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LED Strip Production Machine

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What is LED strip production machine?

LED strip production machine is a highly automated production equipment that can solve the problem in one go, from the raw material assembly of the LED strip to the aging quality inspection of the finished LED strip.

Working process of LED strip production machine

Feeding - Online lamp bead die bonding solidification*3 - Online resistance die bonding solidification - Online intelligent reflow soldering - Online optical inspection - Online intelligent glue sealing - Online intelligent curing - Blanking

Working craft of LED strip production machine

a. First, the PCB pad is coated with solder paste through the automatic solder paste machine on the LED strip production machine. And the uniformity and thickness of the solder paste determines the quality and flatness of the soldered sheet, as well as the quality of the soldered chip.

b. Load the PCB board coated with solder paste on the carrier, set the die-bonding program input of the chip through computer programming, adjust the direction and height of the die-bonding, and confirm the electrode direction of the chip.

c. Through the LED strip production line, we first conduct a small batch of die-bonding tests. The PCBs that have been die-bonded are inspected for appearance quality to determine the direction of the die-bonding, whether there is solder paste, and whether the location of the die-bonding is correct. Then the inspected products will be flown into the next process.

d. Put the solid PCB board and wafer into the reflow soldering on the LED strip production machine, set the temperature and speed of the reflow soldering, solder the LED chip firmly in the reflow soldering, and after being released, electrical tests are conducted to test whether the LED chips emit light normally.

e. After testing the LED chip on the PCB board, carry out the powder mixing process of silica gel and phosphor powder, configure it in different proportions according to the customer's specified color temperature, brightness and other photoelectric parameters, and vacuum degas the prepared glue.

f. Fix the PCB board on the dispensing machine carrier on the LED strip manufacturing machine for the dispensing process. And the dispensing process is the most critical process for the success of the LED strip. After dispensing, put the PCB board into the oven for baking.

g. After dispensing the glue, conduct a photoelectric parameter test on the light strip to see if the test data meets customer requirements.

h. After welding the 0.5-meter PCB board, connect it to the required length of 5-10 meters. After applying glue, package the light strip on a reel.

i. LED strips are tested in small batches on LED making machines and then transferred to mass production after no abnormalities are found.

Details of LED strip production machine

Making LED chips

a) Cutting: Cut the purchased LED chips into appropriate sizes.

b) Sorting: Sort the chips into different brightness levels according to photoelectric parameters.

c) Screening: Select the screened chips through professional equipment on the LED strip production machine.

Encapsulating LED chips

a) The sorted chips are placed on the packaging substrate through automatic or manual equipment.

b) Connect the electrodes: Use gold or copper wires to connect the positive and negative electrodes of the chip.

c) Curing: Infrared or ultraviolet irradiation is applied to fix the external connecting wires on the substrate.

d) Encapsulation: Encapsulating a chip with electrodes into a transparent plastic or plexiglass material via LED strip manufacturing machine.

Making the back panel of the strip

a) Select the appropriate backboard material according to product requirements, and perform cutting, punching and other processing as needed on the LED strip production machine.

b) Metalize the backplane to improve conductivity. Then stick conductive tape on the back panel to connect the LED chip.

Assembly and testing

a) Chip pasting on the backplane: Paste the packaged LED chips on the backplane and arrange them at predetermined intervals.

b) Connect the power cord: Connect the LED chip to the power cord for subsequent power supply.

c) Assemble the strip: Assemble the LED chip and power cord on the back panel with the strip shell through the LED strip making machine.

d) Testing: Use current testers, voltage testers and other equipment to conduct efficacy tests and electrical performance tests on the assembled strips.

Quality control

a) Integrity inspection: Conduct a visual inspection on the produced strips to ensure there are no obvious defects.

b) Functional test: Use specific testing equipment in the LED strip production machine to test and record the brightness, color, energy-saving performance, current, etc. of the strip.

c) Continuous testing: During the production process, key links are continuously monitored to ensure consistency and stability.

d) Process improvement: Based on test results and feedback, promptly adjust the production process to improve product quality and efficiency.

Parameters of LED strip production machine

Items4 (solid crystal) + 1 (resistance)3 (solid crystal) + 1 (resistance)2 (solid crystal) + 1 (resistance)
Floor area21.8m*1m20m*1m18m*1m
Crystalline grain (length is 100mm standard)There are 24 stars in one row, 13 rows in total, 312 stars in total.There are 24 stars in one row, 13 rows in total, 312 stars in total.There are 24 stars in one row, 13 rows in total, 312 stars in total.
Resistance(length is 100mm standard)There are 3 stars in a row, 13 rows in total, 39 stars in total.There are 3 stars in a row, 13 rows in total, 39 stars in total.There are 3 stars in a row, 13 rows in total, 39 stars in total.
Theoretical production capacity of a single die bonding machineAbout 80 meters per hour (calculated at 24K/hour)About 80 meters per hour (calculated at 24K/hour)About 80 meters per hour (calculated at 24K/hour)
Production capacity88K/hour66K/hour44K/hour
Intelligent integrated systemThrough the whole line integration of the master control system (can be seamlessly connected with the MES system).Through the whole line integration of the master control system (can be seamlessly connected with the MES system).Through the whole line integration of the master control system (can be seamlessly connected with the MES system).
Productivity25K in theory, 22K in practice25K in theory, 22K in practice25K in theory, 22K in practice

Features of LED strip production machine

a. The entire LED strip production line realizes continuous and smooth transmission of flexible light strips. And there is no return movement of the traditional mechanism, which can ensure that each functional unit on the equipment operates continuously, thus greatly improving the performance of the equipment.

b. The intelligent transmission system on the LED strip production machine can not only be used alone, but can also be used in series, parallel and other combination modes, which also greatly expands the use scenarios of the equipment.

c. LED strip production line is truly intelligent. From offline operation to online fully automatic operation, production can be completed smoothly without manual operation, and the product defect rate is reduced from 3% to 0.03%, which greatly improves production efficiency and product quality rate.

Advantages of LED strip production machine

a. The equipment utilization rate of the LED strip production line is high. With a high degree of automated operation, after a group of machine tools is integrated into the assembly line, the output is several times higher than when the machine tools are dispersed and stand-alone.

b. LED strip production machines can reduce production costs and improve enterprise production efficiency. Because it not only has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, stability, high quality and high equipment utilization rate; it can also reduce the number of products in process by about 80%.

c. The production capacity of LED strip production machines is relatively stable. The automatic processing system consists of one or more machine tools. Hence, when a fault occurs, it has the ability to reduce operation. Meanwhile, the material transfer system also has the ability to bypass the faulty machine tool on its own.

d. The products produced on the LED strip production line are of high quality. During the processing of parts, loading and unloading are completed in one go, with high processing accuracy and stable processing form.

e. LED strip manufacturing machine adopts a modular combination design, with fast delivery, beautiful appearance, great value for money, and easy maintenance.

LED strip production machine price

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