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Paper Lamination Machine

Paper lamination machine for sale

What is paper lamination machine?

Paper lamination machine is a kind of machine for laminating and pasting two pieces of paper together, which belongs to the field of paper making machinery.

Paper lamination machine with cutter is usually used for laminating and bonding of pre-printed color printing paper and corrugated board, which is an important supporting equipment for the production of pre-printed carton, and has a certain impact on the efficiency and quality of corrugated board processing. With the continuous development of society and economy, the application of pre-printed cartons is becoming more and more extensive, and the structure of laminating machines tends to be more and more diversified and automated, and the manufacturing technology and performance tend to be more and more mature and advanced. Due to the different structure and performance of laminating machines, the laminating and gluing effects of corrugated boards and facings are also very different.

With the continuous development of society and economy, the application of pre-printed carton is becoming more and more extensive, and the structure of paper roll lamination machine tends to be more diversified and automated. Its manufacturing technology and performance are more mature and advanced. Due to the different structure and performance of the laminating machine, the effect of laminating and bonding of corrugated board and top paper is also very different.

Working principle of paper lamination machine

Paper lamination machine is composed of a paper feeding mechanism, a laminating mechanism and a paper pressing mechanism. Two wind heads are provided side by side on the paper feeding mechanism; an intermediate positioning mechanism is provided on the laminating mechanism to divide the laminating mechanism into two paper paths; wing-shaped spring plates are provided on both sides of the laminating mechanism; and the intermediate positioning mechanism consists of an intermediate positioning guide block and a lifting mechanism, and the intermediate positioning guide block is connected to the lifting mechanism.

Type of paper lamination machine

The common paper lamination machines are semi-automatic paper lamination machine and fully linked paper lamination machine.

Semi-automatic paper lamination machine is used for single-sided cardboard lamination, partial and integral lamination, partial and integral lamination of gray cardboard, laminating and windowing of double-sided labels.

Fully automatic paper lamination machine is designed for the production of short tiles on narrow paper widths.

Feature of paper lamination machine

a. Paper lamination machine is suitable for laminating cardboard and corrugated paper of 175-550g.

b. The whole machine adopts PLC control system to control laminator paper with high stability.

c. Bottom paper adopts suction automatic paper feeding.

d. Surface paper adopts humanized front feeding, labor-saving and convenient.

e. The flattening section adopts floating movable flattening.

f. Full-automatic glue replenishment system and with glue recycling.

g. Metering roller line speed scientifically designed to avoid glue dumping at high-speed operation.

h. Fast speed, easy paper feeding, smooth and precise operation.

i. Adopt the way of scraper plus circulating water to clean the lower roller, the back of the bottom paper is cleaner.

j. Adopt one side adjusting mechanism to adjust the pressure of press-fit rollers, easy to operate.

k. The rack and pinion method controls the lifting and lowering of the sink, making it easy to remove for cleaning.

How to choose paper lamination machine?

a. Choose a reliable supplier. Generally speaking, choosing a machine means choosing a manufacturer. Choose those who produce laminating machine performance, quality is relatively stable, reliable, after-sales service is also more guaranteed partners, stand the test of time and use.

b. Selection of model. Laminating machine according to the model points are completely hand-operated and simple structure, semi-automatic and automatic three, different models of lamination paper cutting machine its structure, performance, price is also very different. Choose what type of laminating machine for production, mainly depends on the structure and characteristics of the factory products, reasonable arrangements for the production of suitable machines, to improve production efficiency and quality are more favorable.

c. Selection of specifications. The specification of the laminate machine for paper is relative to the length of the rollers. In order to avoid causing waste of adhesive, energy consumption and increase of production cost. So, in the selection of specifications should be appropriate in proportion to the appropriate purchase of different sizes of laminating machines to adapt to the requirements of efficient and rational production.

d. Selection of practicality. The paper lamination machine purchased by the customer should meet the production requirements of economy, reasonableness, high quality and high efficiency in order to be conducive to improving the production efficiency and quality and reducing the production cost. The factory should determine the procurement intention of the machine according to the characteristics of its own product structure. Small quantities, small specifications of the products should be purchased manual laminating machine for laminating; large quantities, the hard surface of the material and the quality requirements of the product should be purchased semi-automatic, automatic laminating machine for laminating. Do not buy fully automatic laminating machine for a long time to laminate small quantities, small specifications and paper uneven carton products.

Use of paper lamination machine

Factors affecting paper lamination machine

The laminating speed of a paper lamination machine depends on the size of the paper, the flatness of the paper, the thickness of the corrugated board and the speed of the paper feed.

a. Laminating accuracy. This is also related to the paper itself, but the main problem is still the mechanical structure. New machine or maintenance, a period of time will appear laminating accuracy is not normal. This problem may be due to the positioning chain wear (elongated) or the positioning claw wear (refers to the base of the chain).C positioning claw active sprocket has been worn. There are also other factors that cause wear and tear, such as worn glue wheel bearings; excessive gear lash in the four-wheel set, etc. If you do not pay attention to the interference of these factors, may give the operator and the back end of the die-cutting department to bring trouble.

b. Degumming and Staining. If there is too much glue, the glue will fly, and then stain; if there is too little glue, the glue will come off. The cause of this phenomenon may be the nature of the glue is not good and the concentration of unbalanced, glue wheel and scraping wheel wear or cleaning water wheel and glue wheel balance clearance problems, or bearings or shaft wear caused.

c. Excessive paper output. This situation is caused by double or multiple sheets of paper, and the problem is usually caused by the vacuum gang being worn out, resulting in insufficient blowing pressure and flow rate.

d. Corrugated paper output. This problem is caused by thinning of the output belt, reduced friction, insufficient power of the high-pressure blower, and so on.

e. Production speed. Typical speeds are in the range of 2500-4500 sheets/hour.

Precaution of paper lamination machine

Paper quality leads to inaccurate lamination on paper lamination machines

In daily production, paper tearing is caused by the failure of the contact surface between the paper printing and the machine. When laminating with the lamination paper cutting machine, the paper feeding process will easily bump the surface paper into a bent or folded state, resulting in the phenomenon that the surface paper and the corrugated cardboard are not aligned after lamination. When this happens, the operator should adjust the contact part between the machine and the paper to prevent the paper from tearing.

In addition, if the moisture content of the top paper is not suitable or the stacking is not neat, it is also easy to make the gripper edge curl. At this time, the working surface of the front gauge on the paper feeding chain and the gripper edge is not in straight-line contact with the state of pushing. In this case, the laminating out of the cardboard will also make the face paper obviously protrude out of the corrugated cardboard, and when die-cutting, the protruding face paper will be easily bent, resulting in inadmissible positioning of the front gauge, and the semi-finished products that are die-cut out will also produce errors. This requires the operator to control the moisture content of the tissue to prevent high moisture from reducing its stiffness.

For semi-finished products after printing, varnishing, calendaring or laminating, staff must stack them neatly to prevent deformation and curling. This will avoid inaccuracies when laminating the tissue with corrugated paper.

The usual stock yardage of facial paper should be characterized and paid attention to. For its temperature, humidity, degree of flatness should have a quantitative standard and strictly enforced, may be a moment of carelessness will cause a batch of product loss.

How to order paper lamination machine?

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