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Hydraulic Baling Machine

Hydraulic baling machine for sale

What is hydraulic baling machine?

Hydraulic baling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in the industries of scrap recycling, metal processing, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing and so on. It compresses waste goods into cubes of a certain density by utilizing the principle of the hydraulic system, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

Hydraulic balers are mainly used in steel mills, crop straw, recycling and processing industries as well as non-ferrous and ferrous metal smelting industries. Bale press machine can squeeze all kinds of metal trimmings (steel shavings, steel scrap, aluminum scrap, copper scrap, stainless steel scrap and scrap car scrap, etc.) into rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical and other shapes of qualified furnace materials, which can reduce transportation and smelting costs, and improve the speed of the furnace.

Structure of hydraulic baling machine

Hydraulic baling machine consists of main frame system, hydraulic system and auxiliary components.
Host frame systemHigh-quality thickened steel plate and gas welding casting sturdy frame.
Hydraulic systemHydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinders oil seals and other key components using imported parts, making the baling pressure, speed, durability and low noise.
Electric control system (optional parts)Original electrical control, travel switch, button (quality assurance).
The core part of the hydraulic scrap baling press machine is the hydraulic system, which consists of the following parts.
Hydraulic systemRaise the machine's liquid rest pressure to, a fixed value for the hydraulic cylinder.
Hydraulic cylinderHydraulic cylinder is an executive part of the hydraulic system, the role is to convert the liquid pressure into mechanical energy to promote the work of the baler.
Hydraulic valveHydraulic valves are used to control the flow direction and flow size of the liquid to meet different working requirements.
Oil tankThe tank is used to store hydraulic oil to ensure that the hydraulic system under normal work.
Hydraulic pipingHydraulic lines transport fluid from the tank to components such as hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves.

Working principle of hydraulic baling machine

The working principle of the hydraulic system is based on Pascal's law, that is, in a closed liquid container, the pressure exerted at any point will be uniformly transmitted to all points of the container. Liquid Le system utilizes this principle to convert mechanical energy into liquid pressure, which drives the baler to work.

Specifically, when the hydraulic pump is activated, it will draw compressed oil out of the tank m and deliver it to the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic line. The piston in the hydraulic cylinder will be pushed outward by the pressure of the oil, thus pushing the compression plate to move downward, the material will be compressed, when the compression is completed the hydraulic valve will control the work of the hydraulic pump, the working direction of the hydraulic pump is reversed, so that the piston in the hydraulic cylinder is subjected to the opposite pressure, which will make the compression plate move upward to the baler out of the packaged materials.

Working process of hydraulic baling machine

Hydraulic scrap press machine workflow can be divided into three steps.


Loose material is put into the baler. Through the operation of the control and the button on the board, start the hydraulic pump to move the compression plate downward to compress the material into a certain volume.


After the compression is completed, tie the rope or wire around the compressed material for fixing the seal.


After the tying is completed, by operating the button on the control panel, the hydraulic pump is activated to move the compression plate upward and push the baled material out of the baler.

Feature of hydraulic baling machine

a. All models are driven by hydraulic baling press and can be operated by manual or PLC automatic control.

b. There are different ways of discharging, such as turning over the bag, pushing the bag (side and front pushing) or manually picking up the bag (packing).

c. There is no need for foot screws for installation, and diesel engine can be used as power in places without power supply.

d. There are ten grades of extrusion pressure from 63 tons to 400 tons for users to choose, and production efficiency from 4 tons/shift to 40 tons/shift.

e. Compression chamber size and bale size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Application of hydraulic baling machine

Scrap baling machine is widely used in textile, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, light industry and other industries, its main application areas include these.

Textile industry: fiber baling, yarn baling and other work, need to use hydraulic power to complete, baler hydraulic station can provide stable hydraulic power for these machines, improve work efficiency.

Chemical industry: chemical raw materials, chemical products, etc. need to be packed, compressed, sealed and other work, baler hydraulic station can provide stable hydraulic power for these devices, to protect production efficiency and product quality.

Food industry: food, beverages, etc. need to be packaged, packaged, compressed, etc., baler hydraulic station can provide stable hydraulic power for these pieces of equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality.

In short, scrap baling press machine as a kind of equipment using hydraulic power, has a simple structure, easy to maintain and other characteristics. It is widely used in various industries and provides strong support for production and manufacturing work.

Use of hydraulic baling machine

a. If the hydraulic baling machine is connected to a branch power supply and operated at the same time as other machines, it may not only damage the function of the machine, but also cause excessive heating of plugs and sockets, which may lead to fire. In particular, be sure to have a dedicated voltage and capacity for the machine only.

b. The machine ground terminal must be connected to ground. There is a danger of electric shock if the ground terminal is not connected or not sufficiently connected.

c. The section area of the extension cord should be selected according to the installed capacity. Using a cord that exceeds this range will not only damage the function of the machine, but also overheat the plugs and sockets, which may cause a fire hazard.

d. Be sure to use gloves, protective eyewear, and a mask during installation or packing operations. Failure to do so may result in injury or health hazards.

e. This machine is a baler that uses strapping tape on the object being baled. Do not use it for other purposes. The object to be packed is the item to be packed. Do not bring your hands or body close to the main machine.

f. Do not remove parts such as panels, jackets, doors, etc. when using the machine. Removing parts may cause malfunction of the machine and may lead to personal accidents.

g. Do not modify the machine.

h. Do not place the power supply cord in access areas such as forklift trucks, or avoid places such as direct pressure on the power supply cord. Damage to jacket, breakage of cord, etc. can be hazardous.

i. Do not use wet hands to plug or unplug the power supply, there is a danger of electric shock.

j. Packing items with water or moisture poses a risk of electric shock.

k. The plug must be removed from the socket when not in use.

Precaution of hydraulic baling machine

Operators need to use machines and equipment correctly. Careful implementation of the maintenance system and strict compliance with safety operating procedures are necessary to extend the service life of the machine, improve productivity and ensure safe production. To this end, it is recommended that users establish maintenance and safety regulations, the operator should be familiar with the structure of the machine and operating procedures, but also must pay attention to the following points.

a. Hydraulic oil added to the tank should strictly use high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil, must be strictly filtered, and should always maintain a sufficient amount of oil. When the oil is insufficient should be immediately refilled with oil.

b. The oil tank should be cleaned and replaced with new oil every six months, but the first cleaning and filtering of the oil cannot be more than one month, the new oil used once after strict filtration is allowed to be used again.

c. Each lubrication place of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once every shift according to the requirements.

d. The debris in the material box should be cleaned up in time.

e. Those who have not studied and do not understand the structure, performance and operating procedures of the machine shall not start the machine without authorization.

f. When the machine has a relatively serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomenon occurs in the work, it should stop running immediately in order to analyze the cause and troubleshooting, and shall not be forced to run.

g. During the operation of the machine, it is not allowed to repair or contact the moving parts, and it is strictly prohibited to press the materials in the material box with hands or feet.

h. Adjustments to pumps, valves, and pressure gauges must be made by experienced skilled labor.

i. Users should formulate their own detailed maintenance and safety regulations according to specific circumstances.

How to order hydraulic baling machine?

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