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What is jumbo bag packing machine?

Jumbo bag packing machine is a large-scale weighing packing machine for tonne bag packing materials, which is a multi-purpose packing machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, and dust removal. Jumbo bag filling machine has a high degree of automation, high packing precision, adjustable packing speed, superior structure, unique hydraulic lifting system is especially easy to deal with the jumbo bag packing, and it is very convenient for processing the latter process. The jumbo bag packing machine is suitable for jumbo bag packing of materials in mineral, chemical, building materials, grain, and feed industries.

Working principle of jumbo bag packing machine

Jumbo bag packing machine is simply a multi-purpose automatic quantitative packaging machine that integrates electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, and dust removal. Due to the high degree of automation, stable equipment performance, high precision packaging, packaging speed can be adjusted with the production, etc. Therefore, it is now widely used.

The working principle of the jumbo bag filling machine is to rely on the user's silo feed, through a series of means to complete the weighing and packaging of materials. During the packing process, it can realize the full-automatic operation flow, and automatically complete the lifting, weighing, descending, bag loosening, unhooking, and other work processes. That is, first set the bag on the feeding nozzle, and then the bag four corners of the bag hanging on the cylinder, press the "Allow Plus" button, then the bag cylinder began to work and press the mouth of the bag, the cylinder will be the bag four corners of the bag to support the opening of the controller will be the weight of the bag automatically remove the screw rotating quickly into the bag of material, the vibration table began to vibrate the material vibration with the bag of air together with the overflow of dust through the bag, the bag, the bag, the bag, the bag, the bag, the bag, the bag, and the bag. Air together with the overflow of dust through the hoover by the dust collector sucked away, to be added to the material is almost to the set value, the spiral speed deceleration and slow increase, the vibration stops, to the set value, adding material stops. Error <0.3%. At this time, the pressure bag cylinder loosens the mouth of the bag, the cylinder loosens the four corners of the bag, and the shovel sends the bag out.

Structure of jumbo bag packing machine

Jumbo bag packing machine is usually suitable for packing tonne bag materials, which is a large-scale weighing and packing equipment. It is a multi-purpose automatic quantitative packaging machine integrating electronic weighing, automatic bag removal, and dust removal. Not only the degree of automation is high, the packing precision is high, and the performance of the equipment is stable and durable, with few wearing parts. And the packing speed can also be adjusted according to the actual situation, especially the unique hydraulic lifting system on the handling of tonne bag packaging seems very easy, for the latter process, it is very convenient to deal with. It is also equipped with programmable electric control system, which makes the control process highly reliable. It is suitable for tonne bag packing of materials in mineral, chemical, building materials, grain, and feed industries.
Weighing frame variable speed charging mechanismThe weighing frame is connected to the sensor to transfer the weight signal of the material to the electrical box, which controls the operation of the whole machine. The lifting cylinder on the weighing frame hooks the corners of the bags.
Variable speed feeding mechanismThe variable speed feeding mechanism consists of an adjustable speed motor, belt drive, screw shaft, and feeding nozzle, there is a dust suction port on the side of the feeding nozzle, and the variable speed motor is controlled by the electric box to control the rotating speed, and the material will be added into the bags from the silo through the screw.
Electrical boxExternal signals and sensor signals are transmitted to the electric box, which controls the start, stop, speed, and cylinder lifting of the feeding motor through the programmed procedure.

Composition of jumbo bag packing machine

Feeding mechanismThe feeding mechanism is an important part of the jumbo bag packing machine, mainly used to provide materials. Materials can be fed through a feeding hopper, screw feeder or vibrating feeder.
Weighing mechanismWeighing mechanism is the core part of the jumbo bag packing machine, responsible for automatic weighing. The weighing system generally consists of a load cell, controller and display.
Bag clamping mechanismThe bag clamping mechanism is mainly used to fix the bag at the outlet to ensure that the material will not leak from the bag.
Hanging bag mechanismThe bag hanging mechanism is to hang the four corners of the bulk bag on the hook to ensure that the bag will not move or slip.
Hydraulic lifting mechanismThe hydraulic lifting mechanism is used to control the height of the tonne bag for filling the material. This part usually consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a control system.
Dedusting mechanismThe de-dusting mechanism is an important part of the tonne bag packaging machine and is mainly used to prevent the material from leaking out during the filling process. The de-dusting mechanism usually consists of a fan and a dust collector.
Bag lifting mechanismThe bag lifting mechanism is mainly used for lifting the filled bulk bags and placing them to the designated position for subsequent transportation and storage.
In addition to the above components, the jumbo bag-filling machine also needs to be equipped with an electronic control system and a conveyor system. The electronic control system can control the work of the tonne bag packaging machine, so as to achieve fully automated production. The conveyor system can transport the materials to the feeding mechanism of the packaging machine to improve production efficiency.

Working process of jumbo bag packing machine

Hanging bagHang the four corners of the tonne bag on the hook, the mouth of the bag is mounted on the bag clamping mechanism (discharge port), and then toggle the discharge switch. The bag clamping mechanism will clamp the bag mouth, so that the bag mouth and the discharge port complete contact, no gap.
Bag clampingThe bag clamping mechanism clamps the bag mouth so that the bag mouth is in complete contact with the discharge opening without any gap.
Lift the bagThe bag rising mechanism starts to work, and the blower blows wind into the bag to make the big bag open completely. Hydraulic lifting mechanism will lift the bag. As the material keeps filling the big bag, the weight of the tonne bag increases and the height of the tonne bag decreases.
Dust removalWhen the air and dust inside the bag overflows and is discharged from the dust removal duct, the material flows into the bag evenly.
WeighingThe weighing system automatically unloads the weight of the tonne bag and the feeding mechanism starts feeding. When the weighing system detects that the weight reaches the preset value, it stops feeding.
Drop the bagThe big bag also falls on the platform and the bag clamping mechanism opens. Then the bags are removed using a forklift or transport system.

Application of jumbo bag packing machine

Jumbo bag packing machine is a multifunctional packing machine that can complete the process of metering, degassing, filling, packing conveying, etc. The whole structure of the equipment is simple and easy to operate, and the modular design achieves flexible and efficient operation, effectively reduces dust flying, and improves the workshop environment.

For granular, powdery materials, the tonnage bag packaging machine is used for packaging and metering, and the materials are conveyed through the high-precision metering device and screw feeding device, which on the one hand can measure the materials finely, and on the other hand can regulate the feeding speed to avoid pipeline clogging and improve the conveying efficiency.

At present, the equipment can be widely used in fine chemicals, food and medicine, new energy, new materials, and other fields, such as spices, sugar, coffee powder, medicine powder, peanuts, feed, fertilizer, washing powder, coal powder, and other materials for the tonnage bag packaging work. In addition, the equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of customers, the actual use of specifications, the weighing range, and the capacity efficiency of the equipment.

The packaging machine has a high degree of automation and can achieve real-time collection of production data, the operator only needs to look through the display screen to understand the dynamic data of production, such as the number of tonne bags, packaging output, and so on. At the same time, the equipment can be in accordance with the preset packaging sequence and process requirements to complete the packaging of logistics and packaging process automation.

How to order jumbo bag packing machine?

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