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Dog Food Filling Machine

Dog food filling machine for sale

What is dog food filling machine?

It has become a trend for young people to keep pets, and the amount of money spent on pets each year is increasing day by day, especially dog food. Automatic pet food filling machine production line has automatic mixing function, which can realize dog food filling and sealing operation. Dog food filling machine set aseptic rinsing, drying, weighing, filling, capping and other operations in one of the arts of manufacturing industrial products, the entire PLC control automated production, can be applied to a variety of bottles, filling, barrels and other containers. Automatic pet food filling machine production line comes with a temperature control device, each part of the applicable bottle type adjustment using the replacement of the dial wheel to achieve the same cap, easy and comfortable, easy and fast production mode. Dog food filling machine industrial products manufacturing selected card bottle suspension running work design, so that the pet food in the high-speed operation of the state of smooth and reliable implementation of the filling movement.

Pet food, such as dog food, cat food, rabbit food, pig feed, pet wet food, freeze-dried minced chicken heart, pet staple food companion, pet milk cake food, calcium milk bar, dog food, dog snacks, teething bars, pet snacks, pet freeze-dried fruit, freeze-dried meat, etc., the demand in the pet market is increasing day by day. The production of these products is inseparable from the automated dog food filling equipment. Now we can clearly feel the development of the world's economic changes, and around us will see the rise and fall of countless enterprises, such things happen every day and its frequency and readiness. Every enterprise from the beginning of the establishment is to hold the goal of achieving some great performance, hope that the enterprise stands at the top of the world, and as many enterprises must apparatus equipment large automatic dog food filling production line is a part of the enterprise to stand, but also enterprises to seize the market a source.

Working process of dog food filling machine

Dog food filling machine disc automatic bottle supply, cans and bottles conveyor, positioning cans and bottles, material automatic lifting, automatic weighing, automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic labeling, production date printing, automatic packing and sealing, and a series of production links are automated, without manual participation.

Equipment parameter of dog food filling machine

Bottle diameter(mm)35~100 (Customizable)
Bottle height(mm)40~ 200
Suitable cap diameter(mm)15~100
Packaging range(g)50~500
Packaging precision(g)+0.3~1.5
Packaging speed30~ 80 bottles/min
Power supply3P 380v 50Hz
Compressed air0.6m3/min 0.6~0.8MPa

Feature of dog food filling machine

a. Dog food filling machine is suitable for all kinds of PE cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans and other round specifications as well as special customized molds for the use of bottle type, for the circulation of good Chinese medicine tablets automatic quantitative filling production.

b. This set of equipment has a high degree of automation, and the whole line is in line with the requirements of GMP standard. The operator will place the bottles on the bottle handling machine, and according to the needs of the enterprise, it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as weight selection scale, desiccant automatic package feeding, bottle powder removal device, manual operation work area, coding machine, soft cap automatic sealing, finished product collection bench, and so on, which can further improve to meet the needs of the production.

c. Automatic pet food filling machine production line has automatic stirring function, rationalized design, can quickly complete the heating and stirring work in a short time.

d. Touch screen display, screen display Chinese (English) working status, operating instructions, simple and intuitive. The filling weight is stepless adjustable, the operation mode can be changed arbitrarily, and the fault alarm prompts.

e. Control using PLC, anti-interference filling method, the overall work is stable and reasonable.

f. Dog food filling machine using multi-head weighing instrument to perform weighing tasks, vibration feeding, in order to ensure that the filling material outside the uniformity of production is not destroyed.

g. Automatic pet food filling machine production line industrial products manufactured a variety of product packaging parameters of the formula, can be set at will as well as storage of production data, can be called out at any time to adjust.

h. By filling different materials, dog food filling machine can be added with vacuum, vibration and other manufacturing.

Application of dog food filling machine

FoodCanned goods, tea, mixed nuts, cereals, goji berries, candies, oral tablets, rock candy, brown sugar, melon seeds, popcorn, boneless chicken feet, salt, seasonings, peppercorns, dried fruits, freeze-dried, dried mushrooms, snack foods, sauces, sesame seeds, baby supplements, and so on
AgricultureSeeds, rice, grains and cereals, black beans, red beans, Job's tears, shiitake mushrooms, lilies, etc.
MedicineChinese medicine tablets, Codonopsis, Birch mushrooms, Angelica dahurica, Astragalus, forsythia, etc.
ChemicalsCanned cat food, dog food, feed, granular fertilizer, laundry detergent, laundry gel beads, scent retention beads, cat litter, etc.

How to order dog food filling machine?

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