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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Corrugated cardboard production line for sale

What is corrugated cardboard production line?

Corrugated cardboard production line, referred to as corrugated line, is the key production equipment of corrugated carton manufacturing enterprises.

Corrugated board production line is the most important equipment in the carton packaging enterprise, including several important components such as wet equipment, cadre equipment, and a production management system.

Working principle of corrugated cardboard production line

Corrugated cardboard production line is the abbreviation of corrugated cardboard production line, which is an assembly line made up of rolls of corrugated cardboard, gluing, gluing and gluing, dividing and pressing, cross-cutting, and finally stacking and outputting. For example, single-sided corrugated paper production line usually consists of web support, single-sided corrugated cardboard forming machine, rotary shearing unit, the use of web material and potato or corn starch binder, continuous production and cutting into the required specifications of single-sided corrugated cardboard, the production of cardboard without having to dry or sun-drying, and gluing machine or laminating machine used in conjunction with the production of more than three layers of corrugated cardboard.

Technical parameter of corrugated cardboard production line

Large paper width130016001800
Corrugated flute typeUWA C B E FUWA C B E FUWA C B E F
Mechanical speedD-50m/minD-50m/minD-50m/min
BinderCorn or potato starchCorn or potato starchCorn or potato starch
Forms of heatingElectric heating/steam/thermal oilElectric heating/steam/thermal oilElectric heating/steam/thermal oil
Cutting range250-2000250-2000250-2000
Power supply3-phase 4-wire 380V, 50Hz3-phase 4-wire 380V, 50Hz3-phase 4-wire 380V, 50Hz
Overall dimension2800*3200*28002800*3500*28002800*3700*2800

Product line structure of corrugated cardboard production line

Wet equipment configuration

In the entire corrugated board production line, the wet-end equipment configuration is the key equipment for corrugated forming. The configuration of equipment in the wet section mainly involves the impact of various factors such as raw paper, glue, steam, and other factors on the quality of paper forming, so the problem to be solved is the quality of cardboard. The key equipment of the wet section, a single-face corrugator, should be selected from technologically advanced equipment, a positive-pressure cassette-type single-face machine. The numerical display of the adjustable gap and the control of the size of the gluing volume are crucial.

Dry equipment configuration

In dry equipment, the longitudinal cutting machine is the equipment that affects the efficiency of work, and its selection is very important. The slitting machine in the knife should be selected can be moved, and in the purchase of tile, line to take into account the cutting knife, pressure line guide rail dust treatment, because in practice, grinding knife dust will fall on the smooth guide rail, resulting in the knife or pressure line wheel in the row of knives to move difficult, and the phenomenon of frequent downtime. The minimum interval between the crimping wheels should be guaranteed at 50mm the actual value of the positioning method of the knife line, and the accuracy of the row of knives.

Production management system

In addition to the requirement to have the production site monitoring, the production management system is also required to have a complete production data collection, statistics, and printout. For example: printing of production scheduling sheets, printing of production paper stock sheets, printing of production labels. One of the production label requirements of buyers and suppliers is that the output form and the format of their own manufacturers should be consistent, and in the purchase of the production management system should be fully functional, while many cases are not configured, and later need only to spend money to buy again.

Machine composition of corrugated cardboard production line

The following steps are required from the raw paper to the cardboard box.

Corrugated cardboard production line

A cardboard production line is generally very long, such as a five-layer corrugated board production line containing equipment such as an electric shaftless paper stand, paper loading trolley, face paper preheater, core paper preheater, and heavy-duty secondary gluing machine.

According to the corrugated board production process, the carton box production line consists of two relatively independent process sections, namely, the wet section equipment and the cadre equipment, of which the wet section equipment mainly consists of raw paper trays, automatic splicers, preheaters, pre-setters, single-face corrugators, paper conveyor bridges, gluing machines, double-face machines, and so on, and the wet section equipment will be used to make different flute combinations of three-, five-, and seven-fold corrugated boards out of corrugated boards; and the cadre equipment mainly consists of a rotary cutter, longitudinal cutting and creasing machine, cross-cutting machine, and other equipment. Cadre equipment mainly includes rotary cut-off machines, longitudinal cutting and creasing machines, cross-cutting machines, stacking machines, etc. Cadre equipment will make longitudinal cutting and creasing, cross-cutting, and stacking of corrugated boards according to the requirements of orders.

The corrugated carton production line is the key production equipment for corrugated carton manufacturers. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition and the requirements of corrugated carton users to place orders with multiple specifications, small quantities, and fast deliveries, corrugated carton manufacturers must improve the automation of the corrugated cardboard production line and the level of management of the corrugated cardboard production line in order to achieve the goals of improving quality, increasing efficiency, saving energy, saving manpower and reducing waste products. To achieve the goals of improving quality, increasing efficiency, saving energy, saving manpower, reducing consumables, and reducing waste products, cadre equipment is the key to achieving this goal. Corrugated carton enterprises should comprehensively upgrade cadre equipment for old production lines, and new production lines should be configured with fully automated cadre equipment with a production management system.

Carton printing machine

Carton printing machine will print the pattern of the printing plate onto the cardboard, through the steps of feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting, etc., to form a carton. Generally speaking, carton printing can be 1-4 colors, most of the industrial carton printing is two-color printing and slotting, and most of the fruit and vegetable printing is 4-colour printing and die-cutting machine manufacturing. Carton printing machines are also divided into different configurations according to speed. High-speed machines can reach more than 300 cartons per minute, medium-speed machines 100 cartons, and low-speed machines 60 cartons per minute.

Automatic carton gluer or semi-automatic carton gluer

After completing the basic carton production with the above-mentioned machines, the cartons need to be placed on the gluing machine for the final step, which is the gluing of the cartons. The high-speed carton gluer can reach up to 180 meters per minute and is currently the most widely used carton gluer.

Use of corrugated cardboard production line

As the first production process for corrugated cartons, the corrugated cardboard production line plays a key role in the cost and quality of the product and is also the most variable and difficult to control of all production processes. Only by systematically addressing the five factors of good people, machines, materials, methods, and environment can we effectively reduce the production of corrugated cardboard production line rejects.

Good management of residual rolls

The so-called residual rolls refer to small rolls of paper that have not been used up and returned to the production line. Some companies refer to them as "zero paper" or "paper heads." Managing residual rolls (paper heads) is an important part of improving the utilization rate of raw paper.

A piece of zero small paper rolls is often not fully utilized to make the cost of cartons much higher, but to manage the residual volume (paper head) it also needs to do the work of the heart and be forced to do a good job.

For example, some of the residual rolls (paper head) can be used as a liner or core paper; some of the long orders can be made to run out of paper rolls. In practice, there will be a variety of problems, the key is to attract enough attention, and there will always be a corresponding solution.

Setting wastage targets

Control of production loss of many projects, but improving the utilization of raw paper and reducing consumption is the main project of the enterprise. The development of raw paper utilization indicators, and the development of related incentives, is a proven method of reducing consumption.

The simple way is the raw paper utilization rate rises or falls into the actual amount, the development of the incentive amount of the proportion of incentives to the production department.

Raw paper utilization statistics

The cost of raw paper generally accounts for 70% -80% of the overall cost of production, how to improve the utilization of raw paper is the most concern about the cardboard department of each plant.

Raw paper utilization statistics, in many enterprises, are still limited to the production of cardboard produced by the amount of waste paper and raw paper input ratio to calculate this method, although it can roughly reflect the raw paper utilization, after a few months of statistics, it will be found that the production of the same area of the total area of the cardboard will also produce great fluctuations.

Enterprises generally attribute this problem to changes in the wear of corrugated rolls. It is true that different states of wear of corrugated rolls can affect the raw paper utilization rate, but this is only one of the factors.

Accurate and objective statistics must include the following: consumption statistics for single- and double-sided machines; raw paper moisture change statistics; raw paper roll break statistics; corrugated roll replacement time statistics; various waste materials and waste cardboard weight statistics; and raw paper input statistics.

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