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What is FFS machine?

For a long time, FFS machine (form fill seal machine) has been widely used as a commonly used packaging machine for powders and granules in various industries. Now, the latest technology has greatly improved the moisture-proof performance of FFS packaging, to ensure the safety and stability of powdered materials, as well as those with poor fluidity in the packaging and transportation process. FFS packing machine in the packaging process can be constantly compressed materials, while eliminating the excess air, the entire packaging process is very clean and efficient.

The whole working process of FFS packaging machine, from bag making, filling to sealing is fully automatic. At present, FFS machine full form has been widely used in the packaging of various common powders and granules, including flour, plastic particles, dry mortar, putty powder, and so on. The whole system can be completely controlled by computer system, quick installation on site, easy operation, FFS packaging system provides maximum flexibility for material change, at the same time, it is compact, greatly saving space.

Composition of FFS machine

The following are the names of the main parts of the FFS machine.

· Film roll overturning bracket

· Bag supplying mechanism

· Corner sealing mechanism

· Bag length adjustment mechanism

· Bag feeding mechanism

· Bottom sealing mechanism

· Bag opening mechanism

· Feeding door mechanism

· Bag clamping and shrinking mechanism

· Upper sealing mechanism

· Upper seal cooling mechanism

· Swinging arm mechanism

· Standing bag conveyor (including bottom-seal cooling + dunnage mechanism + intermittent motion conveyor + constant rotation conveyor)

Working process of FFS machine

FFS heavy film automatic packaging and palletizing system can meet the higher production requirements of customers.

a. Membrane roll support. Worm gear elevator controls the automatic lifting and lowering of the film roll for easy film change.

b. Corner sealing. Corner sealing can be adjusted manually and symmetrically to meet the needs of different bag widths. Corner sealing temperature can be changed at any time according to the need.

c. Bag length adjustment. Deceleration motor drives the screw to rotate, so that the center of corner sealing is located at the junction of bag bottom and bag tail, to meet the adjustment range of bag length.

d. Film feeding and bag making. The servo motor sends the film to the specified bag length, and the cutter cuts off the bag from the film roll after the bottom sealing to complete the bag making.

e. Rotary bag feeding. The gripping mechanism sends the empty bags from the bottom sealing film delivery place to the bag opening mechanism.

f. Bag opening. Vacuum suction cups open the mouth of the bag under the action of vacuum pump.

g. Bag supplying. The bag hand claw is inserted into the bag mouth, and the bag holding cylinder will hold the bag mouth open; and the bag mouth will be set on the material door mechanism, and the bag mouth will be held by the material door mechanism.

h. Filling. The weighed material in the weighing mechanism is dropped into the bag. The filling mouth is equipped with interceptor and dust removal channel, which can meet the requirements of clean packaging.

i. Swinging arm. Swing arm flattens the mouth of the full bag and sends the full bag from the material gate to the mouth sealing mechanism.

j. Mouth sealing. The mouth sealing mechanism grips the bag mouth and seals it.

k. Vibration and delivery. The vibration and delivery mechanism is located under the filling port, which vibrates the material in the bag during the filling process to make the bag full, and then conveys the bag to the next station.

Structural feature FFS machine

a. High safety. FFS machine adopts fully closed structure and is equipped with interlocking device. If personnel enter the equipment during operation, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm. To be manually confirmed after the reset, the equipment can start again.

b. High customizability. For different bags bag length and bag width, only need to make simple adjustments (of which the bag length directly in the touch screen to change the setting can be), you can carry out the work. This function can be accustomed to different material density change while the total weight of a single bag remains unchanged.

c. Bag length control is accurate, bag length error is less than ± 5mm.

d. Corner sealing organization. Because of the M-type bag bag mouth two layers of film and bag corner four layers of film, often in the equal sealing temperature, four bag corner sealing strength than the bag mouth sealing strength is weak. Form fill seal technology added corner sealing organization, the bag corner to increase the additional sealing, so that the bag mouth sealing more reliable.

e. The sealing manipulator has the function of fault self-test, when the sealing system is faulty, it can quickly know the faulty part by comparing with the fault code table.

f. The sealing cooling system utilizes the eddy current cooling principle, using the instrument wind to generate a cool air flow below 0℃ (very low can be below -40℃) to cool the upper and lower seals after heat sealing before and after the two cooling. The cool air generated by the vortex tube is blown directly to the seal, so that the heat exchange efficiency is high and reliable, ensuring that the seal can be cooled in time when the ambient temperature is high, and improving the reliability of the seal.

g. Corner seal cooling system. Because of the corner seal heating area is small, heat into the next step after a long time, so the cooling of the corner seal using compressed air to blow directly to the corner of the sealing way to cool.

h. Bag exhaust. In the process of empty bags for corner sealing, equipment in the corner seal V-type place to play a small triangular hole (the size of the hole can be adjusted, the bag four corners of a), the hole along the corner seal the outer end of the bag with the bag, which ensures that the bag in the usual pressure can be smooth exhaust, but also prevents dust from entering the bag.

i. Bag oscillation compacting organization. Using the principle of oscillation compacting, in the loading process, the organization of the material bag for high-frequency oscillation, so that the material particles have the fluidity of the fluid. This material is filled tightly, mixed with less air, favorable exhaust and reduce the length of the bag.

j. The system has a triplex, which can lubricate, filter and regulate the instrument air.

Technical parameter of FFS machine

Planning speed20 bag/min
Packaging standard25kg/bag, such as polypropylene granules (PP granules)
Film roll requirementsM-type PE heavy packaging film bag roll, melt index>0.2, film thickness 140-200um±4%, folding depth 80mm±3mm, package scale (650-950)x400x180mm, film roll diameter 1500mm, film roll inner tube 150mm+/-5mm
Operation voltage380V 50Hz
Operation voltage24VDC
Environmental requirementsTemperature 5-40 ℃, high humidity of 80%
Compressed airAir consumption 3m³/min, air pressure 6kgf
PowerAbout 10KW
Noise<80dB, measured at 1m away from the machine and 1.6m high

Feature of FFS machine

a. FFS machine has a compact structure and high degree of integration, saving space.

b. Bag making, filling and sealing are completed in parallel, so the packaging speed is fast.

c. FFS pouch packing machine has high-efficient dunnage to improve the filling rate, servo technology to accurately control the bag length, which can reduce the packaging cost.

d. FFS bagging machine has instant high temperature fusion sealing technology and rapid ultra-low temperature cooling curing technology, which can improve the sealing quality.

e. FFS packaging machine is equipped with advanced fieldbus technology and friendly man-machine interface. It provides convenient visualization parameter setting, intelligent system diagnosis and help function. The system is easy to use and maintain.

f. FFS filling machine is suitable for packaging of various materials with a wide range of applications.

Advantage of FFS machine

Compared with the traditional packaging equipment, the advantages of FFS machine are very obvious.

a. The package cost of FFS machine is very low as the cost of common 25 kg PE bag is only about 1 dollar. Compared with the same specification valve bag (about 2 dollars), aluminum-plastic composite bag (about 5-6 dollars), paper-plastic composite bag (about 2 dollars), the cost is reduced by more than 50%. From the long-term perspective of enterprise development, it greatly saves the cost of production input.

b. Compared with traditional paper bags and composite bags, FFS packing PE bags have better moisture resistance. Packaging materials, including the transportation and storage of specific powders, for the surrounding environment and weather requirements are very high. Traditional paper bags and composite bags, because of its material and process reasons, in the rainy season or humid south is very difficult to save, PE bags have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof function, suitable for stacking in the open air as well as long-term storage in a humid environment, can greatly reduce the enterprise's transportation and storage burden.

c. The printing effect of FFS bagging is exquisite, and the display effect is stronger. With the continuous upgrading of social consumption ability, more and more customers are more inclined to choose products with fine packaging and beautiful appearance, which are more likely to be favored by customers in the market.

d. Excellent dustproof performance. Form fill and seal machine hexagonal filling nozzle design can effectively reduce the filling process of dust spillage. This greatly improves the production environment, especially for powder packaging, and ensures almost no dust leakage during the filling process.

e. FFS packaging machine can also be assembled with closed filling room to minimize the material filling process of dust spillage, to protect the production environment is clean and tidy, reduce the material dust on the site staff body damage.

f. The PE bag material used by FFS is green and recyclable.

g. Automatic FFS machine is fully automatic from bag making, filling to final sealing, which greatly saves labor cost.

h. FFS is able to meet the rapid switching between filling of different materials.

i. FFS automatic pouch packing machine has a low failure rate and low maintenance and repair costs.

j. If there are special requirements, the FFS packing machine full form can be equipped with a corresponding removable module.

How to order FFS machine?

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