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What is laminating machine?

Laminating machine is a machine that bonds two or more layers of material with an adhesive to become one. This technology gives new functions to the original material, such as film and aluminum foil, film, paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. It can also make the material and film, sponge, fabric and other composite.

Working principle of laminating machine

The laminating machine usually adopts PLC as the control center of the whole system to realize the whole process of laminating operation. PLC controls the pneumatic components by the pulse output from the specific pulse output port to make the LCD alternately rotating platform do the circumferential direction of precise movement to the specified position according to the predetermined position.

Working process of laminating machine

Adhesive (glue) through the roller evenly coated to the composite substrate, and then the other side of the composite substrate overlap through the composite drying wheel drying adhesive (glue) that is to complete the composite process.

Capacitive touch screen composite machine work slightly different. Capacitive touch screen composite machine is one of the main equipment in the liquid crystal industry, mainly for optical and rigid materials between the hard-to-hard combination, such as between two layers of glass substrate with optical double-sided adhesive (OCA) bonding, components in a vacuum state compression, effectively overcoming bubbles and rainbow pattern and other process defects, is a touch panel combination of the process of the necessary process.

Type of laminating machine

Double glue laminating machineThis machine is suitable for gluing and laminating on the surface of fabrics, non-woven fabrics, sponges and other fabrics.Adopting double slurry tank, it can glue two layers of fabrics at the same time and improve the adhesive fastness.
Glue point transfer laminating machineThis machine is suitable for laminating between textiles, non-woven fabrics, breathable films and other fabrics.Adopting glue point transfer and spraying method to transfer the glue evenly to the lining fabric, or film, and then laminating with the surface fabric.
Spray glue laminating machineThis machine is suitable for laminating between textiles, non-textiles and other fabrics.Adopting the method of spraying glue to transfer the glue evenly to the lining fabric, and then laminating with the surface fabric.
Flame laminating machineIt is suitable for compounding between sponge and other textiles and non-woven products.Adopting flame retardant sponge as bonding raw material, no glue is needed. After flame spraying to make it dissolve and bonding, especially suitable for plush, deerskin velvet bonding, with environmental protection, good handfeel, wash-resistant and other characteristics.
Mesh belt laminating machineThis machine is suitable for sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather and non-woven fabrics such as gluing and laminating. It adopts high-temperature-resistant mesh belt pressing, which improves the flatness of laminating and the adhesive force of the products, and at the same time occupies less land.This machine adopts frequency conversion synchronous control to realize the synchronous work of laminating main drying cylinder out of cloth and laminating rewinding, which is more convenient to use.

Feature of laminating machine

a. The laminator can be used to apply glue to two layers of material at the same time, resulting in better composite fastness. It can also be used for one-time gluing and laminating of three layers of thin materials to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

b. Double glue groove mesh belt composite and high temperature mesh belt pressure, so that the composite material and drying cylinder full contact, improve the drying effect, so that the processed material is soft, wash-resistant, good fastness.

c. The mesh belt of this machine has automatic infrared deviation adjustment device, which can effectively prevent the mesh belt from deviation and prolong the service life of the mesh belt.

d. The heating system of this machine is divided into two groups, users can choose the heating method (one group or two groups) according to their needs, which can effectively save energy and reduce production costs.

e. According to the needs of optional DC motor or frequency converter linkage, so that the machine has better maneuverability.

Application of laminating machine

Laminating machine usually refers to home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile interior and other related industries in a composite equipment, mainly used for all kinds of fabrics, leather, film, paper, sponge and other two-layer or multi-layer laminating production process. Specifically divided into glued composite and non-glue composite, glued composite is divided into water glue, PU oil glue, hot melt adhesive, etc., non-glue composite process is mostly between the material directly hot pressure bonding or flame combustion composite.

a. The laminator is used in laminating cast film, breathable film and non-woven fabrics. This machine is also suitable for baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant bags and other industry products.

b. The large laminating machine is used for gluing laminating (laminating) and slitting processing of non-woven fabrics and other materials. Apply to household air purifier, automobile air purifier, air conditioner, refrigerator and other supporting filter material processing.

Use of laminating machine

a. After connecting the machine to the rated voltage power supply, turn on the heater power switch, the heater power indicator will light up immediately.

b. Adjust the temperature controller of the glue reservoir at 130-140℃, and the temperature controller of the glue roller at 140-150℃. The above temperatures are for reference only, and the melting point of the hot melt adhesive should prevail.

c. This is the completion of the PUR hot melt adhesive laminator heater preheating program.

d. After 30 minutes of preheating, the hot melt adhesive in the glue tank has melted, the motor startup indicator light is on, you can open the motor power switch, and then adjust the motor speed adjustment knob, adjusted to the required working speed can be. If the motor fails to rotate, please wait until the hot melt adhesive is completely melted before turning on the motor.

e. Adjust the glue volume adjusting knob, clockwise direction is thickening, counterclockwise direction is thinning, adjust to the required amount of glue can be.

f. Before shutting down the machine and stopping working for 5-10 minutes, please turn off the heater power switch first, so that the temperature of the rubber rollers and the glue storage tank can be reduced, in order to prevent the hot melt adhesive on the rubber rollers from carbonizing.

g. After the heater power switch has been off for 5-10 minutes to reduce the temperature, you can adjust the motor speed adjustment knob to zero, and then turn off the motor power switch.

h. Turning off the power to the input machine completes the shutdown procedure.

Precaution of laminating machine

a. Usually, there is a temperature control inside the PUR hot melt adhesive laminator. General new equipment temperature added to the set temperature, open the motor switch, adjust the internal temperature control knob. The motor will start after hearing a "pop" sound. There is no need to adjust this knob during normal use.

b. After the temperature is heated to the set temperature when the machine is turned on, you must also make sure that the hot melt adhesive on the glue groove and roller is completely melted before you can turn on the motor power switch; you must also make sure that the motor power is turned off before you can turn off the heating power supply when the machine is turned off, otherwise, it may cause the load to be too large and the electrical components will be burned.

c. The rubber roller and scraper are easy to jam foreign objects, must be removed in time, otherwise the roller will also be jammed.

d. If the range adjusted by the speed controller of the rubber roller cannot meet the production requirements, the chain gear can be replaced.

e. Each time you add glue particles should not be too much, not more than the connecting line of the wall plate at both ends of the glue trough.

f. The operator of the hot melt adhesive machine must not keep long hair, if there is long hair must be coiled up.

g. Users should not use any part of the body to contact the glue roller and the glue tank, so as not to cause burns.

h. The power consumption during the heating process is very large, need to pay attention to the overload heat caused by fire.

i. Regular oiling is required, use grease for the transmission chain, use lubricant for the roller bearings, and clean up the foreign matter between the scraper and the rubber roller.

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