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Refrigerator Assembly Line

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What is refrigerator assembly line?

Refrigerator assembly line is pulled by chains, and the load-bearing steel plates/plastic plates are fixed on the chains in the guide rails on both sides of the conveyor as load-bearing mechanisms.

Refrigerator assembly line is composed of door shell pre-installed line - box body pre-installed line - general assembly line - vacuum ring line - inspection line - packaging line - repair line, and also includes jacking translation machine, packing machine and other special equipment to complete the production tasks of refrigerators. Besides, refrigerator assembly line also mainly realizes the automatic casing of the refrigerator, automatic lane storage, automatic box turning, automatic pressing machine, automatic adding bottom tray, automatic vertical box, etc.

Refrigerator assembly line process

a. The foaming of the refrigerator box and the refrigerator door.
After vacuuming the inner cavity of the door/cabinet, the injected foam material is quickly and evenly distributed between the door/cabinet and the liner. This process can provide good specific strength, bonding performance and thermal insulation performance for the refrigerator.

b. Liner insertion device.
After the U-shaped plate automatic production line completes the bending and forming of the refrigerator shell, use a robot or manipulator to rotate the shell 90 degrees and place it into the liner insertion machine. And the pre-installed liner is automatically inserted forward, closed with the shell, and then transferred to the box pre-installed line.

c. Automatic assembly of compressors.
After the refrigerator is foamed on the refrigerator assembly line, it stands upright at 45 degrees, and the tooling equipment for fixing and installing the compressor by the manipulator has been put into practical application. The equipment technology of robot identifying, carrying and fixing compressors has changed the previous situation where operators are also porters and even welders, significantly decreasing the labor intensity of on-site workers, and has become one of the crucial links in the automation of refrigerator production.

d. Automatic packaging of finished products.
Refrigerators are large in size and usually 1.7 to 2 meters in height. At present, manual boxing is still used, which is labor-intensive and low in production efficiency. Therefore, equipment such as film covering, box covering, and bundling and packaging of finished refrigerators have been put into use, which greatly improves production efficiency.

e. Automation and intelligence of logistics distribution.
Refrigerator assembly line has been established a workshop distribution center to realize timely delivery of on-site materials through the light source, sound source and signage management system. In addition to the AGV trolley that can automatically transport materials to the operating station according to the specified route in the workshop, it can also walk through the air with a turnover box through the delivery corridor, and transport materials vertically to the feeding point.

Components of refrigerator assembly line

Plate chain conveyor line
Plate chain conveying line on the refrigerator assembly line adopts an aluminum alloy frame structure, the conveying panel is made of aluminum alloy profiles, the power device and the tensioning part adopt steel structure brackets to meet the rigidity requirements, the distance between the legs is 1.4 meters, and other accessories are made of surface galvanized or blackening treatment, the line body has a beautiful consistency.

Among them, the box pre-installed line adopts the vulcanized rubber-covered structure of the panel to prevent defects such as bumps and scratches on the surface of the box during transportation. The transmission chain adopts double-pitch roller chain with large rollers to ensure stable and reliable transmission, and the chain plate is about 5mm higher than the frame to make the transmission more stable. Moreover, the speed adjustment adopts electromagnetic slip speed regulation, which can carry out smooth 1:10 stepless speed regulation in a relatively wide range of rotation. In addition, the drive adopts planetary cycloid reducer, which reduces the noise of the drive, and avoids the oil leakage of the reducer, making the environment clean. Therefore, the structure of the whole machine is flexible and light, the appearance is beautiful, and the installation is convenient.

Power and non-power roller line
Power and non-power roller line adopts aluminum alloy frame structure, and the surface of the roller is plated with hard chrome to ensure wear resistance. The roller adopts cold-rolled seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 60mm, the center distance is 120mm, and the support spacing is 1.4m. The power roller conveyor adopts a precision roller chain with a short pitch p=12.7mm, and the upper edge of the roller is 10mm higher than the frame, so that the transmission is stable and reliable. At the same time, the speed regulating power roller conveyor of the refrigerator assembly line adopts frequency conversion speed regulator to control the speed, so as to realize fast and accurate speed change. In addition, through the use of steel structure support, the surface is galvanized, and the surface of other accessories is galvanized or blackened treatment. Hence, the whole machine has the characteristics of elegant appearance, lightness and flexibility, and convenient installation and maintenance.

Jacking translation machine
Jacking translation machine of the refrigerator assembly line adopts an integral structure with the aluminum alloy frame of the power roller conveyor, which is used for 90° conveying between the plate chain conveyor line and the roller conveyor line and between the roller and the roller. And jacking translation machine adopts a pneumatic jacking structure, driven by an independent power, and a four-row chain transmission box, with stable transportation and no box falling. When jacking up, the upper plane of the conveyor chain is 20mm higher than the roller table, and when it is landing in place, the upper plane of the conveyor chain is 10mm lower than the roller. And one of them is a two-way jacking translation machine.

90° steering gear
90° steering gear adopts an aluminum alloy frame structure, and the surface of the roller is covered with rubber to ensure that the box body will not be bumped or scratched during transportation. And the roller adopts cold-rolled seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 60mm, and the center distance is 120mm. The conveying chain adopts a precision roller chain with a short pitch p=12.7mm. The upper edge of the roller is 10mm higher than the frame, so that the conveying is stable and reliable. Meanwhile, the 90° rotation is driven by a cylinder and 90° steering gear is supported by steel structure. Therefore, the whole machine has the characteristics of elegant appearance, lightness and flexibility, and convenient installation and maintenance.
Annular enclosed vacuum line
Annular enclosed vacuum line in the refrigerator assembly line adopts QXT250-50 light double hinges, standard closed track, mechanical tensioning structure, supporting trolley line for power supply, and the transmission adopts frequency conversion speed regulation motor, which can ensure the speed synchronization of the vacuum line and the assembly conveyor line and will not happen the phenomenon of box falling or dropping. In addition, the whole line is also equipped with an inspection rail section, which is used to assemble and disassemble the chain and facilitate maintenance.

Electrical performance testing plate chain conveyor line
Electrical performance detection plate chain conveyor line adopts aluminum alloy frame structure, the panel is aluminum alloy profile, and a power socket is installed every 800mm, and the internal sliding contact line is used for power supply, which makes the whole line beautiful and practical.

Belt Conveyor Line
Belt conveyor line adopts a steel structure frame, the belt is 3mm thick, and the upper belt is equipped with a steel plate to ensure the load-bearing requirements, so it has the advantages of stable and reliable transmission, simple structure, and convenient installation and maintenance.

Universal ball platform
Universal ball platform of the refrigerator assembly line adopts an aluminum alloy frame structure, and a universal ball is installed on the bottom bracket of the steel structure, which is used for manual free steering during the repair process of the box body. And it has the advantages of flexible rotation and convenient operation.

180 ° bend
180° bends are used for parallel connections between plate chain lines. The whole line adopts steel structure, the frame part is made of square tube cold-bending and tailor-welded, the panel is bent and formed by 2mm cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is plated with hard chrome. Moreover, the main chain of the wire body adopts a special roller chain, and there is a pitch difference between the inner and outer chains to ensure the synchronization of transmission. At the same time, 180° bend also adopts electromagnetic stepless speed regulation, which has a wide adjustment range and stable operation.

Electrical control system
The whole line is controlled by programmable logic controller (PLC). The assembly, testing, and packing lines are centrally controlled for easy operation. The test line is stepping into and out of the refrigerator, and a single conveyor can realize single in and no exit; single out not in; simultaneously in and out; different lines have in and out. At the same time, a single line of incoming boxes requires a work station to be vacated after every 20 refrigerators are brought in so that the staff can move around.

There are operation buttons at both ends of the detection line to manually respectively control the entry and exit of the box, and there are instructions and protections for the operating status of the other end. The chain line detection part of the detection board is equipped with a through-beam photoelectric switch, and other parts are equipped with a reflective photoelectric switch or a travel switch. Incoming box roller line of the detection line is set the positive and negative direction control, and the whole process of automatic conveying of refrigerators is equipped with box collision protection and box drop protection. Besides, the refrigerator general assembly line, packaging line and rework line are equipped with manual buttons to manually control the operation or stop of the line body, and set several "emergency stop" buttons.

Other workflows
a) Workpiece action flow
After the door body is pre-assembled on the door body pre-installed belt line, and the upper door body foaming line, box liner and shell are pre-installed on the pre-installed belt line respectively, the upper box body is pre-installed on the line, and the box after foaming is manually placed on the general assembly plate chain line for final assembly, as well as finishing the processes of vacuuming, refrigerant injection, power-on detection, halogen leak detection, etc.

Moreover, unqualified products enter the rework line through the jacking translation machine, and enter the vacuum pump line after turning to the universal ball platform; at the same time, qualified products enter the incoming box roller via the jacking translation machine, and the box is randomly sent to each testing line by the box-feeding roller for refrigeration characteristic testing.

Finally, after 90 minutes of power-on inspection, the box body is sent to the secondary inspection line through the jacking translation machine on the refrigerator assembly line, and the box body is subjected to secondary power-on inspection and halogen leak detection. Then unqualified products enter the power rework line through the jacking translation machine, and then go through the universal ball platform, the unpowered rework line, the universal ball platform, the unpowered rework line, and the evacuation line of the power rework line for rework.

b) General assembly packing line
Products that pass the microcomputer inspection enter the general assembly packaging line, where the refrigerator completes wiping and cleaning, visual inspection, packing accessories, packing list, covering cartons, etc. Then the qualified products are pushed into the manual roller of the packing machine for package and offline to finish all processes.

Features of refrigerator assembly line

a. Refrigerator assembly line can realize the high-efficiency combination of refrigerator production line parts assembly and transportation, door and box foaming, vacuum testing, product performance testing, and automatic off-line of finished products, which greatly improves production efficiency.

b. The addition of various automation equipment can effectively solve problems such as the shortage of employees, reduce the labor intensity of operators, and the inefficiency caused by employees who are not skilled in relevant skills.

c. The automatic production line for refrigerator transportation has the advantages of large carrying capacity and multi-angle transportation.

Advantages of refrigerator assembly line

a. Flexibility. Refrigerator assembly line is an effective combination of man and machine, and the refrigerator assembly line is also an organic combination of conveying system, fixture, special machine, testing system, etc., so it can meet the assembly requirements of various products, thereby its flexibility is fully reflected in the conveying operation.

b. Refrigerator assembly line usually uses aluminum profiles or stainless steel welded brackets, which are easy to install and have good load bearing. In the meantime, this assembly line can adjust the beat of assembly according to the assembly speed of the process during the conveying process, so as to ensure that the entire assembly line can be conveyed synchronously.

c. Refrigerator assembly line generally adopts chain plate conveying, and the chain drives the roller or belt to run; at the same time, this refrigerator assembly line can be used in harsh places such as high temperature and dust.

d. The biggest feature of the refrigerator assembly line is the stable production capacity. The automatic processing system consists of one or more machine tools. Hence, when a fault occurs, it will automatically degrade and run, and the material delivery system will automatically bypass the faulty machine tool and continue to work.

e. The products assembled by the refrigerator assembly line are of high quality. Workers only need to be familiar with a certain process, and only need to complete this process on the assembly line, and the product accuracy is guaranteed. At the same time, there is no need to go on and off the shelf multiple times from spare parts to finished products, and only one workload is required from on-line to off-line.

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