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What is down filling machine?

Down filling machine is a light industrial machine that can be used in the commercial and apparel industry. Down feather filling machine is a machine that uses a high-pressure fan to absorb down, chemical fiber and other fillers to fill down jackets, duvets and other quilted products.

Working principle of down filling machine

Down filling machine usually adopts stainless steel shell, the appearance is generous, neat and durable. Moreover, the feather filling machine only uses a fan when working, and the power consumption is not big.

Down jacket filling machine is suitable for use in stores as a down comforter ready-to-sell machine, and can also form part of a large factory production line. There are also some machines that add down light box and voice explanation function on the basis of down filling machine.

Working process of down filling machine

The workflow of a down filling machine is roughly divided into four steps. During the down filling process, the machine internally collaborates through several components to achieve a stable and consistent filling of the fill.

Preparation of the down batch

First, the down to be filled needs to be uniformly processed. This step involves cleaning the duck down or goose down of hair impurities, oil and other debris, and then carrying out the treatment of fine freezing and grading, so that the down has a better quality and taste. The treated down is put into the down approval each machine, waiting for further processing.

Filling the materials

In the second step, the down to be filled is fed into the filling hopper, waiting to be filled. At this point, a series of mechanisms and drive belts inside the hopper shear the down into a down film and quickly deliver it to the filling port.


The third step is the filling, which is a relatively complex part of the filling machine. During the filling process a number of drive wheels, filling tubes, presses and other parts of the machine work together to ensure that the down is fed into the filler in a stable manner. At the same time, the vibration and compaction inside the machine make the down gradually fill up the space to be filled. In this process, the adjustment of the down density and the dynamic adjustment of the individual components are important.


The final step is the venting. After filling, the air volume and compression of the filled material need to be adjusted. By means of exhausting, the fluffiness of the filled material is gradually restored and heat or water vapor is prevented from being conducted out of the filled material. In the working process of the filling machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of all parts. If impurities accumulate inside the machine for a long time, it will lead to contamination and damage of the filler, which will reduce the service life of the products. Therefore, timely cleaning and maintenance is very important.

In conclusion, the down feather filling machine is a highly automated machine that can provide effective support for the manufacturing of down products. Its utilization of various precision transmission and digging technologies has achieved an efficient and stable working process. Through reasonable use and maintenance, the down filling machine can effectively improve the quality and output of down products, and promote the rapid development of the down products industry.

Feature of down filling machine

a. The whole machine of down filling machine is made of stainless steel.

b. Down feather filling machine adopts unique mechanical transmission method, which makes the structure and its simplicity, good stability and strong overload capacity.

c. Filling adopts electric motorized screw, which has the advantages of accurate positioning, high precision, fast speed, long life and good stability.

d. The motor has the characteristics of low noise, long life, no vibration, less failure and maintenance-free for life.

e. The feather filling machine is equipped with a fully sealed air-resistant acrylic composite material box which makes the movement of materials clear at a glance. The equipment is fully sealed, no leakage of down, in line with environmental requirements. Down does not leak, protect the workshop environment, prevent occupational diseases.

f. High degree of automation, easy to operate and learn; the whole set of equipment requires only one operator, and the operator does not have any professional skills.

g. Down jacket filling machine is equipped with high-precision quantitative electronic weighing, accurate measurement, the average measurement time is not more than 1-2 seconds, the error value can be controlled within 0.1-0.3 grams, stable quality, effective guarantee product quality and control of raw materials and non-normal loss.

h. Measuring and filling will not damage the down, can maintain the original softness and fluffiness of the down, fill out the product uniformity and flatness, reduce the workload of the latter tapping process of finishing.

i. For fabrics with poor breathability, coated fabrics, etc. There is a special configuration of down filling tube and automatic exhaust function, can replace the special down filling tube.

j. Users and observers can see the state of down filling, and all impurities and heavy metals in the down can be removed during the filling process.

Function of down filling machine

a. No damage to the down, keep the softness and elasticity sense of the down crude oil.

b. Down filling machine adopts semi-automatic operation, the range of down filling can be adjusted according to the characteristics with small error.

c. Simple and convenient operation, saving labor cost. Charging in the closed box to ensure that the production site environment is neat and clean.

d. High productivity, average metering time 3-5 seconds. Efficiency increased by more than 2 times, good reliability and stability.

e. The parts of down feather filling machine are treated and guaranteed not to break in millions of times.

f. Weighing accuracy ± 0.05 grams.

g. Down jacket filling machine can successfully remove 80% of the metal in the down filling.

h. The feather filling machine is 100% effective in recovering loose fluff from the outlet, ensuring environmental hygiene.

Use of down filling machine

a. The down height sensing equipment in the down storage box senses the down height in the down storage box, when the down height is lower than the set height, it will make up for the down in the down storage box; when the down height reaches the set height, it will abort to make up for the down in the down storage box,

b. Check if the weighing value of the weighing module is zero. If not, then perform the operation of zeroing the weighing value.

c. When the down height falls within the set height, the solenoid valve on the delivery pipe is opened during the set down delivery time period, so that the down in the storage box is delivered to the weighing box of the weighing module through the high-pressure gas output from the delivery pipe.

d. Set the time period for down delivery to the weighing box, and check the weighing value of the weighing module through a stabilized time period.

e. If the weighing value of the weighing module does not reach the predefined portion, the length of the time period for the delivery of the fluff is changed according to the pressure and flow rate of the high-pressure gas in the delivery pipe.

f. After the point filling is completed, it is necessary to wait for the stabilization time period and then check the weighing value of the weighing module.

g. If the weighing module does not reach the predefined weight, continue with process (e).

h. If the weighing value of the weighing module reaches the predefined quantity, it waits for the down filling instruction.

i. If an order for filling is obtained, the time of filling is calculated according to the air pressure and flow rate in the pneumatic transfer device connected to the weighing box.

j. The solenoid valve on the pneumatic transfer device controls the operation of the pneumatic transfer device according to the down time, and sucks the down out of the weighing box to the cutting piece.

Precaution of down filling machine

Why does a down filling machine need to be drained?

For users of down filling machines, they may ignore the drainage of the air pump, but drainage is very necessary. Because of the humid or rainy weather, the inside of the air pump is easy to produce moisture. If not cleaned and drained in time, it will cause corrosion and damage to the internal parts of the air pump. At the same time, the long-term accumulation of moisture is also easy to form dirt and odor, affecting the use of the down filling machine.

Basic skills and tools are required to perform air pump drainage. First, turn the machine off and unplug it. Then, look for the drain hole at the bottom of the air pump, open the hole and just let the water flow out naturally. Note that the drain hole does not need to be disassembled to avoid causing other unnecessary damage. Once the drainage is complete, close the orifice, then re-power on the machine, start it and warm it up for a few minutes for normal use.

It is recommended that the air pump of the down filling machine be subjected to a draining task every 2-3 months. In case of rainy season or humid working environment, it is recommended to carry out drainage cleaning more frequently to avoid unnecessary damage.

When using a down filling machine, it is important to minimize overloading and vibration of the air pump to avoid damage. It is also vital to keep the machine clean and dry. After use, the air pump and other components should be wiped and maintained to avoid damage from dust and dirt. The machine should also be cleaned and serviced regularly during the long-term storage period.

Incomplete drainage may cause moisture to remain in the air pump and may bring in impurities, which may affect the normal operation of the air pump. In addition, prolonged moisture accumulation may also cause the air pump parts to rust or form ice at low temperatures, which may adversely affect the air pump.

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