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Beef Jerky Packaging Machine

Beef jerky packaging machine  for sale

What is beef jerky packaging machine?

Beef jerky packaging machine is a kind of equipment that uses machinery (vacuum pump) to obtain vacuum and complete heat sealing of plastic bags under a rated vacuum environment.

Beef protein content is high, while the fat content is low, so the taste is delicious and loved by people, beef jerky not only preserves the chewy flavor of beef, but also long storage does not deteriorate, and is now more and more popular.

Beef jerky as a popular snack, and its shelf life is a consumer is very concerned about the problem therefore, beef jerky freshness and packaging are very important. Beef jerky automatic vacuum packaging machine equipment has appeared on the market and can be through the way in vacuum packaging, to extend the shelf life of beef in the same time also ensuring the safety and quality of food.

Working principle of beef jerky packaging machine

The working principle of the beef jerky packaging machine is actually very simple, the vacuum chamber is vacuumed and then automatically heat sealed. Food vacuum packaging can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, to avoid the oxidation of the items, mold, and decay, to extend the storage period or shelf life of the product.

Vacuum packaging is a kind of packaging method by discharging air or other gases into the bag, so that the pressure inside and outside the bag is out of balance, thus achieving the role of anti-oxidation, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and so on. Vacuum packaging bags generally use composite materials, such as NY/PE. This composite material is transparent and flexible, very suitable for food packaging.

Structure of beef jerky packaging machine

The main structure of beef jerky packaging equipment includes a vacuum chamber, heating bar, sealing bar, air pump, controller, and so on.
Vacuum chamberVacuum chamber is the most core part of each setup of beef jerky automatic vacuum packaging machine, and it is also the place where the whole packaging process takes place. In the operation, the packed food is put into the vacuum chamber, and under the vacuum state, the oxygen and other gases in the chamber will be discharged, and finally the food bag will be heated and sealed.
Heating rodHeating rod is one of the key components of vacuum packaging, which can make the bag in a high temperature state so that the mouth of the bag will be quickly heated and pressed to achieve the purpose of sealing. Heating rods are usually made of diamond alloy material, which has high thermal stability and stable temperature control properties.
Sealing stripThe sealing strip is the packaging door part of the vacuum packaging bag, usually made of elastic material, with good anti-leakage effect. During the packaging process, the sealing bar serves to seal the food packaging bag and prevent air leakage during packaging.
Air pumpThe air system is one of the key parts of the beef thousand automatic vacuum packaging machine equipment, mainly used to extract the gas in the vacuum treasure, the air pump is responsible for pumping out the gas in the vacuum chamber, and exclude the oxygen after reaching a certain vacuum degree. Usually used air pump can be divided into dry type and oil type.
ControllerController is the core component of jerky automatic vacuum packaging machine, used to monitor and control the workflow of various parameters, such as heating temperature, vacuum and packaging speed. The stability of the controller is the core of the equipment, which can ensure the operational efficiency of the equipment and product quality.

Technical parameter of beef jerky packaging machine

Power supply voltage380V 50Hz
Power rate3.1KW
Overall dimension1550X850X10210mm
Sealing length600X10mm
Packing speed1-4pec/min
Vacuum chamber size670X540X118mm

Working process of beef jerky packaging machine

a. Place the beef jerky in the pre-made food packaging bag.

b. Place the food packaging bag in the vacuum chamber.

c. Start the equipment and begin to extract the gas inside the chamber.

d. Discharge part of the gas inside the vacuum chamber to reach the set vacuum state.

e. Start the heating rod for heating and pressing.

f. Finish sealing and continue pumping to evacuate oxygen from the chamber.

g. Finish packing and remove the food bag.

Feature of beef jerky packaging machine

a. The sealing temperature is equipped with three grades: high, medium, and low.

b. The sealing time can be adjusted within 0-8s.

c. Stainless steel case has the advantages of being anti-dirty and scratch-resistant.

d. High-quality high-power vacuum pump, good vacuum effect.

e. Desktop vacuum packaging machine adopts electrical components with stable performance and long service life.

f. There is an emergency stop button on the control panel, if you find any abnormality in the packing process, press the emergency stop button to interrupt the packing process.

g. It has an excellent performance in terms of shelf life, freshness, nutritional color, and taste of food. Jerky packaging machine is suitable for cold meat air-conditioning freshness packaging, chicken and duck marinated meat products air-conditioning freshness packaging, cooked food air-conditioning freshness packaging, beef, sheep, and pork air-conditioning freshness packaging, cheese air-conditioning freshness packaging, fruits and vegetables air-conditioning freshness packaging, and so on.

Advantage of beef jerky packaging machine

a. Maintaining freshness. Beef jerky is an easy-to-preserve and portable meat product, but it is easily exposed to factors such as air, moisture, and bacteria during long storage. Packaging with an automatic vacuum packaging machine can remove the air inside the bag, thus effectively prolonging the freshness period of beef jerky. Vacuum packaging can prevent oxidation and microbial infection, maintaining the freshness and taste of beef jerky.

b. Anti-moisture and anti-oxidation. Vacuum packaging can effectively isolate the moisture and oxygen inside and outside the bag to avoid moisture and oxidation of beef jerky. Moisture may cause beef jerky to become moldy and spoiled, while oxygen will accelerate fat oxidation and food quality degradation. Through vacuum packaging, beef jerky can be kept dry and oxygen-free, helping to ensure its quality and taste.

c. Improve hygiene and safety. Fully automatic vacuum packaging machines enable a continuous, efficient packaging process that reduces manual handling and lowers the risk of cross-contamination. Beef jerky packaging has good sealing after sealing, effectively preventing the invasion of bacteria, mold, and other contaminants, greatly improving the hygiene and safety of the product.

d. Easy to carry and sell. After using an automatic vacuum packaging machine for jerky packaging, jerky will become neater, more compact, and easier to carry. The vacuum packing bag can prevent the beef jerky from crumbling and deformation and can be better torn. This makes beef jerky more convenient for consumers to carry and easier to display and sell in the market.

e. Enhance product image and competitiveness. By using an automatic vacuum packaging machine for packaging, beef jerky can present a more professional, high-grade, and attractive appearance. Exquisite packaging design, clear logos, and brand information can enhance the image and value of the product and increase its competitiveness.

Application of beef jerky packaging machine

Automatic and intelligent beef jerky packaging machine is suitable for vacuum packaging all kinds of food, which is the best choice for beef jerky packaging. At the same time beef jerky vacuum packaging machine is also adapted to medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, electronic components, clothing, agricultural and sideline products, and their raw materials industry, such as vacuum packaging of products, can preserve quality, freshness, and extend the storage period of the product.

Use of beef jerky packaging machine

a. Before formally operating the equipment, the operator needs to be trained and assessed. Ensure that the operator masters the correct method of operation and can operate the equipment independently.

b. Strictly in accordance with the equipment operation manual for operation, all operations by a person responsible for ensuring that the operating procedures are correct, complete, and comprehensive.

c. When the equipment is working, prohibit personnel in the equipment next to the passage, play, or storage to ensure that there is no debris around the equipment.

d. When working, the dynamic performance of each part of the equipment must be checked frequently, paying special attention to the status of the equipment's electronic control screen, electrical motor, air pressure system, vacuum pump, and other equipment.

e. When the work interrupts the power supply or stops, the power supply of the vacuum pump and other damaged power supplies should be turned off first and then cut off the power supply.

f. Regularly check the parts of the equipment, especially the wearing parts, such as vacuum bags or clamps, etc., to ensure that the parts are in good working condition and replaced as required.

g. Strictly prohibit carving, painting, and other destructive behaviors on the equipment or walls to ensure the maintenance of the equipment.

How to order beef jerky packaging machine?

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