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LED String Lights Making Machine

led string lights making machine for sale

What is LED string lights making machine?

LED string lights making machine is a kind of manufacturing and production of string lights that are widely used for decoration. LED string light is a string light made of lamp beads, circuit boards, and PVC raw materials, which is a powerful tool for advertising and decoration.

Working process of LED string lights making machine

a. Lamp bead processing
The main component of the string light is the lamp bead, and the production of the lamp bead requires injecting plastic particles into the lamp bead mold through an injection molding machine, and then melting it through high temperature. And after cooling, the formed lamp bead can be obtained.

b. Lamp line making
The lamp lines of string light are generally made of copper wire or aluminum wire. On the automatic LED string light making machine, you first need to cut the lamp line to the required length, then wrap the copper wire or aluminum wire in plastic, and finally form the lamp line.

c. Lamp line assembling
The lamp beads are threaded on the lamp lines at a certain distance, and are usually assembled automatically using LED string lights manufacturing machines. After the lamp bead is connected to the lamp line, it needs to be tested and inspected to ensure its brightness and stability.

d. Lamp shell making
The shell of the string light is generally made of plastic material. Plastic particles need to be injected into the mold through the injection molding machine on the LED string lights manufacturing machine, and then molding, cutting, drilling and other processes are carried out.

e. Assembling and packaging
Automatic LED string lights making machine is used to assemble the lamp line and casing after the lamp beads are assembled, and then it is packaged and quality tested, and finally packaged and boxed.

Details of LED string lights making machine

a. Material preparation
First, prepare the materials needed for the string light, such as lamp beads, wires, battery boxes, and lamp holders.

b. Lamp bead assembling
Automatic LED string light manufacturing machine assembles the lamp beads on the wires and lamp holders in a certain order and quantity.

c. Twisting leads
Twist the leads at both ends of the wire to ensure smooth flow of current.

d. Spot welding
Use the spot welding machine on the LED string lights making machine to weld the wires and leads to ensure a firm connection and make it less prone to leakage and other problems.

e. Insulation treatment
After the spot welding is completed, the solder joints should be insulated to avoid problems such as leakage.

f. Assembling the battery box
Use the automatic LED string light making machine to connect the battery box and the string light, and conduct relevant tests after the assembly is completed.

g. Packaging
Pack the produced string lights for easy transportation and sales.

h. Quality inspection
The quality testing system of the LED string light manufacturing machine is used to conduct a comprehensive quality inspection on the packaged string lights to ensure that the quality meets national standards and customer requirements.

Features of LED string lights making machine

a. Production capacity is relatively stable. LED string light manufacturing machine is made up of one or more machine tools. When a fault occurs, it has the function to reduce running of the machine, and the material delivery system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tool on its own.

b. Product quality is high. During the processing of parts on the LED string lights making machine, feeding and blanking are finished at one time, with high processing accuracy and steady processing form.

c. LED string lights assembly lines can be used to finish various different conveying and processing tasks, and can perform continuous or intermittent motion.

d. There is no relative movement between the materials and the conveyor belt on the LED string lights making machine, which can avoid ruins to the conveyed objects.

Advantages of LED string lights making machine

a. LED string lights making machines are highly automated. LED string lights making machines use advanced mechanical equipment, control systems and information systems to achieve a highly automated production process, reduce manual intervention, and enhance production efficiency and quality.

b. Automatic LED string light making machine has high speed and high precision. LED string lights making machine not only uses a high-speed conveying system and assembly equipment to achieve high-speed material transportation and assembly, but also uses a high-precision control system and sensors to achieve high-precision assembly and detection.

c. LED string lights manufacturing machines are flexible and scalable. Automatic LED string lights production line adopts a modular design and can be flexibly assembled and adjusted according to production needs. At the same time, it can be expanded and upgraded according to production needs to meet production of different scales and needs.

d. LED string lights automatic assembly line has high efficiency and low cost. LED string lights making equipment machine can achieve high-efficiency production, while reducing manual intervention and waste in the production process, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.

How to buy LED string lights making machine?

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