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Single Head Filling Machine

Single-head filling machine for sale

What is single head filling machine?

Single-head filling machine refers to only one filling head filling machine, that is, there is only one filling port can be used for filling. 

In terms of filling efficiency, semi-automatic single head filling machine, for example, according to the filling capacity of 5L to calculate, semi-automatic single-head filling machine speed is roughly 120 ~ 300 stalls / hour. This can already meet the filling needs of many small businesses. Therefore, although the single-head filling machine in the filling efficiency than the multi-head filling machine, it is also the choice of many small factories.

Working principle of single head filling machine

Single head filling machine is semi-automatic piston filling machine. Through the cylinder to drive a piston to extract and hit the material with a one-way valve to control the flow of material, with a magnetic reed switch to control the cylinder's stroke, you can adjust the filling volume.

Technical parameter of single head filling machine

PowerPower adopts stereotyped set gear drive, electronic speed control motor, smooth running, low noise. Speed can be continuously adjusted.
Measuring pumpMeasuring pump accuracy ± 0.5ml
Filling volumeFilling volume from 1-1000ml can be realized by choosing the corresponding specification filling machine. The machine is lightweight and can be placed at will. Filling volume can be adjusted slightly to meet different user requirements.
Power supply220V
Liquid volume range10-100ml (filling volume adjustable)
Filling speed10-30 bottles/minute (filling speed adjustable)
Outside dimension180×300×480mm

Feature of single head filling machine

a. The structure of single head filling machine is simple, reliable and with less failure.

b. Single head liquid filling machine adopts conical piston. It has good sealing performance, accurate liquid dispensing and convenient liquid adjustment.

c. Single head pasty liquid filling machine's liquid touching part are made of stainless steel, and it is easy to load and unload, and can be aseptically dispensed.

d. The cylinder barrel, push rod and piston of single head filler are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

e. Speed continuously adjustable, easy to operate.

Advantage of single head filling machine

a. Single head filling machine can be used for both cream and liquid for pneumatic three-way valve, and is SS304 stainless steel material, for pneumatic three-way valve no corner, easy to clean.

b. There is a standard measuring scale, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

c. There is a counting device, which can automatically count how many times of filling.

d. Material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel, in line with GMP requirements.

e. Adopt high quality pneumatic components.

f. Seals are made of silicone rubber (abrasion-resistant, high temperature-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant), fluorine rubber (abrasion-resistant, strong acid and alkali resistant, strong corrosion-resistant).

g. For lotion, care solution, oral solution, hair care solution, hand sanitizer, skin care solution, disinfectant solution, foundation solution, antifreeze, shampoo, eye wash, nutrient solution, injection, pesticides, medicine, wash clean, shower gel, perfume, edible oil, lubricating oil and special industry liquid filling.

h. Filling head above with anti-stretching, anti-drip device and lift filling device, filling nozzle equipped with two sizes.

i. Filling speed is fast. Take 500ml as an example, it can be filled back and forth 30 times per minute, and the filling accuracy is plus or minus ≤±1%.

Application of single head filling machine

Single-head filling machine is suitable for hospital preparation room, pharmaceutical factories, veterinary medicine factories, beverage factories, daily chemical factories, laboratories and other small enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises in small batch production, can be filled: eye drops, ampoule injections, cilindrical vials of injections, a variety of oral liquids, reagents, beverages, edible oils, honey, shampoo, chemicals, veterinary drugs, pesticides, and so on.

Single head sauce filling machine is suitable for filling semi-fluid, paste, thick sauce, sauce and other kinds of paste sauces, such as chili sauce, ketchup, shrimp sauce, salad dressing, chive blossom sauce, caviar, etc. It can also be used for creams, creams, cosmetics, hand sanitizers and other rolls, which is suitable for the food, daily chemical and chemical industries.

What is the difference between using a single head filling machine and automatic multi-head filling equipment?

Now, many companies in order to improve efficiency and ensure that the production of more production in a period of time, will choose to use automatic multi-head filling equipment; part of the small business will choose to use a single-head filling machine. But regardless of the use of that kind of filling machine, its purpose is to strengthen the production efficiency of sauce filling, improve the production of product packaging.

Automatic multi-head filling equipment is mainly used for the packaging of various food products, such as: chili sauce, ketchup, beef sauce, mushroom sauce and other commodities filling.

Single-head filling machine and automatic multi-head filling equipment is a class of filling machine products, in terms of the strength of production is divided into single-head filling machine and automatic multi-head filling equipment, from the nature of the filling material is divided into explosion-proof filling machine and ordinary filling machine.

Single-head filling machine and automatic multi-head filling equipment is the difference between the number of filling head, single-head filling machine is only a filling head. This design is very convenient to deal with a variety of bottle types and a variety of specifications to adjust the time; but for the filling output, the single head of the production efficiency is relatively single, the speed is naturally not as high as the output of automatic multi-head filling equipment. Automatic multi-head filling equipment it belongs to the automatic filling equipment. Because the filling head is more, so the filling strength is stronger. Weighing filling method, so that the filling metering accuracy is higher, not thin material, fast and slow addition of the composition of the filling valve. This can improve both the filling speed and filling accuracy. Multi-head filling method, filling out the material without bubble generation, good effect, automatic control of material feeding.

Nowadays, many sauce products are required to fill, in the face of large-scale enterprises, centralized production and standardized production mode using automatic multi-head filling equipment is undoubtedly a better choice, while for small-scale sauce filling production enterprises single-head filling machine is a good choice.

How to order single head filling machine?

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