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Pesticide Filling Machine

Pesticide filling machine for sale

What is pesticide filling machine?

Pesticide filling machine is a kind of equipment used to quantitatively fill liquid or viscous materials into packaging containers, and can be automatically filled and sealed. According to the form of the material loaded, viscosity, fluidity and the use of different requirements and is divided into different types.

Working principle of pesticide filling machine

Pesticide filling machine adopts the principle of time-controlled metering, the weight of the liquid flowing into the container through the unit time, precise control of liquid metering, automatically into the bottle, no bottle will not be filled.

Pesticide liquid filling machine is suitable for liquid filling with strong fluidity. Working principle: the bottle is fed by the conveyor belt, when the bottle touches the exit stopper, it is in position, the mouth of the bottle is located just below the filling tube, the imported photoelectric sensor detects the bottle delayed for a certain period of time, the filling bottle is opened and the liquid enters the bottle. After filling the bottle, when it is full, the exit stopper lever moves backward and the filled bottle is sent out by the conveyor belt in order to complete the one-time bottling.

Technical parameter of pesticide filling machine

Filling speed10-30 bottles/minute
Filling precision≦±1﹪
Power supply220/110V 50/60Hz
Optional models5 - 60ml
10 - 125ml
25 - 250ml
50 - 500ml
100 - 1000ml
250 - 2500ml
500 - 5000ml

Feature of pesticide filling machine

Pesticide filling machine is an automatic pesticide filling machine realized by microcomputer programmable controller (PLC), touch screen HMI, photoelectric sensor and pneumatic actuator. The machine is easy to operate, stable and reliable, with accurate measurement, no dripping and quick and convenient specification change.

Advantage of pesticide filling machine

a. Pesticide liquid filling machine can fill all kinds of polyester bottles, glass bottles with large filling volume and large filling range.

b. Filling volume, filling speed adjustment and automatic whole process is completed by the high-definition touch screen control of PLC system.

c. Pesticide filling machine has anti-leakage device in the filling nozzle.

d. The shell of the pesticide filling production line and the material contact part adopts stainless steel.

Application of pesticide filling machine

Pesticide filling machine is applicable to a wide range of materials. It can be filled with high acid and alkali value, strong corrosive, high performance requirements of the machine pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary drugs, chemical products and other special products, liquid filling machine in line with GMP production requirements.

The filling machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide and special industries, etc. Pesticide filling line machine is the ideal particle slurry viscosity fluid filling equipment.

How to order pesticide filling machine?

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