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Screw Capping Machine

Screw capping machine for sale

What is screw capping machine?

Screw capping machine is also called capping machine or screw capper. The main use of it is for capping plastic and glass bottles.

Working principle of screw capping machine

The working principle of the screw capping machine is that the caps are stored in the hopper, and then transferred to the capping port by the frequency conversion lifting belt to realize the capping function by two synchronized clamping belts and three sets of six locking wheels. Then through the mechanical torque adjustment function, make the capping just right.

Working process of screw capping machine

Screw capping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for automatically screwing bottle caps, which is usually used in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Its workflow is as follows.

a. Prepare the items and bottle caps to be screwed.

b. Adjust the machine parameters, such as cap diameter and height.

c. Juxtapose the items to be capped on the capping machine conveyor belt and let them enter the capping machine.

d. The automatic screw capping machine detects the items through automated sensors and drives the table to fix the items after accurate calculation, and then starts capping.

e. The robotic arm picks up the cap, transports it to the bottle opening of the article and completes the capping action in a very short time.

f. After the capping is completed, the robotic arm moves the already capped container to the discharge port, while the turntable rotates and the next item starts the capping process just like the previous one.

It should be noted that when using the automatic linear screw capping machine, you should pay attention to the safety operation procedures, keep the machine and the operation environment clean to ensure the quality and safety of the machine and the items. At the same time, in order to prevent the caps from falling into the items, it is also necessary to carry out strict quality inspection and screening of the caps.

Type of screw capping machine

Automatic screw capping machine

The advantages of automatic screw capping machine are high degree of automation and high efficiency; the disadvantage of it is the higher cost (generally need 4~6 people). More common in the market is the combination of semi-automatic and fully automatic products - that is, semi-automatic control of the machine's operating process and at the same time to achieve the function of manual control.

Vacuum capping machine

Semi-automatic screw capping machine is a semi-automatic model (manual capping, manual bottle in/out). Adopting pneumatic drive capping, semi-automatic desktop vacuum capping machine adopts precise control of air pressure of actuator to realize torque control, non-friction torque limitation to make the service life longer; due to the reliable full-seal technology, the configuration of small-power vacuum pump can reach the ideal vacuum degree, and the vacuum degree can be set according to the demand. Semi-automatic bench-top vacuum capper is economical, widely applicable, easy to use, reliable and mobile, suitable for small production workshops, special specification applications, and laboratory use.

It is suitable for all products that use glass threaded mouth bottle caps using standard tinplate claw screw-off caps, such as condiment sauces, canned aquatic products, canned fruits, canned vegetables, soy products, etc. Especially canned products that need to have reliable vacuum packaging and need high temperature and high-pressure sterilization.
Applicable bottle type rangeBottle diameter 40~110 mm
Bottle height 55~180 mm
Applicable cap type rangeStandard tinplate claw screw-on cap 38~82mm
Production capacity reference600 bottles per hour
VacuumMaximum -0.09Mpa (adjustable)
Overall dimensionsWidth 350 mm, height 790 mm, depth 460 mm. (Not including the base size)
Host power supplyAC 220V
Host power consumptionLess than 100 watts

Hand held screw capping machine

Handheld electric capping machine

The handheld electric capping machine is easy to carry and can be conveniently used to tighten or screw loose various caps. The capping machine is mainly used for unscrewing or tightening all kinds of threaded caps. Its adjustable clutch can effectively avoid damage to the cap and reduce the wear of the inner plug.
Capping speedAbout 25 bottles/minute
Main machine net weight0.6kg/1.1kg
Voltage220V 50/60Hz
ClutchTorque adjustable
Capping range28-43mm
Power supply size125×80×60mm
Main machine60×60×300mm

Handheld pneumatic capping machine

Handheld pneumatic capping machine is widely used in any screw cap screwing or tightening. It has a wide range of screwing cap, screwing cap is not subject to the bottle height, shape size, weight, easy to operate, low failure rate and low price, etc., it is the best tool for screwing threaded cap tightening. Especially suitable for bottles taller, larger, heavier or bottle shape strange, or cap specifications, need to replace the screw cap head often use the situation.
Capping range5-30mm
Capping speedAbout 30 bottles/minute
Net weight of main machine0.6kg/1.1kg
Air pressureMore than 4.5kg/cm2
Less than 6.2kg/cm2
Air consumption0.08m3/min
Quick coupling1/4 inch

Desktop screw capping machine

Desktop electric capping machine

Desktop electric capping machine is suitable for screwing and tightening of screw pattern flat plastic caps, and special specification caps can be customized to fit the capping head. The machine is mainly used in lubricating oil drums, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, daily chemical products, beverage bottles and other industries.
Power supply voltageAC220V 50HZ
Working efficiencyAbout 1200 bottles/hour
Cap diameterΦ10mm-Φ50mm
Applicable bottle height40mm-200mm
Net weight of main machine32KG
Main machine shape520×300×530mm

Desktop pneumatic capping machine

Desktop pneumatic capping machine has more stable performance, higher efficiency and longer service life.
Power supply voltageAC220V±10% 50HZ
Power consumption25W
Cap diameterΦ10~Φ50MM
Capping speed20~40times/minute
Bottle height40~200MM
Air pressure1~5Kgf/cm2
Gas consumption0.03m3/minute
Net weight30Kg
External shape520×300×530mm

Feature of screw capping machine

a. Automatic single head screw capping machine adopts friction type capping machine, it is easy and convenient to adjust, the capping speed can be adjusted according to the user's output, it is twice as efficient as the claw type capping machine.

b. Screw capping machine is designed reasonably, adding the function of screw capping on the basis of the original. Compact structure, high efficiency of capping, no scratches on capping.

c. No scratch, stable and reliable, long service life. The capping mechanism stops automatically, and the material in contact with the bottle meets the GMP requirements.

d. The movement is controlled by electric power, the speed of screw cap rotation can be adjusted freely, and the loosening and tightening can be adjusted freely according to different caps and needs.

e. Different shapes and specifications of caps can be selected, with positioning device, easy to operate, high production efficiency and stable performance.

f. Automatic capping machine adopts human-machine interface computer control system, easy to operate. It controls the torque of screw cap and ensures the quality of screw cap.

g. Automatic screw capping machine has detection function, with no bottle, no cap, decap detection, fault self-test and many other detection and alarm control functions.

Use of screw capping machine

a. Use only the type of power supply indicated on the nameplate of the capping machine system.

b. Please keep the electrical components in the electric control box in a good working environment and make sure that the electric control system and the casing are well grounded.

c. Please make sure to disconnect and connect the power supply without danger to avoid personal injury and unnecessary damage.

d. Please make sure the power is off when replacing the wires. Do not operate the circuit when the system is energized.

e. Before energizing the system, make sure the circuit is safe and then close the door of the electrical box to prevent electric shock.

f. Do not tap the touch panel with sharp objects.

g. Do not allow non-operators to maintain and debug the electrical system, which may cause potential hazards to the system, reduce the protective performance of the equipment, amplify malfunctions, or even cause personal injury and property damage. The system should be maintained on a regular basis to ensure the normal use of the machine and extend the service life of the components.

Precaution of screw capping machine

a. When adjusting the machine, in fact, the loose screws need to be tightened, rotate the machine with the stirring handle to see if the action meets the requirements before driving the machine.

b. When adjusting the machine, use the appropriate tools, it is strictly prohibited to use excessive tools or excessive force to dismantle the parts, so as not to damage the parts of the machine or affect the performance of the machine.

c. Screw capping machine should be kept clean to avoid getting oil, dust or other stains on the body of the machine which may damage the equipment. Therefore, every part of the machine surface needs to be cleaned after each operation and cleaned in each lubricant. While cleaning regularly, the machine body should be wiped with a dry cloth dipped in alcohol.

d. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to turn the screw capper with the crank to check whether there is any abnormality in the rotation, and the machine can be officially started only after it is normal.

How to order screw capping machine?

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