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Chemical Filling Machine

Chemical filling machine for sale

What is chemical filling machine?

Chemical filling machine is a line equipment for bottled liquid materials often filling.

The chemical filling line consists of several major machines, including fully automatic bottle trimmer, 4-head piston filling system, fully automatic capping machine, capping machine, electromagnetic induction sealing machine, round bottle positioning and labeling machine, and explosion-proof electric box.

This automatic filling production line is suitable for filling flammable liquids, can be used in explosive environment, each machine is equipped with a separate explosion-proof electric box, so that the electrical isolation of ignition sources to achieve the purpose of explosion-proof. Applicable to pesticides, chemical reagents and other liquidity and bad general-purpose filling production line. The line has a wide range of applications, high degree of automation, high filling accuracy, high production efficiency, simple operation, saving personnel, long service life, and so on.

Working principle of chemical filling machine

Chemical reagent filling machine is composed of weighing device, conveying device, filling device, sealing device and other parts.

Firstly, the reagents are added into the weighing device and counted accurately and clearly by the electronic weigher. Then, the conveying system conveys the reagents to the filling device according to the required filling quantity. The filling device accurately and precisely fills the bottle according to the physical properties of the reagent and the settings of the dosing device. Finally, the sealing device seals the bottle automatically to complete the filling of the reagent.

Working process of chemical filling machine

The workflow of chemical reagent filling machine is importantly divided into five steps: reagent adding, measuring, conveying. Filling, sealing five steps.

Reagent adding

Add the required reagents into the meter, and at the same time through the establishment of parameter settings for reagent addition.


The reagent meter is connected to the computer system through the sensor, and according to the program design, it records the quantity of the added material automatically, and updates the data content at the right time to reduce the error.


The conveying device conveys the measured reagents to the filling head through air pressure, motor and other means.


During the filling process, the filling device injects the reagent from the conveying head into the filling body according to the pre-set amount of the program, and at the same time injects gas into the bottle to correct the pressure inside the bottle.


When the cap passes through the filling head, the sealing device seals the cap at the mouth of the bottle, and at the same time updates the data through the program and strikes the bottle to discharge it.

Machine parameter of chemical filling machine

Material304 stainless-steel
Number of filling heads6-14 heads
Filling range50-1000ml
Bottle diameter30-135mm
Bottle height40mm-200mm
Filling accuracy±1%
Filling speed15-25 bottles/minute
Power supply220V, 50Hz, 6.5KW

Feature of chemical filling machine

a. The capping machine of chemical filling machine has even capping force, easy to adjust the strength and not easy to wear the cap.

b. Chemical liquid filling machine adopts imported PLC and 7-inch touch screen man-machine interface, production parameterized control, simple operation.

c. The piston cylinder of chemical packaging machines adopts grinding and anti-wear metering cylinder, with long life auto-compensating piston sealing.

d. Chemical bottle filling machine adopts food-specific hose, plasticizer-free, suitable for pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

e. The capping machine adopts robot to grab the cap, press the cap and control the capping torque through servo motor to realize the capping effect.

f. The whole machine is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is easy to clean and sterilize, and meets the national regulations and requirements on food machinery and food hygiene.

g. The production line is stable in operation, low noise, easy to maintain, and in full compliance with the GMP certification requirements, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other industries.

h. This line adopts automatic bottle feeding, 4-head servo piston filling machine, elevator automatic capping, servo capping, clamping type positioning round bottle labeling machine, bottle collection to form a fully automated production line.

i. This kind of production line is more advanced, can be improved according to different requirements of customers, and can be made into equipment that fully meets the needs of customers. The whole machine is designed with organic glass cover to prevent impurities from entering the filling materials, safety and hygiene.

How to order chemical filling machine?

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