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What is speaker manufacturing machines?

Speaker manufacturing machines automatically assemble the scattered parts of the speaker such as magnets, frames, core support pieces, voice coils, diaphragms, folded cones, etc. The advantage of this speaker manufacturing machines is that the dust-proof net pasting, labeling, and rubber shell and magnet bonding are all automated, so the processing efficiency is high.

Working process of speaker manufacturing machines

Main magnetic section

Automatically feeding T-iron → Automatic dispensing → Automatic magnet assembly → Automatic magnet dispensing → Automatic gauge insertion → Manual bracket (1 person) → Automatic correction → Drying → Automatic material taking

Personnel watching the machine: 1 person
Production capacity: 1300-1500PCS

Software section

Manual feeding (1 person) → Automatic dust removal → Automatically dispensing elastic wave glue → Manual installation of elastic wave (1 person) → Manual insertion of voice coil (1 person) → Automatic dispensing of elastic wave center glue → Automatic dispensing of bracket glue → Manual installing drum paper (1 person) → Automatically dot the center glue of the drum paper → Automatically press the drum paper → Manual line dividing (1 person) → Manual plate arrangement (1 person)

Total personnel: 6 people
Production capacity: 1300-1500PCS

Components of speaker manufacturing machines

Magnetic circuit section technology

Speaker manufacturing machines adopt an integrated structure design and can fully automatically complete the automatic feeding of T-irons, magnets and magnetic gauges. And the dispensing part adopts three-axis manipulator to automatically apply glue, automatically correct, dry and other processes. At the same time, speaker automatic manufacturing machine adopts PLC precise control and imported electrical components. For replacement, you only need to adjust the size of the vibrating plate and replace the magnetic circuit positioning fixture to complete the whole machine replacement. Therefore, speaker manufacturing machines are simple to operate and easy to use.

Software assembly section

Speaker manufacturing machines adopt a turntable overall structure design to complete the assembly process of the speaker software part, including: magnetic circuit dust removal, automatic elastic wave dispensing, manual elastic wave and voice coil, automatic AB center dispensing, automatic bracket dispensing, manual loading drum paper, automatic drum paper center dispensing, automatic edge gluing dispensing, automatic edge pressing, drying and plate arrangement, etc. Moreover, only five people are needed to complete all work instructions, and all human-machine operations are automated, with a personnel saving rate of more than 65%. In addition, speaker making machine's production capacity can reach 1300-1500PCS/H. Due to its reasonable design and layout and simple operation, it greatly reduces the intensity and level of personnel. Moreover, automation makes product quality more stable and achieves a leap forward.

Comparison of manual and automated modes of operation

Project nameManual operation modeAutomatic operation mode
Personnel investment2710
Personnel saving rate0%62%
Asset input150,000700,000
Machine capacity1500UPH150UPH
Machine failure rate≤98%≤98%
Product defective rate≤1%≤1%
Scope of applicationNo limitWidth: 10-50mm, length: less than 200mm
Line change time20 minutes20 minutes

Features of speaker manufacturing machines

a. Speaker making machine focuses on the automatic assembly of speakers with T irons and magnets with square external magnets, including: T irons, dispensing, magnets, brackets, magnetic gauges, drying, elastic waves, voice coils, drum paper and other assembly and automatic dispensing process, etc., and the entire machine only requires about 6 people to complete the operation, and each work station can meet various performance and quality requirements.

b. Speaker making machine can realize front and back identification, precision dual-channel AB dispensing process, square elastic wave dispensing, square drum paper dispensing, etc., and the magnetic circuit product feeding uses a vibrating plate loading, and the vibration plate size can be adjusted to suit your needs. In the meantime, automatic positioning is used throughout the entire process to maximize versatility and 100% guarantee of quality.

c. The overall design of the speaker making machine adopts a disc-split structure design and each robot arm is reasonably laid out and easy to operate. Besides, it not only uses an MES data monitoring system to strictly control the process, efficiency and quality, but also applies the electrical accessories that are all imported brands, ensuring stable performance of the entire machine.

Advantages of speaker manufacturing machines

a. Speaker manufacturing and assembly line is suitable for the assembly of speakers of various specifications and shapes, and can realize automatic assembly and bonding of T-irons, brackets, magnets, gaskets, and drum paper. In addition, speaker manufacturing machines also have the functions of automatic insertion of positioning gauges, automatic drying, automatic removal of positioning gauges, automatic positioning gauge reflow, and automatic glue dispensing.

b. Speaker making machine uses a high-precision glue dispensing system to adjust the glue amount accurately and conveniently, and can realize a variety of glue dispensing methods. At the same time, speaker manufacturing machines use high-precision sensing detection technology and CCD image detection system to intelligently determine whether there are leaks or breaks in the glue.

c. Speaker manufacturing machines use internationally renowned brand pneumatic accessories as the main driving accessories, with more stable performance. Moreover, speaker automatic manufacturing equipment adopts advanced PLC + human-machine interface control, making the program more user-friendly and easier to operate.

d. Speaker manufacturing machines have a compact structure, small equipment size, space saving, fast operation speed and low noise. Additionally, speaker making machine adheres to the concept of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the automated equipment developed and designed saves electricity and gas, and can save a lot of money in the long term.

How to buy speaker manufacturing machines?

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