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What is heater making machine?

A heater is a heating device that uses electricity as energy for heating. The heater manufacturing machine is to produce and assemble the various parts of the heater, and carry out efficient heater production, assembly, testing, etc. through the assembly line, thereby improving production efficiency and improving product quality.

Production criterion of heater making machine

Pre-production period

a) Buckle lining ring: The silk screen printing is clear and accurate, the buckle feet are cross-rotated 180 degrees, and the backing ring is straight, flat, and firmly installed.

b) Mesh cover: For heater making machines, the mesh cover should be buckled into the back cover and fixed with screws. And pay attention to the tightness of the screws, punctures, flocking fall off, rust and fall off of the mesh branches, etc.

c) Aluminum pot: Install the aluminum pot firmly and straightly. Pay attention to whether the aluminum pot is deformed, scratched, dull, rusty, dirty, etc., and add slogans such as "No covering".

d) Heat dissipation ring: Use the steel clip, aluminum cover, and heat sink ring that match the heating element. Pay attention to the direction during installation. Because the buckle legs are easy to break, try to complete it at one time. There should be no gap between the heat sink ring and the aluminum cover, and they must be fixed with machine wires.

e) Heating elements: On the heater manufacturing machine, the heating element must be installed firmly and covered with asbestos pipes. Also, pay attention to the type and power of the heating element. Do not scratch the glass tube during installation, otherwise it will easily cause the heating element to burn out.

f) Hanging board: During installation, there should be no gaps or looseness between the aluminum cover hanging plates. And pay attention to the model and direction of the hanging plates.

g) Synchronous machine: Add mats between the fixed screws and hanging plate synchronous machines, and cover the leads with asbestos tubes. Pay attention to the model and installation method of the synchronous machine.

h) Switch board: On the heater making machine, the panel buckles must be in place, fixed tightly and cannot be loose, and there must be no obvious gap between the heater and the equipment. Pay attention to the clear silk screen and accurate color matching.

Mid-production period

a) Switch: The switch installed on the heater must be flexible, and there must be no broken or loose feet. And for heaters equipped with heat sinks, the heat sinks must not touch plastic parts and leads. Pay attention to the model number.

b) Diode: The diode installation position must be arranged so that it cannot touch the plastic parts and leads of the switch, and it must be below the level of the switch. Pay attention to the firm connection and no looseness when touched by hand. The silver ring is on the low temperature side.

c) Lead wire: The lead sheaths must be in the body and rear cover, and must be fixed with wire clips, and the length of the head must be reserved. Note that the lead wire specifications used by the heater making machine to assembly the heater cannot be used incorrectly.

d) Power line: Use a cable clamp to fix the power cord so that it cannot be pulled out even with a force of 20N. Pay attention to the model of the power cord and the internal reserved length.

e) Timer: Fix the timer on the heater on the heater manufacturing machine, and make sure it cannot be loose or offset after being fixed to prevent it from being stuck and not resetting, or the foot column is broken. Pay attention to the direction of the timer lead.

f) Heater overpass: The gap between the heater overpass and the turntable cannot be too large or too small. Loose or tight flat-mouth screws will cause the head to move unevenly. Pay attention to the length of the screw to prevent loose locking.

g) Connecting rod: On the heater production line, the connecting rod of the specified model must be used to assemble the heater. The empty space must be installed in place and the screws must be tightened to keep the connecting rod and the overpass level.

h) Bonding wire: Use special solder wire for heaters to hook and solder. The solder should be absolutely full and there should be no false soldering, false soldering, misaligned wires, or wire collisions. The copper wire should not be too long and should not be exposed outside the solder.

Late production period

a) Bonding wire: Use special solder wire for heaters to hook and solder. The solder should be absolutely full and there should be no false soldering, false soldering, misaligned wires, or wire collisions. The copper wire should not be too long and should not be exposed outside the solder.

b) Close the hindquarters: There must be no crimped wires, improper buckling, loose screws, or pressing of the switch.

c) Rear housing: Use the heater making machine to insert the back shell into the slot and fix it with screws. Be careful not to break it.

d) Turntable: Place steel balls of specified specifications on the base and add grease. Pay attention to the gap when installing the fixing piece. If the gap is too large, the steel balls will fall off. If the gap is too small, the operation will not be smooth.

e) Ox horn of heater: Use the specified marble slide. When installing, do not press the wire to lock it in place. When pulling the horn, it should be clear and smooth, and the marble positioning should be obvious.

f) Machine label: Use the heater making machine to affix the prescribed labels at the designated locations, and there should be no under-attachment, missing affixing, incorrect affixing or warping. Pay attention to the model brand.

g) Set plastic bags: Use plastic bags with accurate specifications and try to tie them with a knot when sealing. If you use sealing glue, the sealing glue cannot be attached to the product. Note that different models and brands must be placed separately and accurately.

h) Packaging: The model and color should be pasted on the inner box at the specified position, and the model, color, packaging number and remote control or pagoda, carbon and other signs should be pasted on the outer box. The sealing box should be square and smooth, and the tape should be flat and flat.

Working process of heater making machine

a. Plate: box side panels - box side panels, bottom plate milling - nailing the box - finished product assembly

b. Fir wood strips: blanking - strip forming - nail strip frame - chamfering - painting, polishing - nail netting - dark fire: nailing porcelain beads - winding and wiring; open fire: finished product assembly

c. Resistance wire, internal wire: resistance wire winding, wire cutting-winding, wiring/heating tube processing

d. Quartz tube, porcelain sleeve, glue: heating tube processing

e. Electronic elements: switch assembly

Finished product assembly: NO-inspection: yes-packing-warehousing

Details of heater making machine

a. The conveyor line wiring trough of the heater manufacturing machine uses 60*80 galvanized wire trough, and each workstation (1000/workstation) is equipped with a two-position three-hole socket, and the main line uses 6㎡ national standard wire.

b. The conveyor line of the heater production line is equipped with lighting, 1.5 meters per meter, arranged throughout the length (equipped with LED lights), and equipped on both sides. In addition, the conveyor line is also equipped with an air batch hanging rail and a special pulley trolley every meter, which is equipped on both sides.

c. The left and right guide rails of the conveyor line of the heater manufacturing machine are made of 100*118*2.0 special aluminum with surface oxidation treatment. At the same time, the legs and light frames of the heater conveyor line are made of 40*40 special aluminum profiles with surface oxidation treatment.

d. The transmission chain of the heater making machine uses a 3x speed special chain with a pitch of 38.1. In addition, the heater conveyor line is also equipped with an object table. The 300mm wide tabletop is made of 18mm wood with white fireproof board on the board, and the wooden edges are exquisitely sealed.

Features of heater making machine

a. Heater making machine is not only equipped with a photoelectric protection device, but also an overheating protection device that will shut down when overheated.

b. Heater production line has good ventilation and heat insulation devices, so the shell will not overheat after long-term use.

c. The material of the heater making machine is good and thickened, so it is more stable, stronger and has a long service life.

d. The electrical components of the heater making machine and the control system PLC adopt high-quality industry-renowned brands. At the same time, the control panels on the heater making machines are from well-known brands, so the quality is guaranteed.

Advantages of heater making machine

a. High precision
Heater making machines ensure that the size and shape of each heater is very accurate, thereby increasing product accuracy and consistency.

b. Saving energy
The equipment and processes used in the heater production line have been optimized and improved to save energy and materials to the greatest extent and reduce production costs.

c. Environmental protection and energy saving
The processes and equipment used in heater making machine comply with environmental protection requirements, which can reduce the emission of exhaust gas, waste water and waste and reduce the impact on the environment.

d. High production flexibility
The conveyor line of the heater manufacturing machine can quickly adjust the production capacity and production scale of the production line according to market demand and customer requirements, thus improving the flexibility and adaptability of production.

e. Reduce labor intensity
Heater making machines can replace part of repetitive labor and high-intensity labor, reduce workers' labor intensity and labor risks, and improve work safety and comfort.

How to buy heater making machine?

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