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Chips Packing Machine

Chips packing machine for sale

What is chips packing machine?

Chips packing machine is mainly composed of volumetric quantitative device or quantitative weighing combination scale and full-automatic vertical packing machine, which is a full-automatic quantitative packing machine for granular materials such as sultanas, puffed food, spices, pet food, salt, nuts, hardware fasteners, and so on.

Working principle of chips packing machine

a. The conveyor belt transports the packaging material to the vicinity of the heating disc.

b. The heating pads heat the packaging material.

c. The heated packaging materials are pressed under the action of the transmission system so that the melted plastics are bonded to each other.

d. The glued packaging material is output on a conveyor belt.

Working process of chips packing machine

a. The potatoes are washed with water to clean the surface of the potatoes and then transported to the peeling machine via a running conveyor belt. The potatoes will roll through the peeler and repeatedly touch the friction wheels in the peeler to complete the peeling process. The peeler can process approximately 10,000 pounds of potatoes per hour. These potatoes will then be separated according to different sizes. Smaller potatoes will fall straight down and wait for a second wash, while larger potatoes will wait for the smaller potatoes to be cut and then fall down the wash belt to wait for a wash. This wash will rinse the potato skins that are stuck to the surface of the potatoes.

b. The cleaned potatoes are now sent to the slicer. The blades in the slicer can be adjusted so that different thicknesses of potato slices can be processed. The potatoes are thrown onto the sharp blades to complete the cut. On average, each potato is cut into 36 slices. Next, the potatoes are about to begin their third wash, and there they will be. The giant drum is washed with cold water for about a minute, this time to remove excess starch from the potatoes. The potato chips packing machine is fully automatic.

c. Excess water is removed from the potato chips by a pneumatic drying device and then transported to the oil drum. Warm oil frying of potato chips takes only three minutes to make crispy and tasty chips. The fried crisps will pass and expel excess grease during transport. During this process, a sprayer above the machine will sprinkle a layer of salt on the chips. Next, the chips will be transported to a quality control machine for inspection and electronic cameras to scan and identify defective chips. Once a defective chip is detected, an air valve above is automatically triggered, blowing the non-conforming chip off the conveyor belt. The chips are then transported to the rollers to be sprinkled with flavoring powder. The rotating rollers ensure that the flavoring powder is evenly distributed. The chips then start to flow to the packaging machine for final packing, where they land on a giant metal disc, which branches out to delicately drop the chips into their respective packages. After these chips, these chips can wait for transport.

Feature of chips packing machine

a. Potato chip packaging machine is controlled by servo motor. Bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the empty walk.

b. Automatic chips packing machine adopts man-machine interface, so the parameter setting is convenient and quick.

c. Failure self-diagnosis function of crisp food packaging machine. The fault display is clear at a glance.

d. High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position is more accurate.

e. Automatic potato chips packing machine temperature independent PID control, better suited to a variety of packaging materials.

f. All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading, automatic crisp food packaging machine never lags behind.

Advantage of chips packing machine

a. High degree of automation, which can improve the production efficiency.

b. Chips sealing machine has good sealing effect and firm sealing.

c. Chips packing machine with nitrogen has a wide range of application for different materials of packaging materials.

d. Chip packaging machine is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Application of chips packing machine

Chips pouch packing machine is mainly applied to automatic quantitative packaging machine for bulk and block materials, such as: all kinds of nuts, traditional Chinese medicine tablets, peanuts, melon seeds, shrimp flakes, corn crisps, five spice beans, puffed food, crisps, potpourri, pistachios, banana slices, candies, biscuits, frozen meatballs, dumplings, dumplings, pet food, small hardware, medicinal herbs, and so on.

Use of chips packing machine


Before starting to operate the chips packet machine, some preparations need to be made. First of all, you need to make sure that the surroundings of the machine are clean and tidy so as not to affect the operation of the machine. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the various parts of the machine are complete and in good working condition.

Loading packaging materials

After the preparation stage is completed, the packaging materials need to be loaded. Generally, the packaging material used in the crisp packaging machine is plastic bag, so the plastic bag needs to be placed in the designated position of the machine. Then, the film of the machine's chips needs to be put into the vertical screen and the vertical screen needs to be placed into the bucket.

Placing the chips

After loading the packaging material, the chips need to be placed on the designated position of the machine. Generally, the chips will be fed into the machine from the conveyor belt and then fall onto the scale. The operator needs to adjust the weight of the scale according to the amount of chips to be weighed.


After placing the chips, the machine will automatically suction and release the film and seal the film. During this process, the operator needs to make sure that the parameters on the operation panel of the machine are set correctly to ensure the quality of the packaging.

Remove the packed chips

After the packaging is completed, the machine will send the packed chips out from the conveyor belt. At this point, the operator needs to remove the packed chips and adjust the machine to the next work cycle.


After all the work has been completed, a clean-up phase is required. In this stage, all parts of the chip bagging machine need to be cleaned to ensure that the machine is hygienic and safe. Also, the machine needs to be checked for any damages or malfunctions and necessary maintenance and repairs need to be carried out on the machine.

To summarize, the process of operating a potato chips packaging machine includes a preparation stage, loading the packaging material, placing the chips, packaging, removing the packaged chips and a cleaning stage. The operator needs to adjust the parameters of the machine according to the actual situation to ensure the quality and efficiency of the packaging. The operator also needs to maintain and service the machine on a regular basis to ensure proper operation and longevity of the machine.

Precaution of chips packing machine

a. After the chips packet packing machine stops, the power supply should be cut off immediately, carefully clean up the residue and ensure that the equipment is dry.

b. According to the specific use of chips making and packing machine need to regularly replace or check the equipment within the transmission device, bearings, connecting rods and other wear parts.

c. After each use of the potato chips packing machine need to check and clean the packaging machine, including cleaning the shroud, cleaning the inlet and outlet related parts, and so on.

d. If the packaging machine for chips is stored in a confined environment, it needs to be ventilated regularly to reduce humidity and avoid damage or rusting of the equipment.

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