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Chemical Dryer Equipment

Chemical dryer equipment for sale

What is chemical dryer equipment?

Chemical dryer equipment refers to the machinery and equipment used for drying chemical raw materials, the machine is mainly composed of a rotary body, lifting plate, transmission device, support device and sealing ring, and other components. Our company's chemical raw material drying equipment adopts a new type of lifting plate device, which has many functions such as guiding, even flow, lifting material, etc. It can make the material evenly distributed in the radial section of the dryer comprehensively, and the material curtain becomes thin, even, and full state, which completely contacts the hot airflow and achieves the purpose of making full use of heat energy.

Working principle of chemical dryer equipment

Chemical dryer equipment is to let the liquid or slurry materials form a film on the surface of the drum heated by water steam or other heat carriers, and will be dried in the process of one rotation of the drum, using the scraper to scrape down the product to reveal the surface of the drum to contact with raw material is processed again to form a film for drying. The chemical raw material dryer is mainly used to dry and dehydrate powder and granular materials. Conventional heating such as flame, steam drying, hot air, etc. is using the principle of heat conduction to transfer heat from the outside of the heated object to the inside and gradually make the center of the object increase in temperature. It can be applied to the production and drying process of sticky and paste-like materials in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. With steam or heat-conducting oil as the heat source, it has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, and uniform heating. The drying rate is large, the heat and mass transfer process of the wet material film on the cylinder wall is consistent from inside to outside, and the temperature gradient is large so that the material film performance maintains a high evaporation intensity. The drying time is short, generally about 7-30 seconds, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

Feature of chemical dryer equipment

a. The chemical dryer machine belongs to the typical stirring type conduction drying equipment, with high thermal efficiency, no or only a small amount of hot air is used as moisture-carrying gas in the drying process, and the thermal efficiency is usually up to 80%~90% because the heat dissipated by the exhaust air is less, which is higher than convection drying, and also higher than general conduction drying, and the steam unit consumption is 1.2~1.6kg(steam)/kg(water).

b. Due to the small amount of hot air used, the dust entrainment is less, a load of tail gas treatment equipment is low, and the auxiliary equipment is simple.

c. Specially designed stirring paddle has a self-cleaning function, which applies repeated squeezing, loosening, shearing, and dispersing effects on materials, with a high heat transfer coefficient, generally up to 80~450 w/m2.k.

d. Both fixed heating surfaces - jacket, and mobile heating surface - paddle, the unit volume of the heating area is high, and the equipment volume is small, small footprint.

e. The filling rate is 70%~80%, and the dryer has a large amount of memory material and a highly effective heating area.

f. The material retention time is easy to adjust, and it can handle high water content materials and also can obtain materials with very low water content at the end.

g. Due to the self-cleaning effect of the paddle, high water content and general viscous materials can also be handled more easily, with a wide range of applications.

h. The material flow belongs to the plunger flow, with no axial re-mixing, and uniform material drying.

i. It can be easily combined with other drying methods to become a high-efficiency and energy-saving drying unit, giving full play to their respective advantages and obtaining the best economic and technical indexes.

j. Flexible selection process can be operated at atmospheric pressure, vacuum operation or recovery of solvent, or drying under protective gas, but also the evaporation of slurry, paste-like materials, and drying combined operations.

Types of dryers in the chemical industry

Different types of the chemical industry

Chemical dryer, also known as industrial dryer, has very flexible control conditions, allowing the food to be under airflow at almost the required temperature-humidity-velocity conditions, making it particularly suitable for experimental work; the direction of airflow changes with each step forward of the material carriage, resulting in a more uniform moisture content of the product. The advantages are as follows.

A. Adaptable to multi-species and small batch production, especially seasonal food production.

B. Single machine operation, a failure of one piece of equipment will not affect the normal operation of other equipment.

C. Facilitate the processing and manufacturing of equipment and maintenance.

D. Convenient to control the heating temperature and vacuum degree at different stages according to the process requirements of freeze-drying.

Hot air drying oven

Hot air-drying oven is common in some manufacturers specializing in mold testing. An oven can have multiple baking trays inside, and each baking tray can bake different kinds of materials, and because the demand for raw materials for mold trial work is not large, and the drying effect is not required, the oven becomes the standard for some mold trial companies.

Hot air circulation dryer

Hot air circulation system mainly includes cyclone separator, blower, air filter, heater, etc. The hot air from the dryer is removed by the cyclone separator and returned to the blower, then filtered and can be heated, and sent into the dryer. In the process of circulation, according to the temperature of the air, part of the circulating air is continuously discharged to supplement part of the fresh air after moisture reduction and filtration, which is better for the drying quality of raw materials, and the dryer itself has a relatively simple structure.

Dehumidifying dryer

The hot and humid air coming back from the drying drum is cooled and blown into the honeycomb runner. The moisture in the air is adsorbed by the rotor in the instrument and then desorbed by the regenerated heated air. Two air streams act on the rotor at the same time. As the rotor rotates, the moisture in the air is continuously adsorbed, desorbed and discharged by the regenerated air, thus forming a stable low dew point air, which is heated to the drying temperature of the plastic and blown into the drying drum, forming a closed cycle to dry the raw material.

Applicable materials of chemical dryer equipment


Types of industrial dryers

a. Belt dryer

b. Drum scraper drier

c. Hollow paddle dryer (blade dryer)

d. Vacuum harrow dryer

e. Conical dryer / conical agitator

f. Double conical rotary vacuum dryer

g. Spray dryer

h. Vacuum oven

i. Rotary flash vaporization dryer

j. Pan dryer. The pan dryer is used in a wide range of applications in industrial dryers.

Chemical air dryer

Chemical air dryer uses hygroscopic materials to achieve moisture removal from pressurized air. A typical setup is a drying unit containing calcium chloride or lithium beads that pull moisture out of the air stream passing through it. In addition, high-quality coalescing filters and particulate filters are often integrated to extend the life of the drying material.


Chemical dryers are good for integrating moisture-sensitive chemical manufacturing and food processing applications.


a. Low setup/ongoing costs

b. Minimal maintenance due to no moving parts

c. Requires minimal monitoring


a. High cost of desiccant replacement

b. High-quality filtration system is required to maintain the effectiveness of the hygroscopic material

c. Handling of chemicals is complex and costly

How to order hemical dryer equipment?

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