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Cooling Fan Assembly

cooling fan assembly & radiator fan assembly for sale

What is cooling fan assembly?

After the cooling fan assembly line is equipped, the accessories of the cooling fan will be automatically transported to the corresponding position according to the equipment program, and then assembled to automatically complete the assembly production work.

Working process of cooling fan assembly

a. Rotor part
a) Fan blade combination:Leading-in materials: Injection fan blades, rubber magnets. (Note: fan blade combination size)

b) Fan blade magnetizing: (Note: magnetization voltage, magnetization Gaussian curve.)

c) Dispensing: (Note: dispensing position and dispensing amount.)

d) Balancing fan blade: The speed is the rated speed of the fan. (Note: The blade balance value is below the standard range.)

e) Fan blade feel: Used to detect the balance of fan blades. (according to the balance template)

f) Rotor turnover
b. Stator part
a) Installing needle: Leading-in materials: shot iron core, copper needle. (Instructions: Fix and connect the driver PCB board.)

b) Winding wires: Leading-in material: enameled wire. (Explanation: The electric field generates a magnetic field to drive the fan blades to rotate.)

c) Cable management: Fix the enameled wire on the copper needle.

d) Dip tin: Solder and connect the enameled wire winding with the copper needle.

e) Measuring resistance value: Test the winding resistance to control the current speed of the cooling fan.

f) Through board: Insert the wound STA into the pinhole of the driver PCB board.

g) Welding: Solder the pins of STA to the PCB board to ensure the current flow.

h) Board disassembly and external inspection: Disassemble the entire welded PBS assembly into individual pieces and check whether there is poor welding or tin beads and foreign matter.

i) Stator turnover

c. Whole machine assembly part
Wire solderLeading-in materials: PBS set, connector set
Note: The fan is connected to the power supply and signal input and output.
Power testInstructions: Test the entire stator assembly for electrical defects.
Oil-impregnated bearing press-inLeading-in material: oil bearing, middle tube
Middle tube and base combinationLeading-in material: base
Instructions: Fix the middle tube to the base to secure the stator.
AB glue on the middle tubeLeading-in material: AB glue
Note: To ensure that the stator is fixed on the middle tube and will not fall off.
PBS prepressingPress the PBS assembly onto the middle tube so that a jig punch can be used to press the PBS assembly to the specified size.
PBS pressingUse a jig and punch to press the PBS combination to the specified size.
Put the suction shaft magnet and wear-resistant pieceLeading-in materials: magnetic base, shaft magnet, wear-resistant sheet
Magnetic seat press inPress the magnetic base to the bottom of the middle tube.
Cable management and adhesive tapeLeading-in material: acetate tape
Instructions: Arrange the connectors into place and secure.
Fix with AB glueSecure the connectors so that the connectors cannot move.
Oil and fan blade cleaningLeading-in materials: fan blade combination
Outer frame and fan blade combinationRotor and stator combination
Wire plug-in and voltage testTest whether the fan has any abnormalities such as poor startup.
High temperature ovenAging fans to eliminate defective products.
Post oven testTest whether the fan has vibration, dead point and other problems.
Listening speed and waveform testTest the fan to see if there is any abnormal noise, poor rotation speed, or other abnormalities.
Stickers and StampsA date stamp is stamped on the sticker to identify the production time of the product.
StickerIndicate the fan's voltage, current, model, date, safety regulations, etc.
External inspection packagingExternally check whether there is any defect in the appearance of the fan.

Functions of cooling fan assembly

Radiator fan assembly line is widely used in the assembly and installation of cooling fans equipped in the computers, communication products, optoelectronic products, consumer electronics, automotive electronic equipment, switches, medical equipment, heaters, air conditioners, frequency converters, teller machines. And it can also be used to assembly the cooling fans applied to car coolers, welding machines, induction cookers, audio equipment, environmental protection equipment, refrigeration equipment and other traditional or modern instruments and equipment.

Features of cooling fan assembly

a. The automatic cooling fan assembly machine can improve efficiency and reduce costs. At the same time, the cooling fan assembly line adopts intelligent control to automatically identify good and defective products and enter different outlets.

b. The quality of the products assembled by the cooling fan assembly line is stable, and all operations are completed by machines to reduce human errors. It also has audible and visual alarm functions, which can immediately warn of abnormal errors.

c. Cooling fan assembly line is designed for easy maintenance. Taking into account the possible differences in raw materials, it is easy to maintain and recover instantly for failures caused by abnormal components.

d. Cooling fan assembly line also has an automatic counting function to facilitate output setting. In addition, this radiator cooling fan assembly line can also be operated through the touch screen, which is convenient and convenient.

Advantages of cooling fan assembly

a. Cooling fan assembly line is equipped with fully automated assembly equipment procedures, so it has the advantages of high efficiency, good stability and accuracy.

b. Cooling fan assembly line can reduce labor costs because one person operating the machine is equivalent to 5-8 workers.

c. Engine cooling fan assembly line has strong scalability and can be debugged and assembled into a variety of fans and fan blades. And the automatic cooling fan assembly machine is a non-standard automation equipment.

How to buy cooling fan assembly?

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