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Pneumatic Packing Machine

Pneumatic packing machine for sale

What is pneumatic packing machine?

Pneumatic packing machine is a friction fusion type of baler. It is a machine that uses overlapping thermoplastic strapping bands joined by heat generated by frictional movement. The principle is to use the straps to wrap around the product or package, then tighten and fuse the ends by the heat effect or join them using materials such as buckles.

Working principle of pneumatic packing machine

The working principle of the pneumatic packing machine consists of many steps.

Compressed air presses down the piston of the cylinder, which is connected to the upper part of the vibrator with a locating pin, and the vibrator presses down on the overlapping part of the baling band.

An oval hole is built into the vibrator, which is connected to the eccentric shaft of the air motor, which rotates at high speed, which causes the vibrator to move back and forth rapidly.

The lower part of the baling band is held in place by the triangular teeth of the base mold, and the upper part is driven by the triangular teeth of the vibrator, which rub violently.

In this way, the overlapping parts of the baling band are superheated and fused, and when the vibration timer is set to the bottom, the fusion is finished.

The upper and lower parts of the baling band stick together while squeezing, and are left to stand for a few seconds to ensure that the fusion has cooled.

Technical parameter of pneumatic packing machine

Suitable belt width13-19mm
Suitable belt thickness0.5-1.3mm
Binding forceH type: 2800N
M type: 1800N
L type: 1000N
Adhesive strength75%
Applicable air pressure0.5-0.7MP
Overall dimension280×160×180mm

Feature of pneumatic packing machine

a. Pneumatic packing machine is operated by air source, sturdy and easy maintenance.

b. Pneumatic sealing machine adopts the combination method--pneumatic tightening, biting buckle, and cutting tape are completed in an integrated way.

c. Double buckle type.

d. Good stability.

e. Operation mode is full pneumatic push button type.

Advantage of pneumatic packing machine

a. Pneumatic packaging machine uses compressed air as the power source, high efficiency and easy to operate, simple structure and durability.

b. No noise is generated by the hydraulic system standby, which can save power consumption and reduce production costs.

c. Height, speed, stroke, pressure, and press time can be adjusted according to different products or molds.

d. Equipped with an anti-rotation guiding floor and guiding plate, with high precision, it can adapt to high-speed precision punching.

e. Two-handed control or foot-operated mode is available. Ensure the personal safety of the operator.

f. Half pneumatic packing machine adopts microcomputer control system, the mode can choose manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic way.

g. The pneumatic FFS machine can add a heating mold, temperature control, and pressure sensor.

h. Pneumatic pouch packing machine adopts pneumatic technology to realize that one air compressor can be used for more than one pneumatic punching machine simultaneously, which is more energy-saving than an electric punching machine. Reduce electricity consumption, simple switching. Higher safety, using foot switches to control the electromagnetic smell, the structure of a single street, low failure rate, and improved productivity.

Disadvantage of pneumatic packing machine

The price of a pneumatic packing machine is higher than that of an ordinary press, and it is suitable for medium and large enterprises.

Difference between pneumatic packing machine and electric packing machine

Pneumatic packing machines and electric packing machines are commonly used PET plastic steel belt bundling and packaging equipment, with one-button operation tightening, welding, cutting tape function, fast packing speed, tightening, and welding high quality.

Pneumatic baler adopts compressed air as power, and has the advantages of a large pulling force, strong continuous operation ability, low failure rate, and low maintenance cost;

Electric balers use lithium batteries as the driving force, which have unrestricted movement, easy to pack, but the price is more expensive than pneumatic balers, and high maintenance costs later.

Pneumatic baler characteristics

Pneumatic balers need a supporting air compressor, providing 6-8 kg of compressed air, connected to the air supply pipe; suitable for fixed-point baling, mobile range of air compressor as the center, around the 30-meter area; cost-effective, purely mechanical structure, simple and convenient maintenance and after-sales cost is low; suitable for the more severe factory environment, such as man-made board factories, brick factories, non-ferrous metal smelting etc.; strong continuous operation capability.

Electric baler characteristics

a. The current electric baler has guaranteed quality and large market retention.

b. Strong mobile operation ability, without any limitation and light to carry.

c. The lithium battery can pack about 250 strips under full charge.

d. Slightly higher requirements for the packing environment, so pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof.

Use of pneumatic packing machine

a. Strapping. Bundle the packages with the pneumatic baler strapping, hold the overlapping part with your left hand, leave the tail about 300mm, and gently pull out the remaining part with your right hand.

b. Load the baling band. Holding the handle and the tensioner in the right hand (to ensure maximum opening between the tightening wheel and the hanging teeth of the platen), insert the upper and lower parts of the baling band into the baler at the same time. It should be noted that the overlapping parts of the pneumatic baler straps must be separated by the lower blade of the fixed cutter: loosen the tensioner (the tightening wheels hold the straps tightly).

c. Tension the strapping. Press and hold the tension switch lever (right) with your right thumb until the band is fully taut.

d. Vibrate and cut. Press and hold the vibration switch lever (red) with your right thumb until the baling strap is cut and fused. When operating, you need to pay attention to press and hold the pneumatic baler vibration switch lever until the vibration timer stops automatically.

e. Remove the baling band. Tighten the handle and tensioner with your right hand and press the reversing switch with your right pinky until the baling band is loose from the tight wheel. Tighten the handle and tensioner to remove the tool from the baling band.

Precaution of pneumatic packing machine

a. Different belts have different widths and thicknesses. Before use, the machine should be adjusted to use the specifications.

b. Pneumatic packing machine has a vibration timer adjustable vibration time, but the actual use of the customer's air pressure size, and air tube length is different, it is recommended not to use this function. Vibration time can be manually controlled, generally 2-3 seconds.

c. After vibration, there should be 1-2 seconds cooling time to make the fusion point cooled and shaped, and then remove the machine.

d. The air installation must be fitted with a filter (oil-water separator). The air is required to be dust-free, water-free and oil-free, and always clean.

e. The average air pressure is 0.7Mpa (recommended 0.65-0.80Mpa).

f. The minimum inside diameter of the air hose is 6.35MM(1/4), the recommended inside diameter of the hose is 8MM and the outside diameter is 12MM.

Troubleshooting & Maintenance of pneumatic packing machine

Insufficient locking forcea. Parts wear or deformation, need to be replaced.
b. Foreign impurities into the cylinder, hindering the piston in the cylinder surface movement, the cylinder should be disassembled, and cleaning reinstallation used.
c. Piston cannot be backed up, reversing valve leakage, so that the actual working air pressure into the seal buckle cylinder is low, need to change the pointed plug O-type seal body.
Insufficient tightening forcea. The surface mesh of the feeding pressure wheel is worn and needs to be replaced.
b. The gap between the feed pressure wheel and the pad wheel is unreasonable, and the gap should be adjusted.
c. The blades in the air motor are worn and need to be replaced.
d. The reversing valve has a leak, so that the actual working air pressure into the air motor is low, the seal should be replaced according to the inspection.
Insufficient shearing forcea. Blade wear.
b. Check whether the working pressure is normal.
c. The force to cut the strip comes from the blocking cylinder.
d. Check blocking operations.

How to order pneumatic packing machine?

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