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Aluminium Tube Filling Machine

Aluminum tube filling machine for sale

What is aluminium tube filling machine?

Aluminum tube filling machine is a machine mainly used for aluminum tubes as packaging container materials.

Aluminium tube filling and sealing machine is a kind of high degree of automation equipment for filling and sealing cylindrical metal aluminum tubes, composite aluminum tubes, PE aluminum tubes, aluminum tubes with paste-like materials.

Working principle of aluminium tube filling machine

Aluminum tube filling machine adopts piston type filling. The filling quantity is accurate, the error range is plus or minus 1%. Bidirectional tail folding (or single tail folding), tail folding is beautiful and easy to operate. Filling-folding-printing can complete all the actions in one machine, and completely solved the several major problems of material pulling and leaking at the end of the product in the process of sales which are common in the production process.

Manually or automatically insert the aluminum tube into the indexing plate tube seat. The use of mechanical transmission transposition and electric eye detection to confirm the working state of no tube will not be filled. The material is quantitatively filled into the tube through the piston cylinder, then the tail sealing mechanism folds and prints the tube, and the finished product is automatically ejected after sealing.

Working process of aluminium tube filling machine

a. The motor starts and the speed reducer runs to drive the main shaft.

b. The other shaft end controls the up and down movement of the top bar through cam, and then ejects the finished products after filling and sealing.

c. The bevel gear on the main shaft drives the groove wheel mechanism to run, thus driving the indexing disk to carry out precise intermittent operation.

d. The center cam drives the movable disk to do up and down movement, and the relative movement of the movable disk and the fixed disk drives the sealing mechanism to carry out a series of sealing action.

e. The output shaft end of the reducer is connected with the electromagnetic clutch to control the operation of the filling mechanism through the electromagnetic clutch, so as to control the filling or not.

f. Through a series of linkage of photoelectric switch and micro switch, it makes the filling machine, sealing mechanism and other running parts coordinate, so as to get the required products.

Technical parameter of aluminium tube filling machine

Filling range5ml-250ml/branch (adjustable)
Filling precision≤ ± 1%
Production speed2400-3600 pcs/hour
Aluminum tube diameterΦ10-Φ50mm
Aluminum tube length210mm (maximum length)
Hopper capacity40L
Power source380V/220V (optional)
Working air pressure0.4-0.6MPa
Matching motor1.1 KW
Overall dimensions1900(L)×850(W)×1900(H)mm
Machine weightAbout 850kg

Feature of aluminium tube filling machine

Aluminium tube filling machine is suitable for medicine, food, cosmetics, daily-use chemical industry, etc. to fill and seal the aluminum tube. It can smoothly and accurately inject all kinds of paste, cream, viscous fluid and other materials into the aluminum tube and complete the folding sealing and marking of batch number, production date, and so on.

a. Aluminum tube sealing machine has compact structure, automatic tube loading and fully enclosed transmission part.

b. Aluminium tube sealing machine is equipped with full-automatic control system to complete the whole process of tube supplying, tube washing, labeling, filling, folding and sealing, marking, and output.

c. Aluminum tube filling and sealing machine by pneumatic way to complete the supply, washing tube, accurate and reliable action.

d. Aluminium tube filling and sealing machine utilizes photoelectric induction to complete automatic calibration.

e. Aluminium tube filling machine is easy to adjust and disassemble.

f. Intelligent temperature control and cooling system makes operation simple and adjustment convenient.

g. Aluminium tube filling machine is equipped with quantity memory and quantitative stop device.

h. The aluminium tube filling machine can automatically seal the end. It can get many kinds of sealing methods, such as two-folded edge, three-folded edge, saddle-type folded edge, etc. through different manipulators on the unified machine.

i. Aluminium tube filling machine material contact part is made of 316L stainless steel, clean, hygienic, fully in line with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production.

j. Aluminium tube filling machine is equipped with safety devices, door opening and stopping, no tube not filling, overload protection.

Advantage of aluminium tube filling machine

a. In order to ensure the effect of fully automatic application of aluminium tube filling machine, it is still necessary to ensure good sealing. Full-automatic equipment are used in all the sealing settings, the transmission part and automatic on the tube and other parts are uniformly closed, processing can also avoid re-contamination.

b. The automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine has good safety. Because the equipment directly has a safety-device-settings - open the door and stop the machine can be set. And the equipment will have overload protection, so the safe application is also guaranteed.

c. If the temperature is too high, the operator should first check whether the hose temperature is now within the actual working temperature range required. If the temperature on the temperature display is not constant, or if there is a wide range of deviation, the equipment needs to be turned off and the cooling system checked. It is also necessary to do a good job of setting the control panel, the temperature range needs to be set.

d. The quality of the sealing directly affects the use of the product. If there is cracking in the middle of the seal, the reason is usually the wrong choice of size of the heating head (a similar problem occurs when the size is small). It is necessary to replace the heating head with a suitable one and then go for subsequent processing.

Application of aluminium tube filling machine

Aluminium tube filling machine is mainly used for aluminum tube as packaging container material. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, chemical and other industries of packaging, such as ointment, toothpaste, ointment, epoxy glue, 502 glue, hair dye, such as liquid or paste material filling and sealing.

How to choose aluminium tube filling machine?

The selection of aluminium tube filling machine depends on the material characteristics (viscosity, foaming), filling capacity, bottle shape and productivity, as well as purchasing power and other factors.

a. For medium and small enterprises, even foreign enterprises, in the case of many product varieties, small batch, or consider less investment, semi-automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is a practical choice.

b. For product variety, and batch of large enterprises, it is appropriate to semi-automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine and automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine combined production.

c. For new enterprises, a narrow range of products, with a certain investment capacity, and the company has a certain impact, in order to choose automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is appropriate.

d. For the main varieties of product varieties of large quantities, and some varieties of lesser quantities, in order to choose a higher degree of automation of the production line, with a small number of semi-automatic aluminum tube filling and sealing machine as a supplement.

e. Another important factor in choosing a model of aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is often related to the experience, habits and investment decisions of the business operator.

Use of aluminium tube filling machine

a. Clean the dirt in the hopper, add the material, and put the hopper filling cover in place.

b. Turn on the power of the aluminum tube filling and sealing machine, lightly press the main switch power supply, the counter shows 0; when lightly press the main switch power supply, the frequency converter shows "OFF". When the material reaches the required temperature, lightly press the "operation" button on the frequency converter, the frequency converter displays "LS". At this time, turn the frequency converter button clockwise (can't use too much force to damage the inner tooth surface of the button and slip), the motor runs, the indexing disk operates, the tail sealing mechanism starts to run (the frequency converter button can be adjusted to the suitable operating rate at any time and place on the work).

c. Lightly press the canning button of the aluminum tube filling and sealing machine (the photoelectric probe will start to work) gradually inserting the tube to work (the equipment inserts the tube manually). When the wheel will be empty tube drive to canning nozzle, photoelectric probe will receive signals and gradually canning (no tube in the condition of canning tube holder). When the metering pump performs 1 action, the microswitch receives the signal and canning is suspended. When the metering pump operates once, the counter counts once (the counter can be reset and counted again at any time); this cycle repeats. (The first canning is to discharge the air in the metering pump, thus empty canning).

d. Check the amount of canning, if there is a difference, you should adjust the measured value.

e. After the aluminium tube filling machine is carried out, turn off the canning control switch successively, turn the inverter key counterclockwise until the indexing dial stops running, and disconnect the power supply.

During the operation process of the aluminium tube filling and sealing machine, keep in mind not to touch the operating parts with your hands to prevent accidents. Be sure to tighten the lock nut after adjusting the measured value. If all abnormal responses occur during the operation of the aluminum tube canning and tail sealing machine operation, the equipment will not run until the root cause is found. When filling large capacity containers, the diameter of the filling nozzle must not be too small to avoid damage to the rubber spray or nozzle due to its excessive pressure during the filling operation.

How to order aluminium tube filling machine?

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