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What is shrink wrap machine?

Shrink wrap machine is a machine that wraps the product with heat shrinkable film and then heats it so that the film shrinks and wraps the product. The type of machine is divided into drying channel shrink machine, oven shrink machine, box shrink machine, gun shrink machine, etc.

Working principle of shrink wrap machine

Automatic shrink wrap machine is a combination of pneumatic components and mechanical devices, by the PLC and other peripheral circuit control of automatic packaging equipment. The actuating element of the equipment is a cylinder, which is controlled by a two-position five-way solenoid valve to move forward and backward. The working position of the cylinder is detected by the magnetic switch and proximity switch and fed back to the PLC, which sends out control commands to the corresponding cylinder's solenoid valve through the program to control the cylinder's action. The products can be sealed, moisture-proof, and impact-proof after packing. shrink tunnel machine is suitable for wrapping and palletizing multiple items. It has digital computer self-control temperature, small temperature difference, stable and reliable, low noise, long life, and so on.

Configuration of shrink wrap machine

Shrink wrap machine configuration mainly lies in the heat pipe and the machine's insulation effect, which directly affects the shrinkage effect, and the machine's service life is critical.

a. Quartz tube. Quartz tube use of far-infrared radiation direct heating, electronic step-less variable speed, solid-state regulator temperature control, stable and reliable. Quartz tube is initially used in the development of shrinkage machines, mainly stainless-steel heating, the majority of customers have proved that the stainless-steel heating tube is quartz tube life 8-10 times.

b. Stainless steel heat pipe. High-quality stainless steel heat pipe adopts bi-directional heat circulating air inside, so the heat is even and constant. Heat shrink wrap machine adopts an electronic speed controller to adjust the speed of conveying at will to ensure the smoothness of conveying and good shrinkage effect.

Working process of shrink wrap machine

When using a shrink packing machine, you need to put the products to be shrunk together first. When the products go through the first pass, there will be film falling on the items to be packaged. But this time the packaging out of the effect is not very good, and so after the second pass the effect will be very nice. For example, for food, beer outside plastic film packaging, packaging out of the appearance is very beautiful. Heat shrink packaging machine can also be matched with a sterilization dryer, composed of packaged dishes and chopsticks complete sets of equipment.

Technical parameter of shrink wrap machine

Power source3P+N 230V/380V
Maximum power6.5KW
Machine sizeW 800mm x L 2400mm x H 1500mm
Table height930mm
Shrinking oven entrance size450mm x 230mm
Shrinking oven length700mm
Edge sealing rangeW 500mm x L 400mm
Packing speed15pcs/min
Sealing and cutting methodTop blade
Maximum product height150mm
Maximum outer diameter of film rollDIA 250mm x L 600mm
Compressed air pressure5~7kg/cm2
Machine weight250kg
Optional accessoriesU-turn roller conveyor

Feature of shrink wrap machine

During the shrinking process, the use of shrink tunnel machine not only does not affect the quality of the packages but also can shrink quickly. The products packed by a shrink machine can be sealed, moisture-proof, impact-proof, and suitable for tight packing of multiple items and pallet packing.

The shrink wrapper has the following features.

a. Shrink packaging machine adopts far-infrared direct heating.

b. Compact size of the equipment, short preheating time, power saving.

c. Electronic step-less variable speed temperature regulation.

d. Shrinkage does not affect the quality of the packaged items and can be shrink-wrapped well.

e. The plastic wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping regular or irregular items.

Application of shrink wrap machine

Shrink wrap machine is suitable for packaging glass bottles, styrofoam, cartons, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, souvenir labels, and other items.

Shrink wrap machine packaging methods

According to different packaging methods, the shrink wrap machine is roughly divided into the following three packaging forms.

Open at both ends

The two-end open-type packaging method uses the cylinder film or flat film to wrap the packaged product in a sleeve first and then carry out the heat-shrinking operation. There is a shrinkage opening at both ends of the packaged product after the completion of the packaging.

a. When the cylinder film is used, the opening of the cylinder film will be opened first, and then the product will be pushed into the cylinder film with the help of the slide groove, and then the film will be cut off. This method is more suitable for wrapping cylindrical-shaped articles, such as batteries, paper rolls, bottles, and cans. The advantages of packaging with cylindrical film is to reduce the number of 1 ~ 2 sealing process, and a beautiful appearance, the disadvantage is that it cannot adapt to the requirements of product diversification, and is only applicable to the mass production of a single product.

b. Wrapping items with flat film is done in two ways: with single flat film and with double flat film. Film to be wider than the goods, with double flat film, that is, with the upper and lower two film wrapping, in the previous package to complete the sealing cut at the same time, the two pieces of film are sealed up, and then the product with a machine or manually pushed to the upright film, in place after the sealing shear mechanism down, the product of the other side of the sealing and shear, the film wrapped products after heat shrinkage, the packaging pieces of the ends of the contraction of the formation of oval openings, with a single sheet of flat film When using a single sheet of flat film, the flat film will be unfolded first, and the wrapped product will be fed into the middle of the flat film to form a horseshoe-shaped wrapping, and then heat-seal the lap seal.

Sealing on all sides

The product is wrapped up with flat film or cylindrical film all around, and the seams are sealed by lap sealing. Used for the sealing requirements of the product packaging.

a. Folded film can be used in L-type sealing, using rolls of folded film, pulling out a certain length of the film in a horizontal position, using mechanical or manual support of the open end to push the product to the folded seam.

b. Pillow-shaped bag packaging can be used with a single sheet of flat film. This method is to use a single sheet of flat film, first seal the longitudinal seam into a cylinder, the product will be pushed into it, and then seal the cross-seam cut off into a pillow-shaped packaging or the two ends of the card tie into a cylinder packaging.

c. Wrapping with double-sheet flat film sealed on all sides is similar to the two-end open type, which can be accomplished only by equipping the machine with sealing devices on both sides.

d. When wrapping with cartridge film, it is only necessary to seal and puncture the cartridge film at the same time as it is cut off, and then heat-shrink. In the sealing device is often next to the stinger, heat sealing stinger in the film pricked out of the deflated holes in the heat shrinkage after the small holes are often closed on their own.

Open at one end

Shrink-wrapping on pallets is a typical example. First, the film is made into square-bottomed big bags. Second, the big bag is put on the pallet of stacked goods from top to bottom and then heat-shrink. Third, the pallets with loaded products are placed on a conveyor belt and the shrink film bags are applied. Fourthly, it is sent into the heat-shrinking channel by the conveyor belt, and after passing through the heat-shrinking channel, the shrink packaging is completed.

The main feature of shrink wrap sealer is that the products can be firmly bundled in a certain number of units, will not be loose during transportation, and can be stacked in the open air.

How to order shrink wrap machine?

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