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What is pan dryer?

Pan dryer is a multi-layer fixed hollow heated circular load tray, rotating rake stirring, vertical continuous heat transfer-based drying equipment.

Pan dryer machine is a multi-layer fixed hollow heating circular carrier disc, rotating rake stirring, vertical continuous heat conduction-based drying equipment developed based on intermittent stirring and conduction dryer, integrated with a series of advanced technologies, after continuous improvement. This drying process is to pass the heat carrier into each layer of the hollow disc, indirectly heating the wet materials placed on the disc by heat conduction, and under the action of scraping and raking of rotating rake leaves, the moisture within the continuously moving and tumbling materials evaporates under the operating temperature, and its steam is discharged with the tail gas of the equipment, to obtain qualified dried finished products continuously at the bottom of the equipment. In recent years, many countries will be widely used chemicals, dyestuffs, pesticides, plastics, medicine and food, etc., in the use of continuous improvement and enhancement. Compared with traditional drying equipment, it has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, energy consumption, uniform drying, good product quality, small land area, less auxiliary equipment, less pollution, continuous production, convenient operation, and a wide range of applications. Therefore, it has a broad development prospect in drying technology and has attracted more and more people's attention and research. According to the product performance, drying requirements, and processing capacity, the disc dryer adopts a series of measures such as step-less speed regulation of the main shaft, manual adjustment of the height of the adjusting set of the disc feeder, control of the temperature distribution of the heating discs on each layer, and cooling and cooling at the end, which gives full play to the superior performance of the continuous disc dryer.

Working principle of pan dryer

Continuously add wet material from the feeder to the upper first layer of the dryer on the drying tray, with the rake leaf rake arm for rotary motion, so that the rake arm for rotary motion and rake leaf continuous plowing material. The material flows along the index spiral on the surface of the dryer plates. The material flows along the index spiral on the surface of the dryer plates. The material on the small dryer plate is moved to the outer edge and falls to the outer edge of the large dryer plate below; while the material on the large dryer plate moves inward and falls to the next layer of small dryer plates through the middle drop opening. The size of the drying tray is usually arranged alternately up and down, and the material can flow continuously through the whole dryer. The heating medium is passed into the hollow drying tray, and the form of the heating medium is saturated steam, hot water, heat-conducting oil, and high-temperature molten salt, and the heating medium enters from one end of the drying tray and exports from the other end. The dried materials fall from the last layer of the drying tray to the bottom layer of the shell and are finally moved by the rake leaves to the discharge port. The wet part overflows from the material and is discharged from the moisture discharge port located on the top cover. The moisture of the vacuum pan dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port located on the top cover. The dry materials discharged from the bottom layer can be packed directly. Its drying capacity can be improved by adding auxiliary machines such as a fin heater, solvent recovery condenser, bag dust collector, dry material returns mixing mechanism, and induced fan, which can dry paste and heat-sensitive materials and conveniently recover solvent for pyrolysis and reaction operation.

Feature of pan dryer

a. Continuous operation, high thermal efficiency. The disk-type continuous dryer is dried by conduction heat transfer, and only a very small amount of air is passed into the dryer during the drying process (or not), and its exhaust gas carries very little, so its thermal efficiency can reach more than 65%.

b. Low power consumption and low noise. Because the material layer is very thin in the drying process, the spindle speed is low, the power required by the material transfer system is small, and the electricity consumption is very little. The power consumption of the complete drying device is only 1/5~1/7 of the power consumption of the convection mode heat transfer device, and the noise is very small.

c. The materials are heated evenly and the drying time is short. As the material rolls forward in the drying process along the Archimedean spiral track, the distance taken by the material is 5 times the radius of the drying plate, and the material falls down layer by layer, so the material touches the heating plate surface at the same time and is heated evenly.

d. Small material loss and good environmental protection.

e. Large drying capacity.

f. Equipment closed continuous operation, the low labor intensity of workers.

g. The drying medium can use the steam produced by the waste heat boiler, thus saving a large amount of coal.

h. Stable product quality.

Application of pan dryer

Organic chemical products

The pan dryer equipment can be used to produce PVC resin, PTFE resin, anti-butene-dioic acid, anthraquinone, nitroanthraquinone, p-aminophenol, melamine, cyanuric acid, p-amino benzene sulfonic acid, antioxidant 168, chromo phenol As, stearate, aniline, nitroaniline, bis(pentaerythritol), chlorinated paraffin, calcium formate, triethylenediamine, EDTA, rubber accelerator, sodium benzene sulfinate, isophthalic acid, dimethyl pentasulfonic acid, thiourea, oil-soluble aniline black dye, acid black dye, indigo, and other organic chemicals and intermediates, Dimethyl Pentasulfonic acid sodium, thiourea, oil-soluble aniline black dyes, acid black dyes, indigo and other organic chemical raw materials and intermediates.

Inorganic chemical products

Pan dryer can be used to process light calcium carbonate, active calcium carbonate, nano-grade ultra-fine calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, sulfur concentrate, sulfur iron ore, copper-nickel ore, aluminum hydroxide, white ash black, strontium carbonate, barium carbonate, potassium carbonate, riddling powder, insurance powder, silica micro powder, barium sulfate, potassium sulfate, microsphere catalyst, magnesium hydroxide, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, amine nickelate, sodium molybdate, sodium chloride, cryolite, iron oxide red, oxalic acid nickel, cobalt oxalate, iron oxide black, lithium hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, zirconium hydroxide, calcium phosphate, sulfur, etc.

Medicine and Food

Pan drying machine can be used to produce ampicillin, Deng salt, levophenylglycine and intermediates, cephalexin, ceftazidime, anandamide, cimetidine, vitamin B12, vitamin C, medicinal salt, medicinal aluminum hydroxide, medicinal magnesium metasilicate, caffeine, tea, flower extract, ginkgo biloba, chocolate powder, starch, corn germ and other raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Feed and fertilizer

Disc dryers can be used to process potassium carbonate, biological potash, protein feed, chrysin for feed, mycelium, bran, lees, grain, seeds, herbicides, cellulose, feed calcium hydrogen phosphate, etc.

Type of pan dryer

Basic configuration of pan dryerWet materials are evenly added to the top of the continuous disc dryer through the quantitative feeder, and then flow through the dryer to complete the drying process, and dry materials are discharged from the bottom of the dryer.
Pan continuous dryer with heat distributorPan continuous dryer with a heat distributor applies to the drying process with greater evaporation intensity. Based on the basic configuration, a fin heater is added to pass a small flow of hot air into the dryer to absorb the water vapor escaping from the material in the drying process and prevent moisture from condensing in the top of the dryer and the exhaust.
Pan continuous dryer with hot air systemIt applies to the drying process with great evaporation intensity. Based on the basic configuration, it is equipped with a fin heater and exhaust air-induced fan, and the moisture escaping from the drying process is quickly taken away by the incoming hot air, which further strengthens the heat transfer and drying process and prevents the moisture from condensing in the exhaust pipe at the top of the dryer.
Pan continuous dryer with a dust removal deviceIt is suitable for drying materials that are toxic, and harmful and can cause pollution to the environment and materials that are easy to drift, such as pesticides, dyestuffs, and their intermediates. Based on the basic configuration, it is equipped with a bag-type dust collector, fin heater, and induced draft fan to trap the trace especially fine and light materials entrapped in the exhaust gas, to protect the environment and reduce the loss of products.
Vibrating pan dryerIt is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving disc dryer, which makes full use of the vibration principle and conduction heat exchange principle, integrating radiation and conduction in one, with large heat and mass transfer rate, increasing thermal efficiency by 30% compared with common disc dryer, suitable for drying powder materials, and the biggest advantage is that there is no breakage to materials due to the vibration. It is especially suitable for the drying of materials that need to retain the integrity of the particle size. Vibrating disc dryer has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, good product quality, small footprint, simple configuration, easy operation and control, good operating environment, etc. It is widely used in the drying operation of ultra-fine powder materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, agricultural by-product processing, and other industries.

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