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Fluorite Power Dryer

Fluorite power dryer for sale

What is fluorite power dryer?

Fluorite dryer is reliable, flexible, adaptable, and has a large processing capacity. Fluorite dryer machine can also be called a rotary dryer, is generally applicable to granular materials, and can also be used as part of the approach to mixing materials to dry viscous, paste-like materials or materials with high water content.

Fluorite powder dryer is a material heating and drying device in the industry. The materials in the rotating cylinder with coaxial nesting are dried by the spiral blades and intermittent spiral lifting plate in the process of folding and lifting between the inner and outer cylinders.

What is fluorite powder?

Fluorite powder is a mineral, which belongs to the equiaxial crystal system. Fluorite ore in nature is often brightly colored, partly fluorescent, easily scratched, and brittle. It is one of the materials used in the manufacture of optical glass for lenses. Half of the world's fluorspar production is used for manufacturing, which in turn has led to the development of cryolite for industrial use.

Working principle of fluorite powder dryer

The rotary fluorite powder dryer consists of the main kiln and its supporting transmission device, cooling pipe, secondary air inlet device, exhaust, fuel system, electrical control, and dust removal device, and preheating kiln body. It has the functions of an over-temperature alarm, overload alarm, automatic control of working temperature, and adjustable oxygen in the kiln.

After the wet material is put in from one end of the dryer, the material is evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer under the flip of the evenly distributed copier in the inner cylinder and is in full contact with the hot air in parallel flow (countercurrent), which accelerates the heat and mass transfer driving force of drying. In the drying process, the material is moved to another section of the dryer under the action of the inclined plate and the hot air flow, and the finished product is discharged from the star discharge valve in a controlled manner.

Structure of woodchip dryer

Fluorite powder dryer is changed to three cylinders by changing the single-cylinder body of the single-cylinder dryer into three cylinders stacked together to shorten the shape size of the dryer body and reduce the floor space. When the machine is working, the material and hot airflow enter the inner to outer cylinder in turn, and after the Z-shaped reciprocal folding flow in the body, the material is dried by making full use of the heat energy and then discharged.

The supporting device of the fluorite ore dryer is supported by the wheel belt and the carrier wheel on the outer cylinder, and the motor drives the carrier wheel directly. The cylinder is rotated through friction between the carrier wheel and the wheel belt. The overall structure of the fluorite powder dryer machine is compact, reasonable, and simple. To facilitate the maintenance and replacement of worn parts, it is designed to be axially dissected in the middle and connected with bolts.

Working process of fluorite powder dryer

Fluorite powder dryer drying fluorite powder, after rapid dispersion of the block of fluorite powder into the dryer is negative pressure is divided into the following work area: one is the guide area, wet fluorite powder into this area and high temperature negative pressure hot air contact was quickly evaporated a large amount of water, fluorite powder in the large guide angle of the copy plate copying, not forming a bond will be imported into the next work area; two is the clean-up area, wet fluorite powder in this area by the copy plate copied up to form a In this area, because the equipment is designed with cleaning device, cleaning device can quickly clean off the fluorite powder bonded to the cylinder wall, in this process, the cleaning device also plays a crushing role for the material agglomerates, thus increasing the heat exchange area, improving the efficiency of heat and mass transfer and increasing the drying rate; third is the inclined lifting plate area, this area is the low temperature drying area, the fluorite powder in this area has been used for the drying of fluorite powder. Fluorspar powder in this area has a low moisture loose state, this area does not have the bonding phenomenon, after the heat exchange of finished products to achieve the required moisture requirements, the movement into the final discharge area; four is the discharge area, fluorspar powder dryer drying host drum in this area is not set to copy plate, the material in this area rolling glide to the discharge port, complete the entire drying process.

Feature of fluorite powder dryer


Good thermal efficiency

Fluorite powder dryer selects an LX-type multi-combination lifting plate, which increases the contact surface between materials and hot air. Due to the high airflow speed, materials are well dispersed in the gas phase, and all surfaces of materials can be taken as the effective area of drying, so the limited area of drying is greatly increased. At the same time, due to the dispersion and stirring effect during drying, the gasification surface is constantly updated, therefore, the heat transfer process of drying is strong and the thermal efficiency is high.

Good structure of components

The barrel of the fluorite dryer is made of steel, which has the characteristics of high hardness and toughness, and good wear resistance; the structure of the carrier wheel is reasonably designed, and the lubrication method is various, which prolongs the service life and makes the carrier wheel not easy to wear and break the shaft; as for the internal structure, the new structure is adopted, which eliminates the phenomenon of staining and sticking on the inner wall of the barrel and strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials.

Good environmental protection and energy saving

Fluorite powder dryer system not only has good sealing performance, and is equipped with a perfect dust removal device, no dust spillage, reducing dust at the same time, creating a better workshop operating environment for users with long-term development.

Long service life

Fluorite ore dryer can slow down the flow rate of fluorite and fluorite mass in the high-temperature zone and fully absorb heat to improve the heat exchange rate and can reduce the temperature of the front end of the dryer to avoid burning the barrel and retaining the ring.

Energy saving

Fluorite dryer machine is highly sealed at both ends of the hood, which is energy-saving and environmental protection, and the electricity consumption is only 30% of similar products and coal consumption is only 50%.

Advantages of fluorite powder dryer

a. The coal consumption of fluorite powder dryer is less, which can save more fuel costs for users and save equipment running costs. And coal consumption will also protect the environment after the reduction of coal consumption.

b. The fluorite ore dryer is highly adaptable to the material, and the flow of fluorite ore is allowed to fluctuate greatly during the production process, which will not affect the quality of the finished product.

c. During the production operation of the fluorite ore dryer, the equipment is sealed, and there is no dust spillage. The vibration of the equipment in the process of use is small, and the noise is also less, which optimizes the operating environment.

d. The drying efficiency of the fluorite dryer equipment is high, and the moisture content of the material can always be maintained at about one percent when the fluorite ore dryer is in operation.

Use of fluorite powder dryer

a. Bearing lubrication when the lubricant must be clean, the seal must be good, the main oiling places of this machine are rotating bearings, roller bearings, all gears, movable bearings, sliding plane, etc.

b. Pay attention to check the degree of wear and tear of easy-to-wear parts, and always pay attention to the replacement of worn parts.

c. Pay attention to the work of the normal machine parts.

d. Bearing oil temperature rises, should immediately stop to check the cause to eliminate.

e. The plane of the bottom shelf where the movable device is placed should go out to dust and other things so that the movable bearing cannot move on the bottom shelf when the machine encounters the material that cannot be crushed, resulting in serious accidents.

f. If there is an impact sound when the rotating gear is running, stop immediately to check and eliminate it.

g. Newly installed wheel hoops are prone to loosening and must be checked frequently.

How to order fluorite power dryer?

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