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Juicer Making Machine

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What is juicer making machine?

Juicer making machine automatically assembles the main components of the juicer, such as motor-driven squeezers, filters, etc., into a complete juicer, thereby improving product safety, air tightness, and improving product quality consistency.

Details of juicer making machine

Processing and manufacturing

This link mainly includes: steel plate stamping, injection molding, machining, electrical appliance assembly and other technological processes. Among them, the plastic parts are processed by the injection molding machine on the automatic household juicer making machine, and the remaining parts need to be processed and formed by various machine tools. At this production stage, production process standards need to be strictly implemented to ensure production quality.


The assembly of the juicer is a very critical link in the entire juicer production process, which directly affects the performance and appearance of the product. And the assembly process of the juicer mainly includes multiple sub- links such as electrical appliance assembly, parts assembly, shell assembly, debugging, and debugging. During the assembly process, processes and standards need to be strictly followed to ensure that each juicer meets the requirements in terms of quality and appearance.


After the juicer is assembled, it needs to be comprehensively inspected and tested through the testing equipment on the juicer production line. This inspection link mainly includes appearance inspection, electrical function test, performance and quality inspection and other links. Only by passing various inspection items can we ensure that each juicer meets quality standards and performance requirements.

Testing component of juicer making machine


Juicer air tightness testing equipment

On the automatic household juicer production line, this juicer air tightness testing equipment is available in single-station, double-station, and four-station options. Moreover, the functions of this juicer air tightness testing equipment are diverse:

a) 7-inch touch screen: The human-machine interface is installed on an inclined plane at a 75° angle, and the quasi-physical icons are more intuitive and easy to understand.

b) Four test modes: positive pressure direct, positive pressure volume, positive pressure trace, and negative pressure direct.

c) Imported components: Using mainstream foreign brand components, the sensor accuracy reaches 0.02% FS.

d) Intelligent system: Intelligent leak detection system can detect in just three steps. And juicer air tightness testing equipment also has an intelligent storage module, 1+99 subroutines, one entry and permanent call.

In addition, the juicer air tightness testing equipment on the juicer making machine is also equipped with a three-stage precision pressure regulating valve to regulate pressure, so the repeatability test accuracy is ±5Pa. Moreover, it has two self-test methods, instrument self-test and program self-test.

a) Instrument self-test: close the output tube and set the program to perform self-test.

b) Program self-test: Use a program to test to see if the leakage value will stabilize around a value after a certain period of time.

Testing principle of juicer air tightness testing equipment

a) Products with inflatable holes use direct leakage detection: tester - valve 1 - pressure sensor - product to be tested

b) Products without inflation holes use indirect leakage detection: tester - gas storing tank - valve 1 - pressure sensor - product sealing mold containing the product to be tested

Features of juicer making machine

a. Automatic juicer production line automatically operates or controls according to prescribed procedures or instructions, so it can achieve "stable, accurate and fast" during the production process.

b. Juicer making machines are produced according to the prescribed rhythm, and the juicer making machines are controlled by computers and precisely calculated, so there is no product accumulation.

c. Each station on the juicer production line is arranged in the order of the product process. Each station only completes one or a few processes, and the degree of specialization is high, which can improve production efficiency.

Advantages of juicer making machine

a. Juicer making machines can increase production efficiency. Compared with manual assembly, the juicer assembly line can reduce production time and improve production efficiency by increasing the workload of the machine. Therefore, factories no longer need to worry about workers' defects and mistakes, but only about machine failures. In addition, the juicer assembly line is able to run continuously without manual interruptions, resulting in more efficient production speeds and less wasted production time.

b. Juicer production line allows for more precise product assembly. Juicer making machines are able to assemble products with higher quality due to the high precision and repeatability of the machines. Plus, because each workstation is a dedicated piece of equipment, the machines are better able to adapt to the needs of each assembly operation, guaranteeing product detail and perfection.

c. Automatic household juicer making machines can also save costs for businesses. Although it requires a lot of money to build and maintain, compared to manual production, the automatic juicer production line can produce more, better, and faster products while reducing the company's human resources and expenses. In many cases, the return on investment for such machines can be very high.

Juicer making machine price

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