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What is potato dryer?

Potato dryer is a kind of dryer to deal with potato materials. It is very important to choose the right drying process. In the past, the general drum dryer drying potato residue effect is poor, so it cannot achieve the drying purpose, and the drying cost is high, and it also causes waste.

Working principle of potato dryer

Potato residue material enters the inner layer of the drum by the feeding device to achieve downstream drying, the material is continuously copied and scattered under the copying board of the inner layer in a spiral marching type to achieve heat exchange, the material moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer for counter-current drying, the material is repeatedly raised into the middle layer in a two-step backward marching way, the material in the middle layer not only fully absorbs the heat emitted from the inner layer of the drum, but also absorbs the heat from the middle layer of the drum. At the same time, it prolongs the drying time, and the material reaches the best drying state here. The material travels to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer, the material travels in a rectangular multi-loop way in the outer roller, the material that achieves the drying effect quickly travels under the action of hot air and discharges the roller, the wet material that does not achieve the drying effect cannot travel quickly because of its own weight, the material is fully dried in this rectangular copying plate, thus completing the drying purpose.

Structure of potato dryer

The whole set of potato residue drying equipment consists of coal-fired hot air furnace, inlet and outlet equipment, rotary dryer, high and low temperature pipes, dust removal system, lifting and conveying system, finished product cooling system, finished product bin, electric control system, steel frame and other equipment and institutions.

Working process of potato dryer

Moisture 80-85% starch slag first through the special dewatering machine, moisture removal to about 68%, sent by the screw conveyor into the stirring drum dryer to achieve downstream drying, materials in the copying plate constantly copied up, scattered in a spiral marching forward, built-in stirring paddle device will be fully stirred starch slag broken, fully expand the starch slag and hot air heat exchange area, starch slag and hot air full quality heat exchange, moisture quickly Evaporation vaporization, reaching about 35%, complete the drum drying process, discharged by the screw conveyor, into the semi-wet starch slag special crusher, crushed starch slag particle size to 1mm or less, into the pulse air drying process, quickly drop to 12% or less. (It can avoid starch slag in the drying process of saccharification, paste phenomenon, resulting in the appearance of starch slag black color)

By the cyclone discharger and pulse bag type dust collector to recover dry material powder, the exhaust gas to meet the standard emissions, to complete the entire drying process. After the drying section can be equipped with crushing, mixing, pelletizing, packing and other follow-up sections to produce finished potato residue pellet feed.

Application of potato dryer machine

Potato residue dryer is widely used in sweet potato residue drying, sawdust drying, straw briquette fuel, charcoal machinery, wood chip pellet fuel, tofu residue drying, cassava residue drying, fruit residue drying and other fiber-based materials drying the most ideal drying equipment.

Feature of potato dryer

a. The drying mechanization of potato dryer machine is high, with large production capacity and continuous operation.

b. Excellent structure, simple, material through the cylinder resistance running smoothly, easy to operate.

c. Fault less, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.

d. The uniformity of product drying is good.

e. Cassava residue drying production line adopts a special dispersing device to ensure the drying effect of the dryer.

f. The novel and unique sealing device with good insulation system effectively reduces the coal consumption of the drying system.

g. The overall system has good sealing performance, and is equipped with perfect dust removal device, no dust overflow, good operating environment.

h. The whole drying system adopts centralized electrical control, automatic adjustment of hot air temperature, high degree of automation and convenient operation.

i. Large processing capacity, a single set of equipment can handle 80 ~ 500 tons of fresh potato residue per day.

j. Strong adaptability. In addition to being used for drying potato residue, potato dregs dryer can also be used for a variety of materials with poor dispersion and large precipitation range, such as wine lees and compound fertilizer.

k. Potato residue dryer adopts rotary dryer as the main machine of the drying system. This kind of machine has simple structure, few failures, low maintenance cost and large production capacity. It can ensure long time continuous operation.

l. The specially designed copying plate structure is adopted in the drying drum to ensure the drying effect of potato residue.

m. The potato residue dryer adopts a novel and unique sealing device and is equipped with a good effect of heat preservation system.

n. The rotary potato dryer adopts stepless variable speed transmission, which can easily adjust the rotating speed of the drum according to the different moisture of the material to achieve the best drying effect.

o. In the potato dregs dryer drum is set with strong disperser, can effectively solve the problem of bonding and caking of materials like potato dregs in the drying process.

Advantage of potato dryer

Drying potato residue is to use boiler exhaust gas as the heat source of the dryer, which can replace the hot air produced by coal-fired hot air furnace as the drying heat source in the drying process, thus reducing some unnecessary costs, and also reducing exhaust gas emissions and reducing pollution of the environment. The use of boiler tail gas drying potato residue really plays the purpose of turning waste into treasure, and also saves some unnecessary trouble.

A. Good color of finished products and higher selling price of finished products.

B. Reasonable program design, compact layout, stable operation.

C. Intelligent operation and monitoring system, high degree of automation.

D. The production line occupies a small area with low infrastructure cost.

E. Environmentally friendly production, in line with green production standards.

Why potato residue dryer is so popular in the market?

a. Because of the high production efficiency of potato residue dryer, it has good market competitiveness.

b. Equipment suitable for small and medium-sized demand. At present, the market demand for potato residue feed is increasing, some users are optimistic about the development trend of potato residue feed production, but also continue to join in, its overall scale is relatively small, then potato residue dryer integration caters to the real needs of a large part of the enterprise, its lower operating costs, but also better to reduce the burden of enterprises.

c. Handling a wide range of materials. Potato dregs dryer can handle sweet potato dregs, potato dregs, cassava dregs, soybean dregs and other high wet materials, using simple operation and fast processing speed.

Use of potato dryer

a. Before formally turning on the power, light the hot air oven to preheat, then formally turn on the potato dryer equipment and rotate the barrel. Prohibit heating without power connection, the temperature is too high may lead to potato dryer barrel local heating excessive bending.

b. After the preheating temperature of potato dryer cylinder reaches a certain range, the material can be gradually added to the cassava residue dryer cylinder. Starting from a small amount of added, you can gradually increase the supply according to the moisture of the material. It should be noted that during the preheating process of cassava residue dryer cylinder, it is prohibited to suddenly ignite to raise the temperature to avoid uneven heating of the cassava residue dryer equipment to affect the drying effect.

c. The potato dryer barrel temperature reaches a more stable state when the water content of the material also meets the demand. At this time, the appropriate amount and uniform supply should be maintained to avoid the supply and undersupply. This will not only ensure the full use of heat energy, but also improve the efficiency of the potato dregs dryer equipment, as much as possible to play a greater effectiveness of the equipment.

How to order potato dryer?

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