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Candy Wrapping Machine

Candy wrapping machine for sale

What is candy wrapping machine?

Candy wrapping machine is a batch and fast-packing machine for candy. It can be suitable for pillow packing of candy, biscuits, chocolate, mooncakes, bread, ice cream, custard pie, soap, cards, and so on.

Working principle of candy wrapping machine

The working principle of candy wrapping machine is to generate power with variable frequency non-segmental speed control motor operation, and then through the belt drive toothed chain stepless speed changer rotation; gearbox through the speed of the speed chain speed regulation, non-stop change of operating speed, and by the synchronous belt to the planetary differential mechanism, so that the length of the paper film conveying the adjustment of the transmission, the output shaft of the gearbox through the chain drive the paper film pressure rollers, rotating conveyor film, the paper film output length of the set can be manually operated on the chain regulator. The output length of the paper film can be set manually on the chain speed controller. The output length of the paper film can be set manually on the toothed chain governors and is monitored by the photoelectric tracking color scale during the packing process. At the same time, the gearbox also realizes the packing objects through multiple chain drives. The movement of the conveyor belt, paper pulling wheel, pressing wheel, cross sealing knife, and finished product conveyor belt.

The structure of a general candy packaging machine is divided into a coding machine, a straight grain middle sealing wheel, an anilox end sealing mold, and an oversized touch screen.

Working process of candy wrapping machine

Feeding system

The feeding system of a candy wrapping machine is an important part of stealing the plough fruits from the storage to the wrapping machine Typically, the candies are placed in a reservoir and then transported via a conveyor belt or vibrator to the wrapping machine's feeder. During this process, the sweets need to be accurately measured to ensure that the number of sweets in each bag or box is consistent.

Wrapping system

The wrapping system of a candy wrapper is the central part of the process of packaging the candy into pouches or boxes. During this process, the sweets need to be packed in a plastic bag or carton and sealed. Usually, the wrapper will use a heat-sealing system to seal the bag or box to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the plowed fruit.

Control system

The control system of the candy packaging machine is the brain of the whole machine, which can be controlled. The control system of the whole packing process is usually controlled by a microprocessor or PLC, which can be operated by a touch screen or buttons. Through the control system, the operator can set the size of the bag or box, the number of candies, packaging speed, and other parameters.

Detection system

The detection system of the automatic candy wrapper can detect the number of candies in the bag or box towel, the sealing of the bag or box, the freshness of the candies, and so on. If any problem is detected, the wrapping machine will stop working automatically and issue an alarm on the same day.

Technical parameter of candy wrapping machine

Film widthMax.250mm / Max.180mm
Bag length65~190mm / 120~280mm / 90~220mm / 45-90mm
Bag width30~110mm / 30-80mm
Product heightMax.40mm / Max.55mm / Max.35mm
Diameter of film rollMax.320mm
Packing speed40~230 packs/min / 60-330 packs/min
Power supply220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA
Machine size(L)3770×(W)670×(H)1450
Machine mass800Kg
RemarksWith inflatable device

Feature of candy wrapping machine

a. Candy wrapping machine adopts double inverter control, the bag length is set and cut, no need to adjust the empty go, one step, save time and film.

b. Candy packing machine adopts a human-machine interface, the parameter setting is convenient and quick.

c. Candy bar wrapping machine has a self-diagnostic function, and the fault display is clear at a glance.

d. High sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking, digital input sealing, and cutting position make sealing and cutting position more accurate.

e. Temperature-independent PID control, better suited to a variety of packaging materials.

f. Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of wrapping film.

g. The transmission system of a small-scale candy-wrapping machine is simple, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

h. All controls of the candy twist wrapping machine are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading, never lagging.

Type of candy wrapping machine

Automatic candy wrapping machine

Automatic candy-wrapping machine is a common type of candy-wrapping machine. The machine can automatically put the candy into the bag and measure and seal it, realizing the automation of the whole packing process. It is suitable for all kinds of candy packaging, with high production efficiency and beautiful packaging effects.

Plane candy sealing machine

Plane candy sealing machine is a common sealing machine. It fuses the edges of two candy bags by heating or ultrasonic waves. The machine is also widely used because the sealing line is flat and beautiful, and it can pack candies of various shapes.

Vertical candy wrapping machine

Vertical candy wrapping machine is also a common candy packaging machine, mainly suitable for long, square, and round shapes of candy. The machine can be the same kind of candy for packaging and packaging, and high efficiency, and appropriate adjustment of parameters can be achieved by different packaging specifications, not only the candy can be packaged, but also other small pieces of goods for packaging.

Function of candy wrapping machine

a. Accurate measurement. Candy packaging machines can accurately measure according to different packaging specifications to ensure the right amount of candy in each bag.

b. High efficiency. The automatic candy wrapping machine can significantly increase production efficiency, realizing unmanned production and improving productivity.

c. Reliability. The commercial candy wrapping machine is made of high-quality materials and premium components, possessing stable performance and long service life to ensure the reliability and safety of the production line.

d. Versatility. In addition to the individual candy wrapping machine, it can also be suitable for wrapping a variety of other small items.

Use of candy wrapping machine

a. Install the machine. Install the candy roll wrapping machine and packaging roll film, install the wrapping paper on the support, try to wrap the paper edge, and support the middle gap into a vertical parallel state.

b. Turn on the power. Install the tabletop candy wrapping machine, place it flat, plug in the power supply turn on the power switch, and wait for the machine to work, the power plug must be connected to the plug with a grounding wire.

c. Setting parameters. Set the double twist candy wrapping machine bag length, temperature parameters and the number of grams of material to be discharged.

d. Pour in material. Pour the material into the hopper, press the start button, and start working.

e. Automatic packaging. Small candy wrapping machine automatically quantitative weighing, feeding, sealing, cutting into bags, and packaging in one go.

Failure and maintenance of candy wrapping machine

a. Knife seat is too high or too low / packaging speed is too fast / pusher and cutter is not synchronized - cutter cut on the product maintenance method is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the height of the end sealing components so that the center of the sealing knife is in the middle of the height of the product.

b. Film color scale color is too light/film drive slippery/color scale tracking is not opened when the cut-off position will be off the color scale - the maintenance method is to refer to the packaging machine manual, adjust its sensitivity; in the human-machine interface, the tracking mode will be switched to "tracking cut".

c. Temperature is too high / speed is too slow / poor heat resistance of the outer layer of the film - The operator needs to adjust the speed of the machine, reduce the temperature of the material, and change the film material.

d. Solid-state breakers burned out/temperature control table is damaged/thermocouple is damaged when the temperature gauge cannot control the temperature - the repair method is to replace the executive electric coupling, replace the temperature control table, and replace the heat generator.

e. The air pressure is not right/cylinder swing loose/heating temperature is low/heat pressure roller and transmission roller are not parallel when the heat sealing is bad - the operator needs to adjust the parallelism of the machine, regulate the temperature and air pressure to make it tight.

f. The speed is too fast / the heat sealing of the inner layer of the film is poor / if the temperature is too low, the sealing will be missed or not secure - the repair method is to slow down the speed, raise the temperature, and change the material of the film.

How to order candy wrapping machine?

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