling, so the sawed-out wood bran are wet and contain great water content. The wood bran of the existing kiln dryer has to be dried before it is sprayed into the boiler combustion chamber for combustion. The wet wood bran drying needs the larger site and the more time, in the wood bran drying and the process of collecting after drying is very time consuming and laborious, if the wind will blow away many wood’s saw dust, like the sandstorm all over the sky, to the environment pollution and the economic loss; Especially in the rainy day, the drying wood bran becomes a great problem. At this time, kiln dryer machine's fuel is waiting for the rice under the pot or no rice under the pot, wood bran boiler's fuel can't be guaranteed.

At present, the wood chip dryer is transformed to simplify the work flow in the production process which is prone to problems, so that workers can save more time and effort. The self-developed dryer not only has the advantage of technology, but also follows the principle of drying wood bran to optimize the dryer equipment. Make the dryer more specialized and humanized. Not only the output is high, the drying degree is stable (initial moisture 40%, final moisture 15%, the output can reach more than 2 tons per hour) and the structure is simple, the cost is low.

Working principle of woodchip dryer

Wood chips and sawdust materials are conveyed by belt conveyor to the closed air feeder into the hot air furnace for combustion, and the resulting high temperature gas enters the dryer through the fire separator. The raw materials enter the drum dryer through the screw feeder, and the high temperature airflow passes through the materials through low-speed rotation and bending plate to disperse the materials, and then the suction of the fan pushes the materials forward, and the materials are discharged from the closed fan through the shake-long at the other end.

Structure of woodchip dryer

Wood chip dryer machine is mainly configured by hot air furnace, closed air feeder, belt conveyor (can be equipped by itself), screw feeder, drum airflow dryer, fan, shake-long, closed fan and so on. This sawdust dryer machine combines the advantages of airflow and drum dryer, with high efficiency and good effect, low investment cost and small footprint.

Type of woodchip dryer

Air-flow wood chip dryer

Air-flow wood chip drying equipment is a machine that continuously adds the wet sawdust in the form of powder and granule into the drying tube by using screw conveyor, and evaporates the moisture in the wet material in the conveying and dispersing of high-speed hot airflow, so as to get the powder or granule dried products. Woodchip dryer is mainly composed of air heater, airflow drying tube, cyclone separator, feeder, fan, and so on. This kind of wood chip dryer has the smallest output and is generally used with other equipment, which is one of the charcoal machine series products.

Drum wood chip dryer

Drum type wood chip dryer is a kind of dryer that handles a large amount of materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, foodstuff, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industry because of reliable operation, large flexibility of operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity. Rotary drum dryer is generally adapted to granular materials, and it can also be used to dry viscous paste materials or materials with high water content by partially mixing into the materials.

Drum drying wood chip equipment is highly adaptable, occupies a small area, has a large processing capacity and mature technology, and is used for drying and granulating wood chips to process biomass pellet fuel, which can reduce the production cost to a greater extent and improve the molding rate and quality.

Heat-conducting tube type wood chip dryer

Sawdust dryer adopts heat-conducting tube to heat the material indirectly, so that the material and the heat source can be fully contacted and the water steam can be discharged from the top of the equipment in real time, and the heat source is heated by hot air furnace without consuming steam, which has the advantages of good drying effect, reasonable structure, large output, low energy consumption, convenient installation, simple operation and wide adaptation range, etc. It is the ideal special equipment for sawdust, wood chips and other powder materials.

Applicable materials of woodchip dryer


Feature of woodchip dryer

a. High working efficiency. The woodchip dryer can dry a large amount of wood chip materials every day, with high processing output and high working efficiency. The drum wood chip dryer equipment can meet the actual production needs of users, and its equipment model specifications have a variety of options.

b. Automatic control. The structure design of saw dust dryer is simple, easy to operate, and the degree of automation is high, and the whole production line of the equipment can be operated by 3~5 people.

c. Energy saving and environmental protection. In the process of drying and processing wood chip materials, the wood chip dryer is well sealed, causing less pollution to the environment and consuming low energy.

d. Stable operation. Chip dryer can work continuously, eight hours or 24 hours of continuous operation, stable operation, low probability of failure.

e. The drying effect is guaranteed. Wood drying equipment has a lifting plate device inside the drum, which can break up and separate a large amount of wood chip materials and fully contact with the high temperature hot air, so as to better complete the drying treatment of wood chip materials.

Use of woodchip dryer

a. Before using the sawdust dryer, please do the safety check of the equipment. Check whether the power connection and the fixed position of the drum are correct, turn on the power, open the top cover, turn on the motor switch and let the drum idle. The direction of rotation should be the same as the direction of the standard arrow in the shell. After working for 5 minutes, there is no hot air discharge, you should stop the machine to check whether the electric heating wire outlet is blocked.

b. The lid should be lowered when drying, and the machine should be stopped when loading and unloading workpieces. Note that the work pieces should be evenly distributed within the drum, otherwise the centrifugal force will not be parallel and the dewatering machine will shake violently.

c. To stop the rotor, first stop the motor and then depress the brake disc. But remember not to brake without turning off the motor. The dryer can be centrifugally dried without heating, but the motor cannot be turned off for drying.

Cautions on woodchip dryer

a. Operate the equipment according to the correct operation method. Operators in the formal operation of wood bran dryer equipment, before the formal operation of the equipment, the need for pre-service training work for operators, operators to master the correct operating methods and safety knowledge to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment work.

b. Regularly check the operation of the production line. In the process of running the wood chip dryer machine, you need to regularly check the operation of each accessory equipment of the production line. If there is a failure in the process of running, stop and check the equipment in time.

c. Pay attention to the equipment indoor and outdoor cleaning. In the process of long-term operation of the industrial wood dryers, the maintenance personnel are needed to clean the equipment, do a good job of cleaning the equipment to facilitate the operation of the equipment as well as the next better work.

How to order woodchip dryer?

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