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Limestone Dryer

Limestone dryer for sale

What is limestone dryer?

Limestone dryer can be widely used not only in building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing, chemical industry, cement and other industries, but also in drying slag, calcium carbide slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag and other materials. At the same time, limestone dryer is applicable to a variety of combustion furnace use, which are high temperature boiling furnace, grinding coal injection furnace and artificial coal addition furnace. In addition, limestone dryer machine is applicable to slag, limestone, clay, river sand, quartz sand, water slag, coal sludge, sludge and other materials with large wetness and large specific gravity can use slag dryer.

is a kind of rock whose main component is calcium carbonate, which exists in nature in the form of calcite and aragonite, and the dense limestone has higher strength. Limestone has a wide range of uses and is widely used in construction, cement, chemical industry, paper making, ink, rubber and other industrial fields. Limestone resources in China are very abundant and are found in almost all provinces of the country. Before limestone is used in the industrial field, usually need to use special equipment for its processing, because the limestone humidity is relatively large, so it is necessary to use limestone drying equipment. At present, the high sales of limestone drying equipment on the market to the red star machine professional production of limestone dryer, the equipment is not only a novel and special structure design, performance advantages are also very obvious, in the limestone processing process played a very good drying effect.

Working principle of limestone dryer

a. The limestone is sent to the hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enters the charging end through the charging pipe via the charging machine of the hopper.

b. The slope of the charging pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material so that the material can flow into the mining dryer smoothly.

c. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder which is slightly inclined to the horizontal line. The material is added from the higher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower end and becomes counter-current contact with the material, and there is also a parallel flow of heat carrier and material into the cylinder together.

d. With the rotation of the cylinder material by gravity to run to the bottom end. In the process of moving forward in the cylinder, the wet material directly or indirectly gets the heat carrier to give, so that the wet material can be dried, and then sent out by belt machine or screw conveyor at the discharge end.

e. Limestone dryer cylinder wall is equipped with a copy board, its role is to copy up the material and scattered down, so that the material and airflow contact surface increases to improve the drying rate and promote the material forward.

f. After the heat carrier through the dryer, generally need the cyclone dust collector to trap the material carried in the gas (heat carrier is generally divided into hot air, flue gas, etc.). For further reduction of tail gas dust content, it should also go through the bag filter or wet dust collector and then put the discharge.

Composition of limestone dryer

The limestone drying production line is mainly composed of rotary cylinder, air-intake equipment, high-speed dispersion equipment, lifting plate, self-cleaning device, transmission device, conveying equipment, hot air equipment, reducer, support device and sealing device. The whole set of drying equipment is reasonably designed, well made, stable performance, advanced technology, high output, low energy consumption, small footprint and high degree of mechanization.

Limestone processing equipment is mainly composed of cylinder, gear, motor, reducer, feed chute, hot air duct, stop roller and other components.

Feature of limestone dryer

Energy saving

Limestone equipment is 50% more energy-saving and 40% more productive than traditional limestone dryer, which can greatly improve the production of users and increase their benefits, and the whole length of the equipment is shortened by 30%, which is conducive to the construction of the production site and the construction cost has been reduced.

Long service life

The limestone dryer is made of heat-resistant, wear-resistant alloy steel plate, the wear resistance is more than 4 times that of ordinary steel plate, the body wear is small, and the outlet temperature of the equipment is low, effectively increasing the service life of the dust removal equipment, saving the user more than 6-10 million yuan in production costs, and effectively reducing the user's production investment.

High technical content

Adopting advanced production technology, the limestone dryer produced by the high degree of mechanization, can achieve self-insulation of the cylinder, and the thermal efficiency can be as high as 75% or more.

Environmental protection

The limestone machine is equipped with air box pulse bag type dust removal device, which can effectively reduce the dust overflow from the equipment and avoid dust pollution in the production workshop, and at the same time create a good working environment for the operators.

Working process of limestone dryer

When the limestone dryer is in operation, the limestone is conveyed to the hopper by the belt conveyor or elevator, and then the vibrating feeder sends the limestone into the filling end evenly and continuously, the drying cylinder of this equipment has a certain angle with the horizontal line, the limestone enters from a high place, the heat carrier enters the cylinder in the same direction or against the direction of the limestone, the limestone gets the heat given by the heat carrier directly or indirectly in the cylinder, and the wet limestone is dried under the action of the heat carrier. The limestone is dried, and the dried limestone is sent out under the action of belt conveyor or screw conveyor. If the user needs to further reduce the dust content in the exhaust gas, the dried limestone should also be discharged after passing through a baghouse or wet dust collector.

Advantage of limestone dryer

a. High efficiency. limestone dryer's rotary cylinder is set up with a copying device inside, which can continuously copy up and spilling limestone mineral, increasing the contact area between limestone and heat carrier, greatly improving the drying efficiency of limestone.

b. Strong adaptability. The adaptability of the equipment is more flexible, and the material drying effect will not be affected by the thermal deformation of the cylinder, transmission, bending and other factors.

c. Low energy consumption. This equipment adopts the principle of waste heat drying to realize the effective drying of limestone, which saves more than 40% energy than the common dryer. The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is very significant.

d. Excellent quality. On the one hand, each part of the equipment is made of super wear-resistant materials, not easy to wear problems, on the other hand, the lifting device of the equipment uses a mature heat-resistant steel grid heat exchanger device, making the parts more durable and more reliable quality.

e. Good effect. Due to the special structure design of the equipment, it makes the limestone materials tumble more times in the machine, so that the limestone can be fully dried, greatly improving the drying quality of limestone.

f. Less pollution. The equipment drying cylinder inlet end and outlet end set up a labyrinth seal device, not only to prevent the loss of heat, while avoiding the dust flying, the production process is more low-carbon, green, environmental protection, improve the processing of limestone production environment.

g. Low cost. The transmission size gear of the equipment adopts the wear-resistant pin column replaceable gear, the failure rate is less, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost and time of the equipment and saves the cost investment for the enterprise.

Use of limestone dryer

a. Before starting the limestone dryer, check the quality condition of each part of the equipment, and if you find that some parts are seriously worn, you should replace them in time.

b. Open the feeding door of limestone dryer, put the dewatered limestone into the rotary cylinder, then close and lock the feeding door, choose the suitable drying time and set the timing knob to the right position.

c. After determining that each part is normal, press the start button to start the rotor and extractor fan to start the normal limestone drying work.

d. In the process of drying limestone, the drying of limestone should be observed from the observation door, and the power should be cut off immediately in case of equipment failure or other unexpected situations.

e. During the drying process, if the equipment fails, stop immediately and find out the cause of the failure, and take reasonable measures to remove it.

Precaution of limestone dryer

a. Close the feed door of limestone dryer tightly before starting the equipment, and after the equipment stops running, take out the limestone materials after opening the door to avoid accidents.

b. It is necessary to clean the filter screen of the induced draft fan of limestone dryer frequently to keep the induced air normal and the water evacuator smooth.

c. Replace and overhaul damaged parts in a timely manner to keep each part functioning properly.

How to order limestone dryer?

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