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Bubble Wrap Machine

Bubble wrap machine for sale

What is bubble wrap machine?

Bubble wrap machine is a piece of equipment used for packaging of precision electronic instruments, handicrafts, automobiles, motorbikes, bicycle parts, ceramic glass products, fire extinguishing equipment and furniture.

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap, also called bubble pad or bubble film is made of high-pressure polyethylene as the main raw material, and then add whitening agent, opening agent, and other auxiliary materials, extruded at a high temperature of about 230 degrees Celsius into a bubble product. It is a new type of plastic packaging material with light texture, good transparency, non-toxic, odorless, and can be used to protect the product from moisture, cushioning, heat preservation, and so on.

Structure of bubble wrap machine

Bubble wrap-making machine is mainly composed of a material supply system, heating system, film pressing system, slitting system, and conveying system. Among them, the feeding system is responsible for providing polyethylene granule material, the heating system melts the material, the film pressing system blows the melted plastic granule into film, the slitting system cuts the film into the required length, and finally, the finished product is output by the conveying system.

Working principle of bubble wrap machine

The working principle of the bubble packing machine is based on heating plastic granules and blowing with high-pressure air. When the polythene granule material enters the heating system, the plastic granules gradually melt and form a film due to the heat transfer from the heating plates. Subsequently, a film-pressing system blows the melted plastic granules into a film and a wind system bulges the film to form air bubbles. Finally, the slitting system cuts the film into the desired length and the conveying system outputs the finished product.

Feature of bubble wrap machine

a. The performance of bubble wrap cutter machine is stable and durable.

b. Bubble wrap maker machine can produce 3 layers of composite bubble film.

c. Air bubble wrap-making machine has strong adaptability to raw materials (LDPE, recycled plastic, LLDPE).

d. Optional different reel molds for commercial bubble wrap machine, which can produce various bubble specifications from Φ6~32.

e. Bubble wrap machine maker with unique flip-type winding mechanism, with simple and convenient operation.

f. Bubble wrap sealing machine has both water cooling and air cooling. Water cooling can improve the production efficiency, so the output of the bubble film is three-dimensional and transparent. And air cooling meets the requirements of waterless film making, which can make the whole machine frequency conversion speed regulation and effectively reduce energy consumption.

g. Bubble wrap heat sealer adopts a one-time molding process, which can continuously produce polyethylene composite bubble (mat) film. The machine structure design is scientific, practical, and reasonable.

Advantage of bubble wrap machine

The sealed air bubble wrap machine has the following advantages.

a. Environmental protection and energy saving. The heating system of the bubble wrap maker adopts advanced technology, with fast heating speed, low energy consumption, and good environmental performance.

b. High production efficiency. The production speed of air bubble wrap machine is adjustable, and the molds can be changed quickly according to the need to produce different specifications of bubble film with high production efficiency.

c. Stable operation. The mechanical structure of the bubble wrap manufacturing machine is simple, the equipment runs stably and is easy to maintain.

d. Wide application. The paper bubble wrap machine is suitable for all kinds of packaging, construction, agriculture, electronics, food, and other fields.

Application of bubble wrap machine

Packaging fieldBubble film can be used for packaging of various commodities with the characteristics of anti-shock, anti-drop, anti-pressure, etc. It is suitable for packaging of various commodities, such as electronic products, ceramics and glass.
Construction fieldAir bubble film has good heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation effect, can be used for building wall insulation, sound insulation layer and so on.
Agricultural fieldBubble film can be used for agricultural land film, fruit preservation film, etc. It has the functions of improving crop yield, keeping soil moisture, preventing pests and diseases, and so on.
Electronic fieldBubble film has the characteristics of insulation, moisture-proof, shock-proof, etc. It can be used for packaging and protection of electronic products.
Food fieldBubble film can be used for packaging and protection of food, with the function of preservation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and so on.

Use of bubble wrap machine

a. Before starting, the temperature of each temperature zone must be raised to the specified requirements according to the process requirements and kept for more than 30 minutes before starting. It is strictly prohibited to start before the temperature does not meet the requirements, so as not to damage the bubble wrap heat sealer.

b. The products produced by industrial bubble wrap machine are moisture-proof, shock-proof, sound-proof, beautiful, insect-proof, mold-proof and inexpensive. Therefore, when adding materials in the hopper, it must be kept clean and metal sundries, sand and small tools are strictly prevented from entering the feeding port to avoid damaging the barrel and screw. If any abnormal noise is found during the operation of bubble roll making machine, it should be stopped immediately and dealt with.

c. Check whether the temperature control of the air bubble packing machine is good, whether the heating device is intact, and whether the temperature of each point is within the index range to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

d. Observe whether the film thickness is uniform and the folding diameter meets the standard. If bubble paper making machine film thickness is not up to standard, it needs to be replaced.

e. Regular maintenance, thoroughly clean the bubble film machine every three months, and replace the grease of all kinds of bearings every three months.

Precaution of bubble wrap machine

a. Check whether the temperature control and heating appliances are intact, and pay attention to the timely adjustment of the heating temperature of each point within the index range. The pressure of the storage tank should not be too high, but there should be spare pressure.

b. Check and control the proportion of raw materials, stir evenly, traction speed, and control the film thickness.

c. Regularly check the temperature rise and mechanical transmission of each running motor of Kunming bubble film machine and the lubrication of reducer and air compressor cylinder lubricant.

d. Check the raw materials for impurities, especially the iron mixed with magnet should be checked in time.

e. Observe and adjust the film thickness uniformity, folding diameter in line with the standard. When the bubble laminator out of the mold mouth evenly, you can wear gloves and slowly lift the billet. At the same time, the end of the tube blank is closed, and a small amount of compressed air is passed into the center hole of the mandrel. It is then carefully guided through the bubble stabilizer and herringbone plate, and then through the traction rollers and guide rollers until it is coiled. Only in this way can we make better use of the Kunming bubble laminator, extend its service life and create more profits.

Debugging method of bubble film machine

Determine the site conditions of the bubble film machine

The commissioning personnel should determine various site conditions according to the actual situation, including site area, ambient temperature and humidity, air circulation, power supply, hydraulic source, and so on.

Check the running parts of the bubble film machine

Check the running parts of the automatic bubble wrap machine once, including the mechanical scarf, hydraulic system, gas and liquid charging system, cooling water system, etc. Ensure that the various parts of the normal operation and without any damage to the ring.

Adjust the bubble film machine

According to the technical parameters of the air bubble pouch making machine, adjust the bubble film machine needs, such as gas distributor adjustment ratio valve, film thickness, film liquid flow, liquid dosing ratio, etc.

Test the bubble film machine

Test the stability of the gas and liquid distributor, measure the thickness and width of the bubble film, etc. It can also be used for small-scale trial production at the actual production site.

Adjust the bubble film machine

According to the results of the trial production, if the bubble film does not meet the requirements, can be adjusted in the bubble off the machine site, including the dosing ratio adjustment, gas pressure adjustment, gas distributor adjustment ratio valve adjustment, film liquid flow adjustment, and so on.

Completion of commissioning

After completing the above commissioning steps, the commissioning is complete when the bubble roll machine fully meets the requirements and no longer has any problems.

How to order bubble wrap machine?

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