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Bread packaging machine for sale

What is bread packing machine?

Bread packaging machine is a pillow packaging machine in packaging machine an exclusive category of food packaging. Automatic bread packing machine is according to the special packaging characteristics of bread, bread for one-time packaging of special packaging machinery. Bread packaging machine is also suitable for other lumps, regular solid or small trays of objects such as one-time rapid packaging.

Bread packaging machine adopts original single servo or double servo motor control, compared with other domestic and foreign similar frequency converter motor or frequency converter control products, packaging accuracy is higher, adjustable range is wider, the control is more accurate, the scrap rate is lower, and the stability is better. Due to the world's leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure at a glance, maintenance is more convenient; in the use of box materials, 12mm thick steel plate to ensure the stability of the machine in high-speed operation; due to the special nature of the bread products, bread packaging machine can be added with alcohol spray or nitrogen-filled device, strictly guarantee the safety of bread consumption.

Working principle of bread packing machine

The working principle of bread packing machine is mainly to pack bread according to certain weight and specification. Firstly, the bag conveying mechanism passes the bag into the equipment, the weighing mechanism measures the weight of the bread, when the weight reaches the set value, the sealing mechanism seals the bag quickly, and at the same time, the transmission mechanism conveys the packaged bread to the specified position. The whole process is carried out automatically without human intervention.

Structure of bread packing machine

Bakery packing machine is mainly composed of six parts: hopper, feeding, pressing, cutting, bagging and palletizing.
HopperThe hopper is used to store the bread ingredients and adjust the proportion of flour, yeast, etc. automatically.
Flour feedingThe flour feeding part consists of feeding rack, noodle holder, feeding roller and feeding motor, which is used to convey the dough from the hopper smoothly.
PressingThe part of pressing consists of pressing rollers, pressing mechanism and it control device, which presses the delivered dough into fixed size and shape of cake, and its good pressing effect is the basis of the beauty and taste of bread.
CuttingThe cut section consists of cutting frame, cutting rack, positioning device, cutting motor and chute for cutting the pressed dough into fixed length dim sum strips or planes.
BaggingBagging consists of a cylinder loading device, heat sealing machine, bagging positioning frame, heat sealing cutter, guiding and handling device and transmission mechanism to paste the cut dough strips/planes on the plastic film with neat bag opening and good sealing.
PalletizingThe palletizing consists of a pattern positioning device, a drive mechanism and a palletizing device to palletize the bagged bread for transport and storage.
The above components and their functions constitute the main workflow of the bread automatic packaging machine. The fast and accurate packing process is realized through various types of precise drive, positioning, pressing, cutting and bag sealing controls.

Feature of bread packing machine

a. High degree of automation. Bread packaging machine adopts advanced automation technology, which can achieve automatic feeding, quantitative packaging, sealing and sealing and other functions. It does not need human intervention, which saves labor cost and improves production efficiency.

b. High production efficiency. Bread packaging equipment can run at a high speed and can pack dozens or even hundreds of breads per minute. It greatly improves the production efficiency and adapts to the rapid change of market demand.

c. Good packing effect. Bakery sealing machine adopts advanced packaging technology, which can pack bread neatly and beautifully, not easy to deform, and keep the shape and taste of bread. The packed bread is also easier to display, sell and transport.

d. Versatility. Bread sealing machine has a variety of packaging methods and the function of adapting to the packaging of bread of different specifications. Bread of different sizes, shapes and weights can be packaged by adjusting the appropriate parameters to meet the needs of different customers.

e. Easy to operate. Bread packing machine adopts touch screen control system, the operation interface is simple and clear, the operator only needs to operate according to the prompts. Simple operation reduces the training cost and operation difficulty.

f. Easy to clean. The bread packaging machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain. Key components are reasonably designed, easy to disassemble and replace, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance of the machine.

g. Safe and reliable. Bread packaging machine has multiple safety protection devices, such as overload protection, emergency stop, electronic detection. Once an abnormality occurs during operation, the machine can stop automatically and alarm in time to ensure the safety of operators.

h. Energy saving and environmental protection. Bread packaging machine in the design and manufacturing process, pay attention to the principle of energy saving and emission reduction, the use of intelligent control systems and energy-saving equipment. It will not produce too much waste water, waste gas and waste during the production process, which is in line with the national environmental protection requirements.

i. High Reliability. The bread packaging machine is made of high-quality raw materials with sturdy structure and exquisite craftsmanship. After strict quality inspection and testing to ensure the reliability and stability of the machine, reduce the probability of failure and extend the service life of the machine.

j. Adaptable. The bread packaging machine is not only suitable for packaging bread, but also for other similarly shaped foodstuffs, such as cakes, biscuits, rice balls and so on. Strong adaptability improves the scope of use and flexibility of the machine.

In short, automatic bread packing machine has a high degree of automation, high efficiency, good production efficiency, good packaging effect, strong versatility and reliability, easy to operate, easy to clean, safe and reliable, and energy saving and environmental protection. Through the use of bread packaging machine, it can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the cost, ensure the quality and safety of the product, in line with the market demand and development trend.

Use of bread packing machine

Before starting the machine, the operator should remove the obstacles and people around the equipment that affect the safe operation, check whether the speed knob is in the "zero" position.

Temporary stop and emergency stop. Temporary stop can be rotated back to the speed knob to the "zero" position, so that the packaging machine stops, and at the same time press the rotary stop button. When an accident, the operator should take emergency stop measures, press the emergency stop button.

In the bread food packaging machine work process, no one is not allowed to touch the bag, so as not to affect the accuracy of measurement.

Maintenance equipment should be operated by professional personnel, and restore the equipment according to technical requirements. The equipment should be cleaned and inspected after use. Pay attention to the sealing of the distribution box, the completeness of the parts and whether the screws are loose, as well as whether the gap should be changed.

Precaution of bread packing machine

It is necessary to adjust the stopping position of the conveyor belt of the bread packaging machine, and it should make the center of the heating rod of the bread packaging equipment align with the center of the sealing table.

Keep a distance of 7-10mm between the machine heating bar and sealing table. If the gap becomes small, we should slide the pallet more and adjust the spring position so as not to affect the packaging effect.

If the stopping position is too far ahead, adjust the travelling switch of the bread packaging machine clockwise; if the stopping position is too far behind, adjust the travelling switch counterclockwise, the range should not be too big, 3-5mm can be. Don't forget to tighten the clamping bolt after adjustment.

Note that after a period of continuous work of the bread packaging machine, its parts will be worn out and unable to work in a coordinated manner leading to the appearance of the inaccuracy of the position of the stop belt, affecting the next work cycle.

How to order bread packing machine?

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