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What is alu alu blister machine?

Alu alu blister machine is a professional packaging equipment widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It adopts advanced technology and techniques to efficiently pack products in double-layer aluminum foil to provide excellent freshness retention and protection against external contamination.

What is alu alu blister?

Alu alu blister has different classifications according to the different uses.

Architectural aluminium profiles

Alu alu blister is mainly used in the construction field, mainly for doors, windows, and curtain wall materials.

Industrial aluminium profiles

Alu blister is mainly used in aviation, rail transportation, mechanical equipment, electronic products, and general industrial aluminum profiles.

According to the surface treatment, aluminum profiles are divided into anodic oxidation, coloring profiles, electrophoretic painting profiles, powder coating profiles, fluorocarbon paint spraying profiles, polished profiles, woodgrain profiles, aluminum and wood composite profiles, and so on.

Working principle of alu alu blister machine

The operator places the product in a special mold of an alu alu blister packing machine and then presses and seals the aluminum foil tightly together to form a hermetically sealed container. This type of packaging has several advantages, the first of which is that it effectively extends the shelf life of the product. Thanks to the aluminum foil's excellent oxygen barrier and optical properties, it reduces the product's contact with air, humidity, and light, thus maintaining its freshness and quality.

Function of alu alu blister machine

Alu alu packing machine can provide excellent barrier properties. Alu alu blister has an excellent ability to block external substances such as moisture, oxygen, light, and aroma, effectively protecting products from external factors. This is particularly important for food and pharmaceutical products that need to be stored for long periods of time, ensuring product stability and safety.

Alu blister packing machine also has good mechanical strength and pressure resistance. As the product is packed in a double layer of aluminum foil, it can effectively prevent damage to the product caused by external impact and extrusion. This is particularly important for products that are fragile, easily deformed, or require a high degree of sealing.

Feature of alu alu blister machine

a. Alu blister packing machine integrates machine, electricity, light, and gas, controlled by PLC programming, frequency conversion speed control, and operated by the human-machine interface, which makes the transmission of each station of the machine program.

b. Alu blister machine has automatic online detection and elimination of missing particles waste plate function, but also according to user requirements can be configured with an imported image detection device, automatic identification of shape difference in more than 10% of the drug and be automatically rejected.

c. Cursor matching sealing device makes each plate pattern consistent, clear, and pleasing to the eye, and enhances the effect.

d. Split combination body is convenient for entering the decorated cleanroom smoothly.

Note: Plexiglass cover can be configured according to user requirements.

Technical parameter of alu alu blister machine

Punching frequency (times/min)Aluminium Aluminium 6-25
Aluminium Aluminium 6-25
Aluminium-plastic 6-30
Production capacity (10,000 grains/hour)Aluminium-plastic aluminium 4-10
Aluminium Aluminium 4-10
Aluminium-plastic 4-20
Stroke adjustable range (mm)40-160
PVC max. moulding area and depth (mm)230×150×26
Maximum forming area and depth for tropical aluminium(mm)230×150×14
PVC moulding power (top)(kW)1.5
PVC moulding power (lower)(kW)1.5
Aluminium-plastic heat sealing power(kW)1.5
Forming aluminium heat sealing power (kW)1.5
Main motor power(kW)2.2
Total power(kW)8.2
Air pressure (MPa)0.4-0.6
Air compressor volume flow (m3/min)≥0.5
Packaging material specification (mm)Pharmaceutical PVC 0.25-0.5×250
Aluminium foil PTP 0.02-0.05×250
Tropical aluminium 0.08-0.10×250
Overall dimensions (mm)4310×720×1550 (L×W×H)
Overall weight (kg)2400

Advantage of alu alu blister machine

a. High efficiency. Alu packing machine is designed with full automation, which can complete the whole production process at one time, from product loading to sealing and cutting, all in one go. Compared with other packaging machines, the aluminum-plastic packaging machine is faster and more efficient, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

b. Good sealing. Alu alu packaging machine uses heat sealing technology, packaging products can be tightly sealed together to prevent the intrusion of oxygen, water vapor, and other harmful substances, to ensure product quality and safety. At the same time, the sealing performance of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine can effectively extend the shelf life of the customer's products and improve storage safety.

c. Wide applicability. Alu alu tablet packing machine is suitable for products of different shapes and sizes and can be packed without changing specific molds. It is not only suitable for typical industries such as food, medicine, and cosmetics but also for various industries such as electronics, hardware, and stationery. Therefore, an aluminum-plastic packaging machine has a wide range of applicability, whether it is a large or small batch can be applied.

d. Reliability. Accurate alu alu machine adopts high-quality electrical components, transmission system, etc., which is highly reliable and durable. An intelligent control system ensures the stability and efficiency of the packaging machine. Therefore, the aluminum-plastic packaging machine can run continuously for a long time with high stability and reliability.

e. Economy. As alu alu blister machine utilizes fully automated production technology, the packaging cost is lower than traditional manual packaging, and due to its high efficiency and stability, it is able to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency and product quality. Therefore, an aluminium-plastic packaging machine is a kind of economical and efficient packaging equipment.

To sum up, the alu alu machine has a series of advantages such as high efficiency, good sealing, wide applicability, reliability, and economy. Therefore, in the future packaging market, aluminum-plastic packaging machines will be widely used, and become one of the preferred equipment for product packaging in various industries.

Application of alu alu blister machine

In the food industry, alu alu blister machine is widely used in the packaging of various foods. As the aluminum-plastic packaging material has good barrier and sealing properties, it can effectively protect the food from the intrusion of oxygen, water vapor, and other substances, and extend the shelf life of the food. For example, snacks such as instant noodles and biscuits, as well as some foods that need to be refrigerated or frozen, all need to be used it for packaging.

Alu alu blister packaging also plays an important role in the medical industry. Some medicines and medical devices require aluminum-plastic packaging to ensure their quality and safety. In addition, some biological samples and blood samples also require aluminum-plastic packaging for storage and transportation.

In the daily chemical industry, alu alu blister packing is also widely used in the packaging of various products. For example, some shampoo, shower gel, and other daily necessities need to use aluminum-plastic packaging to ensure their quality and hygiene; some toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other oral products also need to use aluminum-plastic packaging for sealing and protection.

Use of alu alu blister machine


a. Determine the required packaging specifications and requirements, and adjust the machine parameters to suit.

b. Check and ensure adequate supply of equipment and materials, such as aluminum foil rolls, plastic film, sealant, etc.

Aluminum-plastic lamination

a. Load the aluminum foil roll and plastic film into the corresponding unwinding device respectively.

b. Adjust the tension control system to ensure that the aluminum foil and plastic film are stretched evenly to avoid ripples or wrinkles.

c. Laminate the aluminum foil and plastic film together by hot pressing roller to form an aluminum-plastic composite film.

Cutting and molding

a. Adjust the cutting mold and guiding system according to the size and shape of the product.

b. Feed the aluminum-plastic composite film into the cutting area to achieve the cutting and forming of the product through the cutting mold.

Filling and sealing

a. Place the products in the cut bag.

b. Adjust the filling system to fill the bag with the right amount of products according to the product characteristics and requirements.

c. Through the heating and pressing system to achieve the sealing of the bag, to ensure the long-term preservation of the product and anti-counterfeiting ability.

Detection and discharge

a. Use sensors or vision systems to detect the quality and integrity of the bags.

b. Automatically sort the unqualified bags and discharge them to the waste area.

Packaging output

a. Automatically stack or box the completed packaging products.

b. According to the requirements, you can add labels, batch numbers, production dates, and other information.

c. Prepare for the next round of packaging.

Maintenance of alu alu blister machine

a. Cleaning and Maintenance. Alu alu blister machine needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis during its use. At the end of each day's work, the machine needs to be simply cleaned, including cleaning the surface of the machine, air inlet, air outlet and other parts. Every fortnight you need to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the machine, including checking whether the various parts of the machine are working properly, cleaning up the debris and dust inside the machine, etc.

b. Inspection and adjustment. In the process of use, the operator needs to frequently check the working status of the rapid pack alu alu machine, including checking whether the sealing of the machine is firm, whether the temperature is appropriate, etc. If abnormalities are found in the machine, timely adjustments need to be made to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

c. Replacement of parts. During use, if the operator finds that a part of the machine is malfunctioning or worn out, it needs to be replaced in time. For example, if you find that the heat sealer is faulty, you need to replace the heat sealer in time; if you find that the cutter is worn out, you need to replace the cutter in time. It should be noted that the replacement parts need to choose the same model and specifications as the original parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

As an important packaging tool, alu alu blister packing machine has been widely used in many fields, such as food, medicine, daily chemicals, and so on. In daily maintenance, you need to focus on cleaning and maintenance, checking and adjusting as well and replacing parts to ensure the normal operation of the machine and improve packaging quality and efficiency.

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